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About Cleveland

With a relatively small population of almost 15 thousand residents, the city of Cleveland is primarily used as a transportation hub, offering transportation services for the islands in Moreton Bay. The city has a rich history, being founded in 1850 and the history can be seen through the layout and various preservations found throughout the city.

The city has a wonderful maritime climate, perfect for both work and leisure activities. The city has a temperature ranging from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius throughout the year on average and has over 250 hours of sunshine monthly, allowing for all sorts of activities to occur, including a variety of productions and events. No doubt, with the rich history of Cleveland, compiled with its unique location, you are bound to find a venue that is perfect for your every event.

Attractions in Cleveland

Cleveland has its fair share of history and culture along with its sights and natural beauty. With so many aspects of the city to consider, you are bound to find an attraction that you can thoroughly enjoy during your stay in Cleveland.

  • SeaLink South East Queensland
    The main reason many people visit Cleveland, the SeaLink South East Queensland ferry is one of the most used services in the city. Hundreds, if not thousands of passengers are ferried across the different islands daily and offer everything from passenger to vehicle ferries. Visitors can enjoy the beauty that the ocean displays as well as see the various islands as they are ferried.

  • Cleveland Point Light
    Built between 1864 and 1865, the Cleveland Point Light, also known as the Cleveland Lighthouse, is one of Cleveland’s most popular attractions. The unique hexagonal shape of the lighthouse makes it distinctive compared to other lighthouses built around that time as most of them were usually rounded. Visitors can see a little bit of the history behind the lighthouse, including the original lamp which can be seen about 14.5 km offshore.

  • Redland Museum
    Taking visitors on a trip through the area’s history, the Redland Museum brings guests back to a time of the early life in the Redlands and was opened to the public in 1970. The museum has a total of 20,000 items that are in storage or on display so you can be sure that every visit will be a unique experience. Due to the popularity of the attraction, expansions have been made in previous years, allowing you to view more of the history of this unique environment.

Production Locations in Cleveland

Before looking for a location, considering your intended theme can help direct you to more viable venues for your upcoming production. With many locations to explore within the city, you can be certain that there will be a photo shoot location in Cleveland that is perfect for you.

  • Hotels
    Although a more expensive option compared to other venues, hotels allow you to produce a higher quality production with the lighting, backdrop, and the space that can be found on-site which allows you to wheel in larger filming equipment. Hotels are a special type of venue that each has its own features unique to each building. Consider the Cleveland Sands Hotel as a potential filming location in Cleveland.

  • Houses and Estates
    Perfect for both beginner and experienced producers, houses can serve as the perfect background for your upcoming production. These venues are all designed differently from each other which means you need to thoroughly research the location to ensure that it has the space and capacity for your filming equipment and your crew members accordingly.

  • Outdoor Locations
    Outdoor locations vary in size and features but allow for a larger crew and for more filming equipment due to the nature of the location. These locations can capture natural lighting in its purest form and can serve as a great backdrop for nature-themed productions. An aspect that may need to be considered, however, is the access to electricity as it can be difficult at times to receive a reliable electricity source in outdoor locations.

  • Warehouses
    The design of warehouses allows you as a producer to get creative when planning a production. The open space and the large accessways mean that you can utilise a wide range of filming equipment including rig lighting and larger roving cameras to capture your production in the best possible quality. Since most warehouses are empty, you are free to design the place to make it look according to the theme of your production.

Event and Meeting Venues in Cleveland

There are many different types of events, ranging from baby showers in Cleveland to corporate meetings within the city. To plan for your upcoming event, having a venue that fits the theme and purpose of your intended occasion can make it easier to prepare for your upcoming events.

  • Restaurants and Cafés
    Whilst cafés are smaller locations and restaurants are considered larger venues, both places can serve a wide variety of events. From personal gatherings such as bridal showers in Cleveland to more corporate-themed parties, restaurants can serve as your go-to venue if needed. These locations have everything you need to ensure that your guests are content from the lavish décor to the comfortable seating.

  • Offices
    These venues are great for all sorts of corporate meetings and activities. Offices have all the equipment you need to ensure that everyone who attends can be productive and comfortable. Oftentimes, many modern offices use a differing layout that allows for a less confined feeling, allowing team members to feel less cramped and instead feel more comfortable.

  • Studios
    Great for events like a retreat or an impromptu dance class, studios are small to medium-sized spaces that are left bare for the occupants to use to their liking. These venues have many features and each studio, although different in outward appearance, has a room that is bare and can be modified to fit your use.

  • Event Spaces
    These can be anything from art galleries to courtyards. Event spaces are all unique and can be used for specific events. Venues like art galleries are perfect for exhibition-type events whereas courtyards can be used for a variety of parties. No doubt, finding an event space that fulfills your needs is possible if you are looking in Cleveland.