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Need help finding the perfect venue in Washington, DC?
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About Washington

Founded in the year 1760, Washington has come a long way to becoming the city that everyone loves and adores today. Also referred to as “Chocolate City”, Washington is one of the most culturally diverse cities in America and has a rich history to back up all the changes that were made within the city. The complexity and distinct nature of Washington draw visitors from all over America as well as the world.

Washington has many natural attractions and features that allow all sorts of activities to take place within the city. Being close to a large body of water opens opportunities for a wide range of aquatic activities and helps regulate the climate. It's no wonder then that Washington is often used as a location for all sorts of events and productions. With all the locations found throughout Washington, planning out your next event will be a relatively easy task.

Attractions in Washington

Washington is one of the most historically and culturally rich cities in the entire world. With the capital of the US attracting millions of visitors annually, there are some iconic attractions located within the city as well as a few hidden gems within Washington that can be found with enough time and searching in the right direction.

  • Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
    This museum is one of the most visited museums in the entire world and contains over 145 million specimens and artifacts making the facility the largest natural history collection around the globe. With over 100 years of service to the public, the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History continues to update its ever-evolving exhibitions with new artifacts and specimens to this day.

  • National Gallery of Art
    Serving as one of Washington’s premier art galleries and with over 150,000 pieces of art located at the gallery, the National Gallery of Art has a mission to explore human creativity and inspire and develop a love for all types of art. The facility is open to the public for almost the entire year and contains special exhibits that feature uniquely themed art pieces, making each visit to the National Gallery of Art a new experience.

  • National Portrait Gallery
    The National Portrait Gallery boasts of having the nation’s only complete collection of presidential portraits outside the White House. The gallery has over 23,000 pieces of media, ranging from daguerreotypes to digital portraits of significant individuals. The facility also serves as a museum that is dedicated to showcasing the portraits of individuals that have made significant developments in making the US what it is today.

Production Locations in Washington

With how iconic and recognizable Washington is, it's no wonder that many films, as well as photoshoots, took place within this historic city. From the natural beauty in and around the city to the historical landmarks dotted throughout, finding a production location that adheres to your preferences is surely possible within Washington.

  • Houses and Estates
    Almost present in all films, houses and estates are almost a staple in the production industry. Each house has a unique design and style so finding one that matches your theme may be your only challenge when looking for a photo shoot location in Washington. From a quaint cottage to a grand Spanish villa, there are many options to consider, and Washington is sure to deliver a house that caters to your preferences.

  • Film Studios
    These facilities are often more expensive compared to other sets used in films and photoshoots, but there is a payoff. Film Studios often have many amenities and additional features including blackout curtains, green screens, and production offices that can be utilized to better your upcoming production. Finding the right film studio for filming in Washington may just be possible with all the areas that are readily available.

  • Offices
    Used in a wide range of films and photoshoots, offices can evoke a unique atmosphere that producers can take advantage of. Some of the most iconic television series as well as films included offices, like the famous television show, Parks and Recreation, where a large portion of the series was filmed within various offices. Utilize the spaces to their full capability, taking advantage of the unique lighting as well as the props on-site. Finding an elegant office space that suits your theme won’t be a problem, after all, you are in Washington.

Event and Meeting Venues in Washington

Almost every event needs a different list of services and equipment to ensure that it becomes a successful occasion. Knowing what event you plan on hosting allows you to explore different venues, including possible performance spaces in Washington as well as wedding spaces in Washington.

  • Offices
    Ideal for those looking to close off deals and make impressions on potential business clients, offices are a great way to set a professional atmosphere. These locations often have all the amenities on-site, including chairs, tables, and podiums, which allow you to focus more on the client rather than on what other equipment you need for your meeting space in Washington. Depending on what your needs are, looking for differently styled offices can change the atmosphere and allow you to close off deals that would normally be more difficult. With how big Washington is, finding a smart meeting space is possible.

  • Restaurants
    Many restaurants within Washington are more than willing to collaborate with you to make a great event happen. Some restaurants offer signature dishes for your upcoming event and can be a possible highlight for anyone attending. From private celebrations to corporate dinners, restaurants are versatile and can assist you in a wide range of events. Look for welcoming restaurants in Washington to assist you with your upcoming event.

  • Studios
    Wide-open spaces that usually utilize a lot of natural lighting, studios can serve as a great venue for different types of events. From corporate getaways and team-building activities to a fun relaxing weekend with friends and family, studios can be modified to fit your needs. As most studios are often bare, looking around Washington may reward you with a studio that offers equipment on-site that reduces your need to look for additional equipment to complete your upcoming event.