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Need help finding the perfect venue in Richmond, VA?
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About Richmond

One of the USA’s oldest cities as well as Virginia’s capital, Richmond was incorporated in 1742 and officially became an independent city in 1871. The city is in an ideal location where it sits close to other towns and cities meaning that you’ll never get bored when visiting Richmond. With a humid subtropical climate, Richmond experiences milder winters compared to most cities in Virginia, which allows for more events to occur throughout the year within the city.

The history of the city is well preserved throughout the districts as there are more than enough museums, memorials, and statues that are dedicated to those integral to the history of the US. Today the city is rich with culture and diversity which can be seen in its live music and art scene. With such a wide range of activities, you’re bound to find many venues within Richmond that can be utilized for your needs.

Attractions in Richmond

When it comes to attractions, you can be sure that Richmond has you covered. The city has everything ranging from history to art and nature, so explore the area to find attractions that appeal to your preferences.

  • Maymont
    A wonderful 100-acre American estate that was gifted to the public by James and Sallie Dooley, Maymont is a public park that has everything from historic houses to native wildlife exhibits. The estate sees about 500,000 visitors annually and has all types of attractions waiting to be discovered. No doubt, Maymont is sure to keep you busy with all the exploring you must do to fully experience the estate.

  • Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
    Opened to the public in 1936, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is considered one of the largest art museums in North America and includes collections that span from African to Himalayan Art that cover over 5,000 years of art history. Excluding special exhibits, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts offers free admission.

  • Virginia Capitol Building
    Designed by Thomas Jefferson himself to look like the first-century Roman temple found in southern France, the Virginia Capitol Building is a structure that was completed in 1788. This building houses a sculpture that many consider being the most accurate depiction of George Washington and is the basis for many statues and molds that look like it.

Production Locations in Richmond

To capture your production successfully, it's vital to find a venue that can add to your theme. Thankfully, Richmond is certainly a city that has a wide range of production locations, thanks to its rich history and unique setting.

  • Photography Studio
    Photography Studios are more expensive options that come loaded with features and amenities that producers can take advantage of. Productions can flow smoothly thanks to the various lighting rigs, green screens, and hair and makeup rooms that ensure complete control of the production on the big day. Consider this white modern studio as a potential location for your upcoming production.

  • Outdoor Locations
    Ideal for all sorts of agricultural productions or photoshoots that aim to highlight nature, outdoor locations are great venues for those who are looking for a more natural look. These locations are often larger compared to other venues, which allows you as a producer to utilize larger filming equipment that can enhance your filming in Richmond. One thing to consider however is that weather changes are always subject to change, so taking precautionary measures when using outdoor venues is advised.

  • Houses and Estates
    Great for a variety of lifestyle productions or producers looking for a venue that can change the scene, houses can help accomplish just that. Houses come in different designs which means that each house can serve as a photo shoot location in Richmond with the right planning and layout. Perhaps the Old Stable and Historic Mansion in Richmond can be utilized in your upcoming production.

  • Bars and Clubs
    These venues can help change the scene in your upcoming production. Bars and clubs come with many different themes and can be used to make a statement in your upcoming production. Although the spaces in bars and clubs mean that you can’t fit in too many crewmembers, the unique design of these venues means that photography opportunities are waiting at every corner.

Event and Meeting Venues in Richmond

Planning for events and meetings can be a tedious task, but it doesn’t have to be. Choosing the right venue that adheres to the theme of your upcoming event can help you decrease the time it takes to set up the décor and can help you focus on more important things like the services you need to hire and the equipment you must rent, should it be required.

  • Event Spaces
    These venues range from medium- to large-sized areas and are characterized by their versatility to be used in all sorts of events. Each event space comes with its own amenities, so look around for a venue that has exactly what you need. From meetings with workmates to parties with friends, this multi-use event space in downtown Richmond may just do the trick.

  • Studios
    Although these spaces are generally smaller than other venues, studios can serve as a great meeting venue in Richmond. Each studio has a unique design, whilst some let in natural light, others may take advantage of their layout to appeal to event planners. For a space that lets you work with others on a closer level, the Intimate Brick Aesthetic Space in Richmond can help you do just that.

  • Restaurants
    Restaurants are classic venues that can be used for a wide variety of personal and corporate events. From corporate dinners to intimate celebrations like anniversaries and baby showers, restaurants are usually friendly and provide you with options to partially book or perform a full buyout of the venue. Restaurants each have their own theme which can make for a successful party venue in Richmond.

  • Outdoor Venues
    Although these venues may have fewer amenities compared to other venues, outdoor locations have the advantage of being able to capacitate a larger attendance, making them ideal concert venues in Richmond. It would be wise, however, to consider whether these venues have outlets or electrical sources, so that you can create a solution should they not have what you need.