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Need help finding the perfect venue in Surry Hills, AU?
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range for locations in Surry Hills?
Booking prices vary with the property type, features, and rental length, but rates generally range from $36 to $1765 per hour for spaces in Surry Hills.
What is the most popular attendee range in Surry Hills?
Group size varies with the type of event or activity, but 1-5 people is a popular range in Surry Hills.
What is the average hourly minimum for locations in Surry Hills?
The average minimum booking time is 5 hours for locations in Surry Hills.
What is the average square feet of locations in Surry Hills?
There's a great range of spaces in Surry Hills, with an average size of 782 square feet.
What are the most popular locations in Surry Hills?
The top 3 locations in Surry Hills, AU right now are Luxurious Meeting Room in Surry Hills, The Taylor Room and The Riley Room.
How many locations are available for rent in Surry Hills?
There are currently 20 locations available in Surry Hills.
Which location types are most popular in Surry Hills?
Surry Hills is a popular spot for Event Space, Hotel/Motel and Office locations.
How many location types are available in Surry Hills?
Right now, there are at least 5 of different types of locations in Surry Hills.
How do I book a Surry Hills location on Giggster?
When you find the right venue, you can connect with the host to get additional info and work out the details. Once everything is all set, you can book and pay for the location in a couple of clicks. Learn more about booking locations.
How do I cancel a Surry Hills reservation request?
You can contact our team to request a cancellation. Learn more about our cancellation policy.

Find unique spaces to rent in Surry Hills, AU

About Surry Hills

Surry Hills is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria that is well known within Australia. It is just beyond the business district, so it has a professional presence within the community. It is a smaller community and a very tight-knit one at that. This is a place where many of the locals know one another, and there is a true sense of unity and community within.

When you compare Surry Hills to neighboring Canterbury, it is much smaller and simpler in its makeup. It’s a rather picturesque scene here as the houses are smaller and quaint. The streets are lined with trees, and the amenities of the big city really don’t exist here. It’s a refreshing change of pace from the rest of the area, and therefore people come here to escape.

The population is just over 13,600 and so you can see firsthand that it’s a smaller city here. There are certain amenities and things to do here, but they are simpler in nature. You will find parks, some sports and activities, and stores, but the options are rather limited. This is a place you come to for a change of pace and so it works well for a production or more rustic type of event.

Attractions in Surry Hills

The beauty and simplicity of Surry Hills are something that you will really come to appreciate. Whether you are planning an event here or having a full production, there are some fantastic things to enjoy. There are some attractions you will want to visit here, and these are definitely worth adding to your time when in the area.

  • Box Hill
    What makes Box Hill so great is that it’s all about the natural beauty that creates this environment and attraction. If you watched the cycling events in the 2012 Olympics, then you would have seen a lot of this hill. It is a famous hill and entire area that is perfect for doing just about anything outside. You can enjoy biking, hiking, flying kites, and anything else you might be interested in outdoors.

  • Devil’s Punchbowl
    This is a great spot for outdoor enthusiasts who wants to take in the great outdoors. You can enjoy wildlife and it happens to be at the center of so many scientific studies and classes. You can enjoy hiking here and even walk amongst ponies and cattle that roam the land. Gibbet Hill is a part of Devil’s Punchbowl, and it serves as the highest vantage point with scenic views of Surry Hills.

  • Frensham Ponds
    These are very famous and beautiful bodies of water within Surry Hills. There were two ponds that were created years ago as a way of supplying fish to the Bishop of Winchester. This is an area that has a rich history, but so much beauty and things to do and see. This is like the culmination of two wonderful areas combined into one with a lively beach and then a more tranquil forest with much wildlife.

Production Locations in Surry Hills

The natural beauty and sprawling land within Surry Hills make for a great spot for a production. There are some quaint and unique types of locations here to choose from. If you want something outdoors, you will find plenty to choose from. If you want your production to be primarily inside, you can find some interesting venues for that as well.

  • Parks
    One of the things that Surry Hills is known for is the parks. You can choose from so many different unique parks as the backdrop for your scenes. This is the type of thing that you can incorporate into your production, and you don’t even need much in the way of props. Just using the natural beauty of the parks is enough to make it a great match.

  • Hills
    There are some high points here located within the hills, and this is a fun thing to center your production around. You may find that shooting some of your scenes from the outlook gives you a breathtaking view of the entire area. This takes more planning, but it’s well worth it when you see it all come together like this.

  • Studio Space
    This may be something as small and intimate as a studio apartment. It may be something a bit bigger like an actual studio or dedicated production space. No matter what though you will find some great spaces to choose from. Many productions come to Surry Hills for their shoot, and that’s what makes this a perfect spot to check out and enjoy.

Event and Meeting Venues in Surry Hills

  • Warehouse Space
    A warehouse can be large and bare or expansive and decked out. If you are looking for a more upscale and trendy production space, you may find this city warehouse cr space is just what you need. This is like a studio apartment with workable space, and it’s perfect for a production. You could even hold a small event here, and therefore it’s a good match for so many different types of meetings or get-togethers.

  • Restaurants and Bars
    A restaurant is a great choice for a luncheon with business partners or a small get-together. They have a variety of cuisines and plenty of seating for all as well as restrooms and parking. A local bar or tavern could work for a casual employee meeting or a bridal shower. With adult beverages at your beck and call, a luxury bar or club would work for a bachelor or bachelorette bash as well.

  • Private Home
    The wonderful part about Surry Hills is that it has so many unique homes within the city. You can find a cool space that even has a terrace such as this Surry Hills terrace home. You will come to appreciate the flexibility of holding your event indoors or outdoors here. It also works well for a more intimate type of event, which is a nice change of pace.