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Need help finding the perfect venue in San Diego, CA?
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About San Diego

San Diego is a beachside city situated right on the Pacific Ocean in California. Officially known as California’s beach city, San Diego includes 70 miles of pristine beaches to explore. This makes it an excellent place if you need an outdoor space for an event, a company function, or a production.

Besides the beaches, you’ll find that San Diego is home to some world-class attractions. If you’re in the city looking for things to do, you’ll find venues for just about everything including museums, zoos, ballparks, and more. You can find food, family-friendly events, and nightlife all to explore in San Diego.

In terms of climate, San Diego has one of the best ones around. The mix of the traditional warm California climate is met with an ocean breeze and consistent humidity. This means you get mostly sunny days and a fresh breeze to cool you off on even the hottest days, making it pleasant to explore any time of year.

Attractions in San Diego

After you’re done finding your meeting space venue in San Diego you’ll probably want to see what all the city has to offer for residents and visitors alike. If you’re not there for a beach day, then you’ll still find plenty of entertainment, food, outdoor exploration opportunities, and more to spend your free time on.

  • Balboa Park
    For those looking for something fun to do in San Diego, Balboa Park is an all-encompassing 1,400-acre venue that houses everything from green spaces to explore to museums, historic homes, and other attractions. No matter what type of interests you have, there’s something within Balboa Park to fill them. A perfect place to spend a day once your event or production is complete.

  • The San Diego Zoo
    Ever wanted to see a panda up close? The San Diego Zoo is world-famous for the sheer variety of animals that they have in their natural habitats. Their collection includes local and exotic animals like giant pandas, rhinos, koalas, and even sloths. This is the perfect place to take the family and spend a day, and chances are you won’t see everything the zoo has to offer in one trip.

  • The Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum
    Fans of history have heard of the battle of Midway. The famous aircraft carrier that fought in the Pacific in WWII has since been turned into a museum displaying over 60 exhibits and 25 full-size aircraft. As the largest aircraft carrier in the Navy, this mammoth museum is a sight to behold. You can even take guided audio tours while you’re there.

  • Old Town State Historic Park
    The Old Town State Historic Park is not like other state parks you may have explored. This park takes a peek back at San Diego’s history with recreated scenes from the 1800s. There are all sorts of little shops to visit for authentic arts and other crafts, including a real working blacksmith that creates Mexican crafts as part of San Diego’s Latin heritage.

  • San Diego Museum of Art
    For a true representation of the history and culture of San Diego, the San Diego Museum of Art is a must-see. The museum features a ton of work from Spanish artists and has busts and other work that accentuate the halls and facade. Some of the pieces on display even date as far back as 7,000 years.

Production Locations in San Diego

Whether you’re filming, recording music, putting on a stage play, a podcast, or something else entirely, there’s a lot of work that goes into the process. Once you have the crew and the equipment you need, the next thing up is the production location. Luckily you can find a filming location in San Diego for just about any type of project under the sun so there’s no need to worry that you won’t find the right space or backdrop for your project.

  • Large Country Estates
    Sometimes when you’re filming or producing you need a lot of wide-open space to get the right shot. There are plenty of options in San Diego including a large country house on 28 acres that’s enough space to film an entire movie or whatever other type of production you’re trying to put on.

  • Shopping Centers
    Another idea for your production space is to take advantage of many of the large shopping centers that are available for rent. These spaces are great for spreading out and shooting multiple scenes or when you need an intimate everyday setting like a shopping mall or department store.

  • Studio Spaces
    For something more private and intimate, you might try renting a studio space. These spaces typically come with lighting and other amenities and have the perfect amount of space to host a podcast or film an interview and are great when you don’t need the works to put on your production.

Meeting and Event Venues in San Diego

Being in San Diego is a great place to handle both professional and personal business. Whether you need a company retreat location in San Diego or a wedding venue in San Diego, the city will provide. Once you have the other details set, you’ll find no shortage of venue options for whatever type of event you’re trying to host. Your only job will be the one that matches your needs the best.

  • Large Minimalist Event Space
    No matter what type of event you’re trying to hold, space is always key to having fun. By renting out this large minimalist event space, you have a 3,000 square foot blank canvas with which to work for whatever you’re trying to do, you can have a party, host a meeting, have a wedding reception, or anything in between.

  • Breweries and Taprooms
    There are some excellent party spaces available if that’s what you’re in need of. There is a selection of bars, breweries, and taprooms that you can rent by the hour or by the day to be ready for the party of a lifetime or just a small reunion with friends.

  • Fantastic Houses
    If you’re looking for a wedding reception venue in San Diego, then you might try one of the spacious homes that are available for rent. Most of them have a different type of charm to them and plenty of space. Whether you want mid-century modern or something more contemporary, there’s something with the right backdrop for your event.