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Need help finding the perfect venue in Alexandria, VA?
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About Alexandria

Founded in 1749, Alexandria can be described as having a rich history. The city was home to some of the most influential people in American history, with people like George Washington calling Alexandria home. Alexandria saw massive expansions in the 20th century and saw the expansion to the west bring new districts to the city. Today the city has about 160,000 residents and boasts a rich cultural heritage filled with history.

The city has many events occurring throughout the year thanks to the humid subtropical climate that brings hot humid summers and mild to cool winters. Annual events like art galleries and car shows are commonplace within Alexandria and are attended by both the residents and tourists alike. With Alexandria being such a mixed bag when it comes to events, you can be sure that there will be all sorts of venues throughout the area that are ready to cater to your preferences and needs.

Attractions in Alexandria

Whether you want to explore historical attractions that bring all sorts of historians from across the country and the world or more reflective attractions like galleries that showcase artworks, you’re sure to find something you enjoy here. Here are a few of the most popular attractions in Alexandria you may enjoy.

  • Old Town
    As part of the National Register of Historic Places, Old Town is perhaps one of the best-preserved areas within Alexandria. This old seaport section of Alexandria houses architecture that dates to the 18th and 19th centuries and offers a vibrant arts and culture scene that comes with the many restaurants that are dotted throughout the area. Many tours of Old Town are available, and they explain the significance of specific areas and buildings within the district.

  • Torpedo Factory Art Center
    Formerly an old munitions plant, the Torpedo Factory Art Center was founded in 1974 and now sees up to 500,000 visitors annually. With over 80 studios present in the art center, you are sure to experience a wide range of art that spans from painting to stained glass and printmaking. Within the art center, you are guaranteed to find many galleries and workshops that also aim to display and educate the public on different art forms.

  • Washington National Memorial
    This memorial is fashioned after the ancient Egyptian lighthouse in Alexandria and is dedicated to the memory of the United States' first president, George Washington. The building was fully completed in 1970 and serves as an active Masonic Temple as well as a museum. Not only does it honor George Washington, but it also focuses on other famous Masons from Virginia.

Production Locations in Alexandria

Finding a production location within Alexandria should be no problem. The unique disposition of the city as being both old and new means that you have ample venues to work with that cover a variety of themes and eras. This ensures that you can get the perfect photo shoot location in Alexandria.

  • Photography and Film Studios
    These studios are the bread and butter for both amateur and professional producers. Photography and film studios often come with many features that make their expensive rental cost worth it including equipment like softboxes, props, and stereo systems. They also usually have green screens and an infinity corner which can be used for all sorts of shoots. No doubt, renting a venue suited for large studio productions is going to please you.

  • Apartments
    Apartments come in different styles, ranging from Bohemian to Zen, and each offers its own amenities. One thing to consider, however, is that apartments usually don’t have the space for many crewmembers and larger filming equipment. Planning is essential so that no complications occur on the big day. Perhaps this apartment found in Alexandria is just what you need to finalize your upcoming production.

  • Restaurants
    Offer a change of pace in your production by choosing a restaurant as your next venue. These locations usually have dedicated themes in their décor and build, so finding a restaurant that aligns with the theme of your production can help the entire shooting process go smoother. Most restaurants have ample space that allows filming in Alexandria to occur with a good setup which can ensure a good shot.

  • Event Spaces
    Used for a variety of events, event spaces are usually large and open areas that can capacitate a large set. Event spaces allow producers to get creative with the décor as there is ample space to work with. With each event space being unique, look for a space that adheres to the theme of your production.

Event and Meeting Venues in Alexandria

Each event requires time to plan and execute. By choosing the right venue for your upcoming event or meeting, not only do you reduce the time it takes to plan your event, but you also make it easier for yourself and everyone involved to prepare for the event that’s planned.

  • Studios
    These are usually small to medium-sized venues that are perfect for all types of getaways and classes. Many modern studios often have large windows that provide natural lighting which can help add to the theme of your event with each studio offering different amenities. Perhaps the airy open studio at the heart of Del Ray is just what you need for your upcoming event.

  • Houses and Estates
    Although not a conventional location, houses and estates can serve as an excellent meeting venue in Alexandria, given the right preparation. Houses and estates offer the familiarity of a home to everyone that attends. This ensures that everyone who attends your meeting is feeling a little more relaxed and comfortable which can help in productivity. Perhaps this modern home in Alexandria is just what you need to change the pace of your usual meeting location.

  • Outdoor Locations
    Outdoor locations can serve as a great wedding venue in Alexandria as well as other larger events due to their open space which allows for many guests to attend. However, it would be wise to consider changing weather conditions as they can drastically alter your event if not considered in advance.

  • Churches and Temples
    These areas are ideal for religious events that range from meditation getaways to marriage ceremonies. With many variations occurring in the design of these facilities, it's up to you as an event planner to decide which location best suits your upcoming event.