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Need help finding the perfect venue in Morristown, NJ?
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About Morristown

Midway between Nutley and Mount Olive is a town steeped in history. Morristown, New Jersey was a key area in the American Revolutionary War because General George Washington was housed there as he defended the new nation. It is also home to a few museums and gardens as well.

Content creators and video producers like Morristown for its simplicity. Here, they can find a peaceful garden or a small plot of land with a nice house planted on top. Event organizers also find Morristown to be a gem due to its small-town feel. You can rent out the local bar or the house up the road for a decent price.

Attractions in Morristown

Morristown is a cute little town in New Jersey that boasts some beautiful parks, shops, and historical spots. Make sure to find out what makes Morristown Morristown by visiting some of their attractions.

  • Macculloch Hall Historical Museum
    Discover the history of Morristown through the life of one of its most prominent residents. In the late 1800s, George and Louisa Macculloch built their magnificent mansion and filled it with amazing artwork. Still held in great condition, Macculloch Hall is open to visitors to take a step back into the past.

  • Frelinghuysen Arboretum
    This non-profit garden is a community cornerstone that promotes horticulture learning and community building in a beautiful natural atmosphere. Take the family or a romantic date to these lovely grounds and watch the bees float in the wind to their next happy little flower.

  • Ford Mansion
    A feature in the Morristown National Historical Park, Ford Mansion is a very popular attraction due to its being the main headquarters for General Washington during the American Revolutionary War. Visitors can explore the house and find many exhibits that include weapons, furniture, and documents from his time there.

Production Locations in Morristown

Booking a production location in Morristown is easy, but finding the right one for your event can take some work. Here are a few good ideas to help you narrow down your options.

  • Video Studio
    When you can’t find the right spot, make one! A video or photography studio is an empty room of decent size that can be formatted to fit your needs. They can be filled with props, backdrops, and green screens in order to recreate the perfect locale. If this sounds fitting for your next photoshoot location in Morristown, consider booking this Spacious Photo/Video Studio in Downtown Morristown.

  • Outdoor Space
    Whether you are looking to shoot at a park, a beach, a pier, a mountain, or an open field, an outdoor space brings a lot of qualities that simply cannot be found in indoor spaces. Outdoor areas offer the elements of nature like sunshine, wild vistas, and the happenstance of creatures or people passing by in the background. A photo shoot in Morristown could reach its potential in an outdoor space.

  • Rooftops
    Want to bring a bit of youthfulness to your next shoot? Book yourself a rooftop venue! These spots give a unique perspective that is both exciting and safe. Since it is outdoors, it can be the perfect place for a barbecue and a few beers, if your shoot requires a party scene, or it can be a dance studio that will bring an air of power with its urban backdrop and ever-expanding sky.

  • Apartment or Cabin
    Homes have always played a big role in filmmaking. For as many characters there are in the world, there are as many styles of homes. An apartment or cabin could be exactly the right location for your next video shoot because it hits the mark on coziness, functionality, and creature comforts. They will also have all the necessary amenities like bathrooms, kitchens, and living room space.

Event and Meeting Venues in Morristown

You have enough on your plate when it comes to booking your next meeting, conference, or major event. Why not find a meeting or party venue in Morristown at a local bar or office? This is a list of some location options to help make that part of the process a little easier.

  • Garden Patio
    Imagine walking through an elegant garden filled with roses and tulips, hydrangeas, and a coy pond with happy lucky little fish swimming lovingly along. Garden parties are a very unique way to gather friends to celebrate an achievement in style. If this sounds like the perfect spot for your next cocktail hour in Morristown, consider booking out this Northern Comfort.

  • Local Bar
    Booking an event at your favorite bar is an easy idea that is easy to overlook. When it comes to event planning, sometimes it is hard to see the forest through the trees. It could be as simple as calling up your favorite bar or restaurant in town and requesting a booking for (x) number of people for a birthday party. They will provide the food, drinks, and atmosphere you have come to love.

  • Office Space
    When it comes to hosting a meeting, sometimes simple is best. A good office space or meeting room can tick all the right boxes. They are specifically designed for the purpose of hosting meetings and inspiring brainstorms. They come equipped with all the seating you could need, as well as a conference table, access to Wi-Fi, and plenty of outlets for your electronics.

  • Mansion
    Does your next big event deserve a homey feel, but with an elegance that is a little out of the ordinary? Booking a mansion could be just the thing. These spaces are great because they have tons of room to fit a large number of guests, and they often have a fully functioning kitchen and dining space (indoors and outdoors) so everything can be prepared and enjoyed in-house.