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About Agoura Hills

Agoura Hills is a suburban community perched at the edge of Los Angeles County and is located a short distance from downtown Los Angeles. It was briefly known as ‘Picture City’ in the early 1920s due to the establishment of Paramount Ranch, a prominent Westworld filming location and an old movie town used in hundreds of TV shows and movies.

Unfortunately, most of it was destroyed during the Woolsey Fire in November 2018. But exciting plans are currently underway to re-establish the only site in the National Park Service dedicated to the creation of various production projects. Besides the ranch, Agoura Hills has many unique spots that make excellent backdrops for commercials, docu-series, dramas, music videos and more.

Today, the city of Agoura Hills is a favorite Southern California destination for anyone who loves to shop, dine, ride horses, explore wide-open spaces, or spend time outdoors. Its beautiful weather and prime location also draw in professionals and visitors looking for extraordinary event and meeting spaces in Agoura Hills.

Attractions in Agoura Hills

If you plan to visit California for the first time, Agoura Hills may not be on top of your must-visit list. But once you explore and learn more about the best attractions in the city, you’ll quickly fall in love with this place, and you might not even want to leave.

  • Reyes Adobe Historical Site
    Take a trip down memory lane and gain insights into the eventful and exciting California history through the Reyes Adobe Historical Site. A cultural and historical landmark, Reyes Adobe was the first home built in Agoura Hills in 1850. Today, visitors can tour the site and check out the house, barn, courtyard, unique artifacts, and outdoor displays that give a glimpse of the town’s economic changes and historical developments.

  • Cheeseboro and Palo Comado Canyons
    Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will love these magnificent canyons in Agoura Hills. Whether you’re looking for a heart-pumping adventure or just want to explore the awe-inspiring nature, Cheeseboro and Palo Comado Canyons and their rounded hills are definitely worth exploring. You can go horseback riding, mountain biking, trail running, or take your binoculars for birdwatching.

  • Ladyface Mountain
    Ladyface Mountain is a premier destination for anyone looking for a challenging hike. The trail is steep and becomes more of a climb once you get to the end, but you’ll be rewarded with the breathtaking views of Agoura Hills and the valley.

  • Old Agoura
    Below the Cheeseboro and Palo Comado canyons is a serene neighborhood on the east side of Agoura Hills. Just a ten-minute drive to Malibu, Old Agoura boasts excellent family-friendly activities, open space, and protected trails running through the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.

Production Locations in Agoura Hills

Agoura Hills is, no doubt, a hot spot for filming movies and TV shows. Besides the designated movie studios once established here, it has many unique features, structures, and natural resources that make fantastic sites for photo shoots, short videos, commercials, and other entertainment projects.

  • Local Neighborhoods
    You may not realize it, but the streets you walk on and the neighborhood you drive through every day could be the filming location of your favorite drama or movie. If you watch the opening shots of the 1982 horror film Poltergeist, you’ll get a glimpse of the streets in Agoura Hills. Most of the neighborhood shots in the movie were also filmed in the city.

  • Private Homes
    Private properties and charming houses make the best filming spaces in Agoura Hills. Before, most movies were filmed in studios or on soundstages. But today, film crews often use real homes to shoot scenes to make them more realistic. Even when budget or logistics don’t allow them to shoot entirely on location, they’d still film some scenes at the site.

  • Ranches
    Renting a rustic ranch for your creative pursuits means having a scenic location to enhance and add authenticity to your story. Agoura Hills is home to acres of ranches that have served as filming sets for decades for blockbuster movies and television series. Apart from the famous Paramount Ranch, Oaks Canyon Ranch was another popular filming set in the nineteen-thirties. It was used as a filming location for Made For Each Other, The Great Dictator, and Gone with the Wind.

  • Famous Attractions
    Many places of interest in Agoura Hills can’t hide from the spotlight. Besides offering relaxation and entertainment, they’re also a favorite location for photoshoots, commercials, TV dramas, and movies. Take Malibou Lake, for instance, attracting television and film crews for decades with its unmatched natural beauty. Some of the productions staged here include the iconic series The Office, Criminal Minds, and movies Frankenstein, Must Love Dogs, and many more.

Event and Meeting Venues in Agoura Hills

When orchestrating a large party or hosting a small meeting, you’ll need a flexible space to accommodate your specific requirements. The good news is, versatile event and meeting venues in Agoura Hills abound, giving you endless options for your special celebration.

  • Recreation Facilities
    Recreation centers can offer a space to help you organize a memorable event. The Agoura Hills Recreation and Event Center is just one of the incredible leisure facilities you can use with outdoor and indoor venues for various occasions. When there’s no city-sponsored event that’s taking place, you can rent it for weddings, intimate parties, conferences, family reunions, corporate celebrations, and more.

  • Modern Homes
    Event organizers are now looking for more inviting meeting spaces or party venues in Agoura Hills. Depending on the occasion, many hosts prefer renting a home where guests can relax and feel at ease. After all, nothing feels homier than a real house. So instead of going to the same venue, why don’t you book a well-equipped, spacious, modern home? It’s ideal for birthdays, baby showers, bachelor parties, small company meetings, group discussions, Halloween parties, reunions, and retreats.

  • Retreat Centers
    Retreat centers can be your one-stop shop for your next meeting or party. Everything is available in one location, from the food service and accommodation to centrally-located spaces where the main event takes place. There are also on-site recreation and activities to keep everyone entertained and quality equipment in the venue.

  • Vineyards
    Sip delicious local wines and celebrate your special day at a vineyard in Agoura Hills. Check out a sprawling vineyard, which provides an idyllic, gorgeous setting for any event.