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About Madison

No matter which way you look at it, Madison is one very pretty city. Surrounded by lakes and offering easy access to a wide range of recreational activities, it’s a great location for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors.

The capital of Wisconsin also offers myriad opportunities for filmmakers and photographers who are keen to create something unique. With a diverse range of production locations on offer, you’ll find everything you need to take your creative project to the next level.

You’re also spoiled for choice if you’re searching for a memorable event venue or practical meeting space in Madison. There are spaces available for meetings small and large, and celebrations that are modest or lavish, so make sure to compare a variety of venues before choosing the best space.

Attractions in Madison

There’s plenty to see and do for those who are visiting Madison. Here are just a few of the local attractions worth checking out while you’re exploring this fine city.

  • Henry Vilas Zoo
    Family-friendly attractions in Madison don’t get any better than Henry Vilas Zoo. This popular 28-acre zoo is home to more than 650 animals from all over the world, so come here to meet penguins, polar bears, lions, and many others.

  • Olbrich Botanical Gardens
    With 16 acres of outdoor display gardens, Olbrich Botanical Gardens are a spectacular sight and a great place for anyone craving peace and tranquility. There’s also a large conservatory boasting exotic species here, so it’s well worth admiring the 650 plants in this glass pyramid.

  • Madison Children’s Museum
    Want to treat your kids to a day of hands-on, interactive learning experiences? Make a beeline for the Madison Children’s Museum. This family-friendly attraction offers fun and exciting ways to learn about science, history, art, and much more, so it’s worth spending plenty of time exploring the unique range of exhibits here.

Production Locations in Madison

Choosing a production venue in Madison can be a challenging task. With such a wide range of options available, it can be tricky to work out which space has everything you need for a successful film or photo shoot. With this in mind, make sure you have a clear idea of your creative goals before you start comparing venues. Here are a few of the Madison production spaces you might like to consider.

  • Lakes
    Madison is famous for its natural beauty, in particular its stunning lakes. This is not only good news for lovers of outdoor recreation but also for filmmakers and photographers looking for beautiful outdoor settings for film and photo shoots. Jump in your car and head out for a drive to start scouting the best filming locations in Madison.

  • Parks and Outdoor Spaces
    Speaking of the great outdoors, you’ll also find plenty of green space to explore in and around the Madison area. Check out what the city’s best parks have to offer if you’re searching for a memorable outdoor setting for your next project.

  • Private Homes
    From apartments and condos to beautiful family homes in the suburbs, private homes in Madison come in a wide range of styles and sizes. It all depends on the look and feel you want for your creative project, so compare your options to find the best production venues in Madison. This red-brick Georgian-style home, for example, offers a quintessential taste of Americana.

  • Restaurants
    Madison has a rich food culture and a thriving restaurant scene, and some of those restaurants are available for hire as Madison production spaces. From retro diners to modern gourmet eateries, there’s something out there to suit every taste.

  • Bars
    The people of Madison are no stranger to good times, so you’ll also find a diverse array of bars to choose from in the city. These can range all the way from snug Irish pubs to stylish wine bars, so shop around to find the right establishment for your creative needs.

Event and Meeting Venues in Madison

Searching for a Madison event space? The good news is that there are myriad options available; the bad news is that this can make it difficult to choose your favorite. There are also loads of options for anyone searching for meeting rooms in Madison, so here are a few popular venue choices worth considering in the area.

  • Event Spaces
    If you’re searching for a high-quality event venue in Madison, it’s hard to go past a dedicated event space. Not only are these available in a wide variety of designs and sizes, but they also come with all the essential amenities you need to make hosting a celebration as stress-free as possible.

  • Cafes and Restaurants
    There are lots of good reasons why cafes and restaurants make wonderful Madison event spaces as well as potential meeting venues. Not only are they suited to a wide range of intimate and cozy or even much more lavish celebrations, but cafes and restaurants are also suitable settings for informal business meetings and networking with potential clients.

  • Bars
    From warm and welcoming bars where everybody knows your name to sophisticated spaces where you can sample fine wines from all around the world, there are bars in Madison to suit all manner of celebrations. Be sure that you have a clear idea of the atmosphere and experience you want to offer your guests before deciding which bar to choose as your ideal Madison event venue.

  • Live Music Venues
    From birthday and graduation parties to bridal showers and much more, the city’s live music venues have everything you need for a special celebration. This Madison jazz club, for example, adds a taste of swingin’ style to any event.

  • Coworking Spaces
    If you’re looking for a meeting venue in Madison, make sure you compare what the city’s best coworking spaces have to offer. Once you know where to look, you’ll find spaces to suit meetings for two or maybe two-dozen people.