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Need help finding the perfect venue in Fort Worth, TX?
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About Fort Worth

One of the fastest-growing cities in the US with a population of almost one million residents, Fort Worth has come a long way from its humble beginnings since its incorporation in 1874. The city is the largest hub for cowboys, being one of the main hubs for cattle herding and ranching. The cowboy culture is so deeply ingrained that it's not uncommon for visitors to see people walking around with boots and a Cattleman Cowboy hat.

With an average of 229 sunny days annually, anyone can host an event in this city at virtually any time. Many unique events take place daily within Fort Worth including the daily cattle drive that takes place within the famous Stockyards within the city. However, the city isn’t all about that cowboy life and it’s well known for the famous purple colors of its well-known institution, Texas Christian University.

No doubt, Fort Worth has many opportunities for both business events and more personal ones. With so many things happening within the city daily, you’re sure to find a venue that can cater to your every need. All you need to do is begin through the available choices found within the city.

Attractions in Fort Worth

Fort Worth has many notable attractions, some of which are well known as well as others that are considered to be hidden gems. With so much to explore within the city, here are a few of the more well-known attractions to get your search started.

  • Kimbell Art Museum
    Thanks to the donations of Kay and Velma Kimbell, the Kimbell Art Museum can be enjoyed by anyone that visits Fort Worth. This art museum received its initial artworks from the private collection of Kay and Velma Kimbell but has since grown to over 350 works of art that are considered to be of very high quality. Other facilities are on the premises which include a library and catalogs that are available as resources to art historians.

  • Sundance Square
    In honor of western folklore’s Sundance Kid, Sundance Square was created. Sundance Square is one of the most popular attractions in Fort Worth, Sundance Square is a 35-block district full of buildings that range in use from commercial, entertainment, and residential. Visitors who arrive during the Winter season will be delighted to see ornate decorations lighting up this historical district.

  • Fort Worth Zoo
    Founded in 1909 with an exhibit that showed off fewer than 10 species of animals, the Fort Worth Zoo is now home to over 7,000 native and exotic animals and is consistently ranked as one of the top zoos in the South. The zoo has many conservation programs and is part of many conservation groups, which not only educate visitors on exotic creatures but also raise awareness on how to preserve precious ecosystems.

Production Locations in Fort Worth

Having a proper production location can make the entire shooting process easier and can allow it to flow much smoother. Undoubtedly, you’re sure to find a location that suits your needs within this ever-growing city.

  • Shopping Malls
    Great for larger-scale productions as well as those that require open space, shopping malls can serve as your next potential production location. These places often have many features and are close to several stores and amenities which means that you’re never too far away from getting help. Many productions make use of shopping malls to promote products as well as a location for photoshoots.

  • Homes and Estates
    A great venue to start filming in Fort Worth, homes and estates range in size and design to accommodate all sorts of productions. These locations are the film industry’s bread and butter as they are featured in most productions and television series such as Two and a Half Men. With each house coming with unique features, make use of the natural lighting that the Grapevine House is known for in your next production.

  • Cafés and Restaurants
    Cozy and quaint, many cafés and restaurants already have an atmosphere set in place which reduces the need for you to get more props and equipment to set the mood. These locations vary in size and some places allow you to bring in larger filming equipment, so it's wise to consider the accessways and size of the café or restaurant you might be renting to ensure that it adheres to your preferences.

  • Farms and Ranches
    These locations are great for setting scenes with an emphasis on the background. Farms and Ranches are the perfect locations for shoots that have something to do with environmentalism as well as productions that involve a pastoral lifestyle. Consider a location like the Hill Valley Hay Farm as a potential photo shoot location in Fort Worth.

Event and Meeting Venues in Fort Worth

Before you begin planning all the services and décor for your upcoming event or meeting, considering the number of people attending is vital so that you won’t book a venue that may be too small or too big for your projected headcount.

  • Conference Rooms
    Perfect for meetings and corporate activities, conference rooms can help set a professional atmosphere that can improve everyone’s focus and productivity. Many conference rooms and private meeting rooms are located throughout Fort Worth that may be suited for your next meeting.

  • Homes and Estates
    A venue that is popular due to the privacy and amenities that are already available, houses and estates are great venues for a variety of more personal events. These venues can accommodate anything from baby showers in Fort Worth to all sorts of parties and celebrations.

  • Bars and Clubs
    With a relaxed ambiance and an amazing atmosphere, bars and clubs are your go-to location if you’re looking for a space that needs little to no sprucing up for your next event. Perhaps this rustic bar in Fort Worth is just what you need to complete your upcoming event.

  • Studios
    Studios are often small to medium-sized spaces that have a lot of bare space. This allows for customization and lets the event planner get creative with the décor that’s going to be used for your upcoming event. The reason why studios are so popular is due to their versatility. Locations like these can be transformed into a party venue as well as a potential meeting location in Fort Worth.