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About Sunnyvale

Like many picturesque cities along northern California’s rugged coastline, Sunnyvale began as an Ohlone Native American encampment that was eventually resettled by the Spanish along the Mission Trail. Once a prosperous agricultural area known for its abundant fruit orchards and wheat fields, Sunnyvale today is part of the Silicon Valley tech corridor, with international companies including Lockheed, LinkedIn, Google, and Apple calling the city home.

Visitors interested in architecture will find a large collection of nature-centric Eichler homes in Sunnyvale, while there are plenty of historical and cultural activities and great shopping opportunities in the area. The city holds the distinction of being the birthplace of the American video game industry when Atari placed its prototype of Pong in a local bar. Sunnyvale is also known for its public art displays, with more than 100 works throughout the city.

Because of its Silicon Valley location, there are many options for event and meeting venues in Sunnyvale, as well as locations for film projects featuring high-tech environments or lifestyles. The city’s residents are young professionals and entrepreneurs offering contemporary spaces and sleek, modern furnishings.

Attractions in Sunnyvale

While the city’s main focuses are industry and innovation, there’s plenty of fun to be had visiting the attractions in and around Sunnyvale. You’ll also find abundant outdoor recreation opportunities, thanks to the region’s hot summers and mild winters. Many people choose wedding venues, meeting spaces, and other social activities in Sunnyvale.

  • Sunnyvale Farmers Market
    A Saturday tradition in Sunnyvale, the Farmers Market at the corner of Murphy and Washington Avenues is an experience all its own. Visitors will find a wide variety of local produce and handmade products, including fruits and veggies not commonly seen on supermarket shelves. It’s perfect for a relaxing stroll, grabbing a snack, and listening to some live music before buying fresh ingredients for tomorrow’s dinner.

  • The Lace Museum
    One of Sunnyvale’s quirkier attractions, the Lace Museum is one of only two museums in the entire country dedicated specifically to preserving the art of lace-making – the other is in Detroit if you were wondering. Established in 1976, the Lace Museum contains more than 10,000 pieces of handmade lace, tools, and books, some dating as far back as the 1700s. For interested visitors, the museum offers lace-making classes and workshops year-round.

  • Murphy Avenue
    For those searching for the soul of Sunnyvale, you’re likely to find it along Murphy Avenue, the main drag of the city’s historic district. Lined with boutiques, local eateries, and nightlife spots, Murphy Avenue is the place to see and be seen. The downtown area also sees many special events and festivals throughout the year.

Production Locations in Sunnyvale

With a high-tech, modern feel and an economy to match, Sunnyvale is perfect for capturing the energy of innovation. From up-and-coming CEOs to a workforce designing and using cutting-edge tech, filming locations in Sunnyvale can help tell the stories of the future.

  • Parks and Natural Areas
    Although much of Sunnyvale is devoted to industry, there are still some beautiful outdoor spaces – both wild and manicured – for film and photography projects. Just a stone’s throw away is San Francisco Bay, offering lovely sunsets, a wide variety of native flora and fauna, and great photo shoot opportunities for magazines, web content, and Instagram.

  • Offices and Conference Rooms
    Business-focused productions will find several filming options in Sunnyvale. Whether you’re filming conversations between coworkers in an office environment or need board room photos for an advertorial or executive biography, there are plenty of clean-lined, modern conference rooms available. This large, spacious conference room can serve as both a filming location and a meeting room for film crew business.

  • Private Residences
    There are a wide variety of neighborhoods and home styles in Sunnyvale that can fit the bill for many different types of productions. Family homes, contemporary condos, and gleaming high rises are all on the table. Many have additional filming assets such as swimming pools, expansive backyards, and interesting neighborhood locations.

  • Hotels and Restaurants
    Dining in restaurants may be considered an American pastime, so it’s no surprise many scenes in hit films and television series are filmed in these spaces. Elegant bistros, contemporary lounges, bright outdoor dining spaces, and comfortable hotel lobbies are all available.

Event and Meeting Spaces in Sunnyvale

As a national headquarters for many large companies in the tech industry, as well as a great location near Los Angeles and the beach, the city is a go-to destination for corporate meetings and events. It’s also a popular party spot, and you’ll find a host of social venues in Sunnyvale.

  • Churches and Worship Centers
    Traditional weddings and other religious observances, such as mitzvahs, christenings, baptisms, and worship services take place in houses of worship. Sunnyvale has many different represented denominations, including Jewish, Muslim, and Christian faith locations throughout the area.

  • Conference Rooms
    If you need space for a corporate meeting, leadership retreat, or some other company-related function, you’ll find a variety of bright, well-appointed conference rooms in Sunnyvale. This bright co-working space is perfect for project collaboration, while this spacious meeting room offers plenty of comfort, room for dining, and presentation space for your organization’s annual meeting.

  • Restaurants and Lounges
    Sunnyvale wedding reception venues offer a luxurious experience and special memories for the bride, groom, friends, and family. They also make perfect event spaces for other social occasions as groups come together to share a meal and talk, laugh, or dance the night away. Family reunions, anniversaries, milestone events, and other large gatherings will feel comfortable and carefree in this local, historic brewery and restaurant, while small, intimate parties can enjoy an evening in this rustic, cozy restaurant.