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Need help finding the perfect venue in Greenville, SC?
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About Greenville

Greenville is a small city in South Carolina. While it lacks the hustle and bustle of some of the larger cities in the state, it has plenty of charm to make up for it. The locals enjoy the food and the quaint, quiet atmosphere while still having many of the amenities that big cities offer. If you are looking for a place that is off the beaten path with a little something special, stop in Greenville and stay awhile.

There is plenty to do in the city as well with museums, fine dining, and boutique shops to name a few. In fact, some of the attractions you will find are one-of-a-kind places and there is tons of history related to South Carolina itself. If shopping and food are not something you fancy, you may enjoy some of the nature that is available.

From regular parks to nature trails, there is plenty for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy during their time off. The weather is typically nice as well so once you are done filming, planning that next business meeting, or whatever else you have going on, take some time to explore the great outdoors in Greenville.

The climate, like much of the rest of the south, is hot and humid during the summer and warm in the spring and fall with a very moderate winter. You want to pay attention to the forecast in the summer so that you do not get caught out on the hottest days. But if you can stand the heat, there are plenty of fantastic days where the weather will be exactly right for doing anything.

Attractions in Greenville

Everyone wants something fun to do on their day off. While Greenville may not offer quite as many of the big attractions that major cities offer, there is a ton of charm and nice little venues and locations to explore that will be just right for you, your family, or anyone else that wants to tag along. Whether you want to explore solo or with the whole family, you will find something that fits everyone's idea of fun.

  • Liberty Bridge
    While a bridge typically may not seem like the most fun thing to visit, Liberty Bridge is a one-of-a-kind site that is worth looking at. It took 12 months to build this European-inspired suspension bridge and it is a remarkable sight. The bridge itself is a unique structure featuring three main support pillars and suspension cables that run the length of the bridge.

  • Paris Mountain State Park
    If you have a love for the outdoors and outdoor activities, Paris Mountain State Park is a wonderful place to stop when you have a free day to enjoy yourself. The 1,500-acre park features hiking and biking trails, picnicking areas, and swimming. It is also located next to the 13-acre Lake Placid, which offers fishing and swimming as well.

  • The Peace Center
    The Peace Center is a unique event complex that houses regular stage plays and Broadway shows. If you would like to catch a show, it is a one-of-a-kind experience. But they also feature educational events, community outreach, and a ton of other things to get into if you plan on being a long-term resident of Greenville.

Production Locations in Greenville

It takes a lot of work to make a production genuinely great but having all the right tools, equipment, and people around helps. But you also need the right location. While finding the right location can sometimes be tricky, if you have enough options out there, it is easy to find something that suits your needs. No matter what type of production you are trying to put on or what you are trying to film, Greenville has something for you.

  • Production Stage Spaces
    When you are filming something, one of the things you need most is plenty of room to set up equipment, hold actors and actresses, and do the things that you need to do. That is why renting out one of the production spaces that are available in Greenville might be the best option depending on what you are trying to do. You have quite a few different options with a ton of open space for whatever ideas you are working through.

  • Taprooms and Breweries
    For a more unique space as the backdrop for your production, you might consider one of the many taprooms and breweries that are scattered around Greenville. These are incredibly unique settings and offer a quaint atmosphere that you cannot beat when you are trying to film a scene or even host an interview.

  • The Commissary
    One of the coolest locations in Greenville is an event venue known as The Commissary. This location is a perfect open space for any type of production. It also features incredible views and great lighting so there are a ton of places you can choose from to get a great shot.

Meeting and Event Venues in Greenville

If you have been tasked with putting together a special event like a wedding, board meeting, or birthday bash, then it is about getting all the minute details right. One of the main details is picking out the right venue. Not only do you have to think about what it has and what everyone will need, but you also need to think about making it memorable. With quite a bit of charm and southern style, there are plenty of locations that meet those criteria and then some.

  • Dining Spaces
    The perfect type of venue for a birthday party or dinner party is a restaurant. There are plenty of options in Greenville that are better than just your typical chain restaurant. You have a load of dining spaces with unique atmospheres as well as formal and informal settings. No matter what type of event you are trying to put together, you will have the right location for it.

  • Breweries
    Another option for hosting your event is a brewery. These are great spaces for gathering with friends and having a few drinks just enjoying a fun time. What’s more, a brewery has a comfortable and cozy atmosphere that everyone will feel at home in, and it is a casual environment that most people will enjoy.

  • Hip Stone Exterior Bungalow
    If you are looking for a venue to throw a party and want everyone to have a place to stay as well, you might want to try this hip stone exterior bungalow. It has boho décor, rustic charm, and enough space for your guests to have a fun time and even sleep over if they need to.