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Need help finding the perfect venue in Montclair, NJ?
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About Montclair

Just about halfway between Nutley and Patterson, NJ, only a few miles west of the Hudson River lies the town of Montclair, New Jersey. Known for its gardens, museums, and beautiful landscapes, Montclair is a small treasure in this east coast state.

If there is one thing that Montclair has a lot of, it is nice houses. Content creators and photographers find this place to be a goldmine as it offers up tons of houses, condos, mansions, and more as video production locations.

The same goes for folks who are planning major events or business meetings. In addition to their well-kept outdoor spaces, Montclair offers up a large variety of beautiful houses for personalized events as well.

Attractions in Montclair

When visiting Montclair, make sure to check out some of the lovely attractions they offer. This city takes pride in its rich history and wants to share its culture with the world.

  • Van Vleck House & Gardens
    For a fun, educational experience for kids and nature-lovers alike, check out Van Vleck House & Gardens. This well-manicured garden boasts a huge variety of plant species to discover alongside its magnificent buildings. These gardens offer educational programs for kids, adults, and families.

  • Montclair Art Museum (MAM)
    For the artistically inclined or the general art-lovers in the group, Montclair Art Museum is a must-see. Their brilliant collection ranges in content from film to painting to artifacts from around the world. They also offer classes and programs for visitors who wish to learn more.

  • Wellmont Theater
    Are you ready to rock and roll? Wellmont Theater hosts all the biggest touring acts that come through New Jersey. Whether you are looking to rock out, sing along with your favorite pop song, or watch a Christmas ballet, this is the best place in town to do it.

Production Locations in Montclair

Finding the right venue for your content creation is a very important task. Make sure the location satisfies all of your production’s needs. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Parks and Recreational Spaces
    A good outdoor space is not as hard to find as you might think and offers some great film location qualities. You get the natural elements of trees and grass, but you also get the perks of filming with natural lighting which is often the best kind of lighting. With the right permits, a local park could turn into the Oscar-nominated shot you envisioned in the production room.

  • Café or Restaurant
    A lot of famous scenes in movies take place in coffee shops. This is where the woman sees her romantic partner ordering an oat milk latte from across the room. This is where the hitman meets with the boss to hammer out the details for their next job. A cafe represents intimacy in a public place. Plus, there is always fresh coffee and tasty pastries to enjoy.

  • Exotic Vehicles
    A fancy car has the ability to elevate a lame film into a super cool one. Introducing exotic vehicles and classic cars into a shoot is a great way to make a scene memorable. In fact, unique cars have been the cornerstone of a lot of fantastic film franchises over the years and hold a lot of space in people’s hearts. They are also a fun way to express time in a shot. Certain eras have certain types of cars.

  • Empty Apartment
    Finding a fully-furnished home could make all the difference for your next production. Whether you are looking for something large and homey or smaller and more like a frat house, there are plenty of places to check out in the area. If this sounds fitting for your next big video shoot in Montclair, consider booking a date at The Clubhouse Montclair.

Event and Meeting Venues in Montclair

When it comes to booking the perfect venue for your next big meeting, event, or conference, Montclair has a ton of great options to choose from so you can throw your event the right way.

  • Cabin
    A small secluded house could be exactly what you need for your Montclair party venue. They provide all the creature comforts of home without the mortgage. A cabin is unique and comes fully stocked with traditional attire like books, lamps, couches, and wall hangings. They are often also surrounded by gorgeous natural areas like pine trees or other wooded spaces. If this sounds like a good idea for your next event space in Montclair, consider booking this Cozy Home.

  • Pool Party
    Who doesn’t love a good pool party? Perfect for kids and adults alike, pool parties bring out the fun in everyone. Children of all ages love to play games in the water, do dives, and generally have a blast. Adults like to play games too, but there is a bit of enjoyment that also comes from relaxing on a chair under the sun. Pool parties are a great choice when searching for Montclair birthday venues.

  • Office Space
    Sometimes it is good to go big and flashy and other times it's best to stick with what works. An office space or meeting room is simple but still provides everything that your meeting could require. It is a private location that comes equipped with all the chairs you might need, plus a conference table and access to wifi, bathrooms, and sometimes a break room. A good Montclair meeting venue could be as simple as an office space.

  • Garden Party
    Elegance. Style. Grace. These are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind when one thinks of a garden party. A nice patio out back surrounded by rose bushes in full bloom. Imagine laughing with friends at a Montclair cocktail party with a cosmopolitan in your hand and the scent of fresh flowers in the air.