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About Melbourne

Melbourne is one of Australia’s major cities, and also acts as the capital of the state of Victoria. It’s near Port Phillip Bay, and the city is home to over 130,000 residents. It’s part of a metropolitan area that is full of over one million people. The population in Melbourne comes in right under the population in Sydney, leading to a friendly rivalry between the two over the years. While you won’t find the beaches here that you see in coastal cities, you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of parks and unique architecture during your visit.

The temperature in Melbourne is mild throughout most of the year, with the hottest month being February. Even then temperatures rarely get over the high 80s. October is the wettest month, and the city receives about 26 inches of rain a year. Since Melbourne is one mostly flat land the city has been laid out in a rectangular pattern, with the only exception being downtown.

Attractions in Melbourne

  • National Gallery of Victoria
    When in Melbourne you can stop by the National Gallery of Victoria, which is also the oldest art gallery in all of Australia. There are 70,000 pieces of work on display in the gallery. You can find Oceanic, European, American, and Asian art. There is a second location to the National Gallery of Victoria, which can be found in the St. Kilda Road building. One of the most popular attractions in the gallery is The Great Hall, which lets people lay on the floor to see the stained-glass ceiling.

  • Federation Square
    Federation Square first opened in 2002 and has since become a popular Melbourne attraction. It’s been nicknamed “Fed Square” and has led to a division between some locals. Some Melbourne residents seem to love the square while others hate it. It can be found right across from one of the city’s most significant transportation hubs, Flinders Street Station. Federation Square is also one of Melbourne’s biggest venues, hosting over two thousand events each year.

  • Eureka Tower
    Standing at 91 stories tall, Eureka Tower offers one-of-a-kind views of Melbourne, Australia. The 88th floor of the building holds the sky deck, offering the highest views of the city possible. There is also an attraction at Eureka Tower called The Cube, a glass box that carries visitors a few feet away from the tower. Sunset is known as the best time to visit this top attraction, but you can expect to see more crowds.

Production Locations in Melbourne

The beautiful city of Melbourne is full of locations you can use as production spaces. There are places that showcase the historic architecture of the area, as well as fully-equipped studios and wonderful outdoor spaces. There are plenty of spaces that can be the perfect backdrop for your next Melbourne production, whether you are working on filming, photo shoots, corporate videos, or any number of projects.

  • Historic Locations
    Melbourne is a bustling modern city, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find historic spaces to use for your next production. These spaces are complete with unique architecture that dates back to the earlier days of Melbourne. Historic options throughout the city offer stunning backdrops for photo shoots or film and tv productions of any kind. They can also be good options for corporate or commercial settings and product photography.

  • Studios
    There are various sized studio spaces available all over Melbourne, no matter what size production you are creating. You can find intimate settings for smaller crews or entire warehouse studios for larger projects. Places like the Footscray Studio even provide some amenities, like editing rooms, green screens, and lighting setups. There are other spaces like the Great Studio found in West Melbourne that provide ample room for larger productions or bigger crews.

  • Outdoor Space
    There’s plenty of outdoor space to be found in Melbourne to provide scenic and natural settings for your production. You can find locations with great views of the city’s many parks and Port Phillip Bay. If you’re looking for an outdoor photo shoot venue then there is plenty to meet your needs in Melbourne. Outdoor filming locations provide a stunning backdrop you won’t find anywhere else in Australia.

Event and Meeting Venues in Melbourne

Whether you need a corporate meeting space or an extravagant wedding venue, Melbourne will have something for you. There are intimate spaces to use, in addition to large warehouses and beautiful office locations. You can find something to fit your needs no matter how long your guest list is or how small your team is. Many of these spaces are surrounded by the beautiful and vibrant sights of Melbourne, making it easy to enjoy the sites no matter what kind of venue you choose.

  • Offices
    You’ll find numerous beautifully decorated office spaces in Melbourne that can be great for your next team meeting. You can find professional working space in the city, and larger offices will have ample room for everyone on your team. There are also more private rooms available in South Melbourne for more intimate gatherings. Most of these office spaces provide desks, seating, kitchenettes, and other amenities to make your stay more comfortable.

  • Warehouses
    There are several converted warehouses across Melbourne that are now used to host a range of events and gatherings. These are perfect locations for stylish weddings, black-tie corporate dinners, or birthday parties. Cargo Hall found in South Wharf offers exceptional converted warehouse space with plenty of room for your guests, caterers, and entertainment. You can also find warehouse locations perfect as smaller venues, still with plenty of room to provide a live band or buffet-style menu.

  • Intimate Rooms
    If you’re looking to host a smaller event, like a baby shower, wedding reception, or birthday party, then you can find numerous intimate and comfortable rooms in Melbourne. These locations provide a cozier venue without feeling cramped, and spaces like the Welcoming Bar in South Melbourne offer a unique setting. The bar mixed with exposed brick of this space makes for a one-of-a-kind event.