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Need help finding the perfect venue in Indianapolis, IN?
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About Indianapolis

The state capital of Indiana, Indianapolis is known to have a rich historical and cultural background, drawing millions of tourists annually. With a population of almost 890,000 residents, Indianapolis is the third most populated city in the Midwest. The city enjoys over 180 days of sunshine on average annually, allowing for quite a few events to take place within the city.

With such a large population, the city is sure to have unique neighborhoods and areas that are often used for all sorts of events. With so many possible potential venues in Indianapolis, planning out any events, productions or meetings is surely possible.

Attractions in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is full of attractions for those who want both outdoor and indoor experiences. With the variety ranging from historical sites to trails just outside the city, you can be sure that your stay in Indianapolis won’t ever be boring.

  • Eagle Creek Park
    A mere minute from downtown Indianapolis, Eagle Creek Park offers a wide range of activities for those who visit the premises. This massive park is the largest park in Indianapolis and one of the largest municipal parks in the US. Created for the public in 1962, the park offers fishing, hiking, boating as some of the activities that visitors can enjoy on the premises.

  • Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
    Opened to the public in 1925, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is one of the top attractions within the city. Divided into the Arts and Humanities section as well as the Natural Sciences, the museum has over 130,000 artifacts and exhibit items which children can use to learn more about the world around them. The museum has a simulated dinosaur habitat exhibition as well as a steam locomotive which provides guests with an interactive experience.

  • Indianapolis Museum of Art
    With over 54,000 works of art from different continents and time periods, the Indianapolis Museum of Art is one of the largest and oldest art museums in the United States. The museum was founded in 1883 and has amassed a collection that includes Japanese paintings from the Edo period, Chinese ceramics, and bronze as well as various textile arts, just to name a few. With such a large collection and many special exhibits that are showcased seasonally, visiting the museum is sure to be a unique experience.

Production Locations in Indianapolis

The key to making a successful production is looking for a venue that matches your theme and working with it. With all sorts of venues spread throughout Indianapolis, finding a production location that is appealing to you won’t be a difficult task.

  • Photography Studios
    The perfect location for when you want to be able to control almost all the aspects of a shoot, photography studios can be just what you need to continue filming in Indianapolis. These areas are made for productions and some photography studios in Indianapolis come with extra amenities like greenscreens, blackout curtains as well as hair and makeup rooms. With many studios being spacious areas, larger pieces of filming equipment can be used which allows for higher quality shots.

  • Houses and Estates
    These venues are almost always a must when filming a production. Houses and Estates come in all sorts of styles ranging from Victorian cottages and Spanish villas to contemporary mansions and Farmhouse-style houses. Depending on your upcoming production, you may need to consider different housing options to fit the theme of your production. Rent out a magical Victorian cottage that can serve as a photo shoot location in Indianapolis.

  • Bars and Clubs
    With an atmosphere as unique as a bar, many different types of photoshoots and productions can take place. Bars often have their own unique lighting and, with the use of some angles, can be used to accentuate your production. Many films and photoshoots have made use of bars in the past, one such example being Steve Buscemi’s film “Trees Lounge” which was released in 1996. With many locations spread throughout the city, finding an exceptional bar in Indianapolis that fits your needs won’t be an issue.

Event and Meeting Venues in Indianapolis

Considering how many guests may be attending your next event can help you filter out areas that cannot capacitate your intended guest count. Indianapolis is full of differently sized locations that can cater to a large range of events, from wedding receptions to corporate meetings, all you need to do is look for them.

  • Conference Rooms and Board Rooms
    These environments can help produce a productive and professional atmosphere which can help make your next meeting a sure success. These meeting venues in Indianapolis come equipped with all that you need to ensure that your next meeting will be a memorable one, including comfortable seating, adequate lighting, and tables. Some conference rooms have extra features like screens and podiums which may be a big help when presenting. Find a modern conference room in Indianapolis for your upcoming meeting.

  • Grand Halls
    A great venue for larger events like concerts or wedding receptions, grand halls have great acoustics that allows for sound to travel clearly throughout the venue. With these large areas being sparsely decorated, event planners can let their creativity flow, utilizing all sorts of decorations to spruce up the area to prepare for your upcoming event. With all the possible options for grand halls within the city, planning out your event space in Indianapolis will be the least of your worries.

  • Shopping Centers and Malls
    These public areas often have the advantage of being close to all sorts of amenities, which allows you to focus more on the event that you plan on hosting. Malls and shopping centers are wide open areas which mean that larger props and equipment can be used on-site, which can widen the variety of events you plan on hosting at these venues. From a performance space in Indianapolis to a concert venue, you can make it work when utilizing one of the many malls within the city.