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About Studio City

Located in the San Fernando Valley, Studio City is a neighborhood of Los Angeles that has been devoted to the film industry almost since the beginning. Originally part of the Mission San Fernando established by Spanish colonists, film producer Mack Sennett constructed a film studio lot on the land in 1927, and the up-and-coming neighborhoods surrounding the lot became known as Studio City.

The founding studio lot is now home to CBS Studio Center, and the area is home to many notable film and television actors including Ed Asner, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Mila Kunis. The area is also surrounded by natural beauty, hiking trails, parks and recreation facilities, and activities. There are several locally owned and operated restaurants for visitors to enjoy, and opportunities for amateur film crews to meet and work with experts in the field.

Filming locations in Studio City are plentiful, accessible, and available for many different types of projects. It’s also a perfect location for industry events, corporate meetings, fundraising galas, and all different types of social gatherings. The weather is pleasant year-round, making Studio City the perfect business and leisure destination.

Attractions in Studio City

With downtown Los Angeles just a short drive away, as well as the beach, outdoor activities, and cultural experiences, Studio City are in the center of a wide variety of attractions for all ages, including nightlife, family-friendly activities, professional sports, and more.

  • Coldwater Canyon Park
    The serenity of Coldwater Canyon Park is just a short distance from the all-hours activity of Los Angeles. Located on Mulholland Drive, the park offers stunning views of the valley, surrounding mountains, and the city. Coldwater Canyon Park is a perfect place for picnicking, hiking, biking, and photography. The park offers a playground, facilities, and recreation areas, and is dog friendly.

  • Ventura Boulevard
    Located at the heart of Studio City, Ventura Boulevard has been immortalized in both music and film. The 18-mile-long thoroughfare connects Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino, and Woodland Hills. It’s also the world’s longest street lined with local, independently-owned businesses. A trek down Ventura Boulevard offers visitors a large variety of restaurants, cafes, lounges, and nightspots, as well as interesting museums, theaters, and other entertainment options.

  • Campo de Cahuenga
    Visitors to Studio City with an interest in history may take an interest in Camp de Cahuenga, a small ranch house located near the Cahuenga Pass. The unassuming adobe structure was the signing place of the Treaty of Cahuenga, which formally ended the hostilities between California and Mexico in 1847. Although the original structure was demolished in 1900, the foundation was unearthed and partially preserved within the park.

Production Locations in Studio City

Studio City’s very beginning has its roots in the film industry, and it remains an important filming location in the modern era. There are many studios, residences, and other locations perfect for filming many types of productions, and the natural surrounding make stunning photo shoot locations in Studio City.

  • Private Residences
    Studio City is home to many amazing private homes, ranging from Mid-Century ranches to typical two-story California mansions to sleek, angular, contemporary homes. The beautifully furnished homes can be used for intimate scenes, period films or television series, and outdoor scenes in lush back yards. Many homes come complete with additional assets like swimming pools, fountains, or patios, allowing photographers to take advantage of natural lighting to produce dynamic photos.

  • Hotels and Restaurants
    Studio City is a social town, hosting film industry giants, local workers, endless film crews, and tourists. You’ll find several restaurants not only great for a tasty dinner but also perfect for filming dining, wedding reception, or other party scenes. This hip, modern Mexican restaurant can accommodate a large film ensemble, while this vibrant nightclub adds color and energy to any fashion photo shoot.

  • Studio Spaces
    With a name like Studio City, it’s no surprise that there are many camera-ready studios for filming interviews, talk shows, commercials, advertisements, and scenes requiring a green screen setup. You’ll also find spacious dance and fitness studios for performance scenes or photo shoots.

Event and Meeting Venues in Studio City

From cast after-parties to promotion celebrations, milestone birthdays, and family gatherings, there is an event space waiting for you. You can find a unique Studio City wedding venue, reception hall, or even corporate meeting location in this vibrant Los Angeles suburb.

  • Private Residences
    Studio City has grown up around the film industry, and many of the private homes in the area reflect an eccentric, fashionable flair. Imagine hosting a one-of-a-kind wedding at a home that appears to be surrounded by jungle, or a birthday pool party in this Studio City mansion. Many homes offer stunning views of the city and surrounding area from Mulholland Drive, while others have lush, spacious back yards for outdoor soirees.

  • Restaurants and Event Halls
    If you’re hosting a wedding reception, anniversary party, or family reunion and need room for a large crowd, consider one of Studio City’s local restaurants for your event. This elegant eatery with communal seating is great for snacking while catching up with far-away family, while a rustic, classy bar and lounge is perfect for a small graduation, promotion, or birthday party venue in Studio City. There are also event halls for a more traditional catered reception experience.

  • Churches
    If you’re planning a religious observance such as a christening, baptism, wedding, or another religious event, Studio City has many churches and other houses of worship for many different denominations. Some have their multipurpose areas for parties, receptions, and other related events.