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Need help finding the perfect venue in Queens, NY?
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About Queens

One of the five boroughs of New York sitting above Brooklyn to the east of the Hudson River is the city of Queens. Known for its famous Flushing Meadows Park and vibrant arts culture, Queens is a very popular city for those creative folks who love cities but also crave the outdoors.

Content creators have found Queens to be perfect for their video productions due to its beautiful parks and rich urban city culture. It is a good place to grab a hotdog and shoot some scenes surrounded by buildings, but you can also get that nice ocean vibe coming off of the water.

With the sheer number of people living in Queens, businesses are booming, making it a great location for event planning. Between a large number of bars, restaurants, available houses, and rooftop access spots, it is easy as ever to find the perfect event location for your big day in Queens.

Attractions in Queens

When visiting an iconic area like Queens, it is important to check out the local culture by seeing what kinds of attractions they offer. Queens has tons of fun activities for kids, families, and date nights.

  • Rockaway Beach
    Don’t you deserve to relax on the beach? Rockaway Beach is the city’s only legal surf beach and is full of fun activities to do like basketball, roller hockey, weight lifting, and restaurants. Rockaway Beach is a nice place to enjoy a dip in the ocean, shoot some hoops with a friend, then have a nice dinner overlooking the beach.

  • Flushing Meadows Corona Park
    This place is considered one of Queen’s top attractions. The site of not one, but two World Fairs, and is a lovely natural area for visitors and locals to walk their dogs, play catch, or have a picnic with an old friend. It is also a popular spot for water activities like kayaking and fishing.

  • Citi Field
    For all of the baseball fans on your team, a visit to Citi Field to see the Mets play is a must. Imagine taking you and your family to a major league baseball stadium, snacking on popcorn and hotdogs, sipping on oversized soda, and cheering along with the thousands of fans that surround you as your favorite team knocks one out of the park.

Production Locations in Queens

Queens is a large city that attracts conferences and business meetings due to its many great locations. When the time comes to book your next conference venue in Queens, take a look at some of these venue ideas and see if any of them work for your needs.

  • Warehouse
    A large open enclosed building can end up being the perfect location for your shoot with the right production team. Warehouse space in Queens provides a huge space that is protected from the elements but can be manipulated with backdrops, props, green screens, and decorations, and can be filled with cast, crew, and equipment without getting too crowded.

  • Photography Studio
    The easiest way to find the perfect photoshoot location in Queens is to create it in a studio. A photography studio is a small intimate place where the photographer can focus all the attention on the one subject of the shoot. It is a blank room filled with possibilities. With the help of backdrops, props, and green screens, you can turn this blank space into somewhere magical. If this sounds fitting for you, consider booking this Photo and Video Studio for Rental.

  • Exotic Vehicles
    Sometimes it is less about where the shoot is taking place and more about what is in the shot. Adding an exotic vehicle or classic car to your shoot could be the difference between an “okay” scene and a memorable one. In some cases, the fancy car has become the headliner of the whole movie. Hollywood is full of nice rides and cool people who drive them.

  • Parks or Green Spaces
    While Queens is more of a concrete jungle, there are a few beautiful parks where folks can shoot their next production. An outdoor green space, especially in a city, is such an oasis for content creators. It adds an element of nature, life, and color to a scene in an unfabricated way. Plus, they are fun to shoot in all seasons because parks in New York look completely different as the weather revolves.

Event and Meeting Venues in Queens

Finding the right event or meeting venue in Queens can be quite an undertaking. There are a lot of important factors to consider, but once you narrow it down, you will find that Queens has tons of fantastic options to choose from.

  • Bar or Restaurant
    Everyone has booked an event at a local bar or restaurant. It is as easy as calling up the location, making a reservation, and showing up with your crew at the right time. Bars and restaurants are perfect event locations because they offer food, drinks, and full service, along with tons of seating to accommodate your whole team.

  • Rooftop
    Nothing says youthfulness and cool in a party location like a rooftop. Your next Queens event space could overlook the city from atop a tall building which would provide the best parts of the urban style with the best parts of an outdoor venue. These are great for barbecues and other small celebrations, imagine watching the sunset over our city as you toast to the celebration with all of your friends.

  • Studio Apartment
    Sometimes an event doesn’t need to be big to be perfect. Studio apartments are a fun way to keep the party intimate with all the creature comforts of home. A studio tends to come equipped with things like unique furniture, couches, a bed, tables, bookshelves, and all the décor that make a house a house. If this sounds like a good setting for your next birthday party venue in Queens, consider booking this Spacious daylight, bright studio in Sunset Park.

  • Conference Hall
    When booking your next big conference venue in Queens, make sure to check your favorite hotels for details on their conference hall availabilities. These rooms can fit upwards of a thousand people or can be modified to accommodate a smaller crowd. They tend to be located near a kitchen and some bathrooms, so those amenities are accounted for as well.