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Need help finding the perfect venue in Hoboken, NJ?
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About Hoboken

Located along the banks of the Hudson River overlooking the Manhattan skyline, you’ll find the very affluent and beautiful town of Hoboken. The weather has all the typical charm of New England with the warmth of being just south of it.

This place is steeped in style. Content creators love all of the available art galleries, studio spaces, and outdoor parks along the river. Hoboken is also a draw for folks who want to host events like birthday parties and pop-ups. They tend to rent out luxurious houses, condos, or spacious studios for their next big event.

Attractions in Hoboken

Besides the fact that Hoboken is a short drive to Brooklyn, which has plenty of popular attractions, Hoboken itself has a decent selection as well. Here are a few fun things to do while in the area. You may also find a unique meeting space or event venue in Hoboken as well.

  • NY Skyline Sightseeing Tours
    Whether you want to see the Big Apple from above with the birds or below with the dolphins, there are tons of different New York Skyline tours available from Hoboken. See the legendary Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island or watch one of the largest cities in the world unfold before your eyes.

  • Frank Sinatra’s Childhood Home
    While the building in which Old Blue Eyes grew up was burned to the ground in the 1960s, there is a commemorative brick archway over where the crest once stood. This spot, along with St Francis Church where Sinatra was baptized, are frequently visited locations for Sinatra fanatics who want to experience a bit of the legend’s history.

  • Pier C Park
    Hoboken boasts around fifteen parks for nature-lovers to connect with. Pier C Park sits right on the Hudson River overlooking the magnificent Manhattan Skyline. This is the perfect place to take your dog for a walk, go rollerskating, or just sit with your coffee and watch the bustling city pulse.

Production Locations in Hoboken

There are a few popular reasons why folks visit Hoboken to film their productions. Some of it is due to the artistic atmosphere that is so welcoming, while the impeccable views play a big role as well. Here are a few production locations in Hoboken to help narrow it all down.

  • Photography Studio
    When all else fails, try renting space in a photography studio. These places are perfect because they are super versatile and can accommodate all of the lighting equipment, props, green screens, and crew you could need to set up the perfect shot. If this sounds fitting for your next photoshoot in Hoboken, consider booking the Bright 3 Wall Cyc Studio.

  • Mansion
    If your next production deserves an air of elegance and class, consider booking a mansion for your Hoboken video shoot. Mansions work well because they are aesthetically gorgeous and have tons of room to shoot. They often have large backyards and front yards which can accommodate a lot of parking. These types of venues also tend to come with classy kitchens, elegant decor, and sometimes a pool.

  • Exotic Vehicles
    Sometimes it is less about where the shoot takes place and more about what is in the frame. An exotic car or vintage vehicle could end up being the highlight of your next Hoboken photo shoot. These unique vehicles bring style to a shoot and have become wildly popular in car-centric films like American Graffiti, Grease, and Ford vs Ferrari.

  • Rooftop
    Why not set up your next big production on top of the tallest building in town? A rooftop shoot is a very unique and beautiful location to book because it combines the urban concrete elements of the city or town with the natural elements of the sky, sunset, and surrounding landscape.

Event and Meeting Venues in Hoboken

Thinking of finding a big event, conference, or meeting venue in Hoboken? There are a lot of contributing factors to consider when booking a venue. Here are a few venue ideas to get you started.

  • Yacht
    If you want to impress your friends, throw your next big celebration on a yacht. And pull out all the stops! Pop champagne, blast some good music, and play some fun games as you float around the Hudson River observing all the amazing sites. If this sounds like a good fit for your next big Hoboken birthday party, check out this amazing 100ft Luxury Yacht in NYC.

  • Restaurants
    Hosting a major event in a restaurant or bar is a very popular thing all across the world. Everyone has called their favorite local spot, made a reservation, and had a great night full of laughter, food, and drinks. It is as easy as that to book your next event. They will provide a great atmosphere, a full menu of food, and a full bar at your disposal. Plus, a staff that is happy to take care of your every need.

  • Garden Space
    When was the last time you treated yourself to a serene evening under the stars surrounded by blooming flowers, soft music, and good company? Hosting a cocktail hour or celebratory event in a garden space can add an air of elegance and grace to your already magical evening. Expose yourself to the soft breeze, the well-manicured shrubbery, and the millions of twinkling stars.

  • Conference Hall
    Sometimes you need your conference space to be big enough to hold all the powerful energy and fun that everyone is going to have! A conference hall is a great place to host major events and conferences because they are huge and can fit thousands of people, vendors, chairs, and food in them. They are often connected to a kitchen and have all the seating and tables you could possibly need.