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About Carlsbad

Combining world-class beaches with Southern California’s famously pleasant climate, Carlsbad is known as “the village by the sea.” This charming coastal locale is home to gorgeous sandy beaches, world-famous golf courses, great shopping, and a host of family-friendly attractions. It’s also the site of the beautiful Flower Fields of Carlsbad, which come alive each spring with 50 acres of vibrant wildflowers in bloom.

With so much stunning natural scenery on offer, Carlsbad is bursting with great filming locations and photo shoot spots for your next creative project. But it’s also home to a range of unique indoor venues as well, from laid-back beach houses and golf course homes to modern studios, offices, and creative spaces, so there are plenty of possibilities on offer.

Regardless of whether you’re trying to capture some on-screen magic, host a memorable event, or organize a productive business meeting, Carlsbad has everything you need.

Attractions in Carlsbad

From family-friendly fun to surfing, shopping, and golf, Carlsbad has much to offer for locals and tourists alike. For many, however, the main attraction is the laid-back vibes you only ever get in coastal villages. And when you’re looking for adventure, these are just a few of the local attractions worth checking out.

  • Legoland California
    You don’t have to be a kid to love this great family theme park. Home to more than 60 rides, shows, and attractions, Legoland’s highlights include Mini Land, with real-world cities created with stunning detail on a smaller scale, and the ever-popular Legoland Water Park.

  • The Flower Fields of Carlsbad
    The Flower Fields of Carlsbad are an iconic sight. Each March and April, the gently rolling hills just 10 minutes from the heart of Carlsbad burst to life with vibrantly colored Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers. Covering almost 50 acres, this annual display of natural beauty is always eagerly anticipated.

  • South Carlsbad State Beach
    Want to feel some sand between your toes or enjoy a refreshing Pacific Ocean swim? South Carlsbad State Beach is a must-visit. South Carlsbad State Beach has a reputation as the best stretch of sand in the local area, and it’s easy to see why. It offers 3 miles of beautiful beach access, with plenty of space for you to lay out a towel or enjoy a relaxing stroll.

Production Locations in Carlsbad

The right location is everything for any film or photo shoot. It’s crucial for getting the look just right, of course, but also for creating that unique atmosphere you want to capture through the lens. Happily, Carlsbad is home to a truly diverse range of production locations, from captivating natural scenery to family homes, rustic beach houses, and gyms where you can practically taste the sweat. Here are just a few of the filming and photo shoot venues in Carlsbad you may like to consider.

  • Beautiful Beaches
    Want to capture some of those laid-back beachy vibes for which Carlsbad is famous? Check out whether any of the local beaches would be the perfect filming location for your project. With wide stretches of golden sand on offer, plus the benefit of being less crowded than those beaches a little closer to San Diego, they offer SoCal coastline at its finest. However, be aware that you may need a permit from California State Parks in some circumstances.

  • Gorgeous Golf Courses
    The golf courses in the Carlsbad area are some of California’s bst. So if you’re looking for a production venue that offers manicured fairways, slick greens, and beautiful lakes, you’re spoiled for choice.

  • Rustic and Beach Houses
    Even when you only see them on camera, the best beach houses can make it seem like you can hear the ocean, smell the salty air, and feel the sand between your toes. And did you know that some of the best-known scenes in Top Gun were filmed in a Victorian beach cottage in nearby Oceanside? Carlsbad photo shoot venues and filming spaces don’t get any better than some of the local beach houses that offer an authentic taste of SoCal living. This ocean view house, with its large backyard and spectacular vistas, will have you longing to hit the sand.

  • Authentic Family Homes
    Authenticity is key to the success of any creative project. If you want to capture a slice of real family life in Carlsbad, you’ll find a mix of homes on offer, some with a quintessential suburban feel, some with a Bohemian vibe, and others giving a taste of modern, light-filled living spaces. Compare your options to find the right backdrop for your next project.

Event and Meeting Venues in Carlsbad

Event spaces and meeting venues in Carlsbad are a diverse bunch. From traditional boardroom settings to creative and collaborative spaces, and blank-canvas function rooms to intimate outdoor patios, there are venues to suit just about any occasion. It’s just a matter of shopping around to find the right space for your needs.

  • Business Centers
    Sometimes you just need a conventional meeting room so you can set an agenda, send out the invites, and get to work. If that’s the case, business centers in and around the Carlsbad area offer the meeting spaces and modern facilities you need to get the job done.

  • Cafes
    Some meetings work better when conducted over coffee. So if you’re planning a casual chat rather than a high-powered business discussion, check out what Carlsbad’s cafes have to offer. From cozy corners to spacious outdoor patios, you could find your ideal meeting space.

  • Restaurants and Bars
    Planning a birthday party or bridal shower? A restaurant's private dining room could help you create an intimate atmosphere, while booking out a bar gives you the event space you need to party down with your nearest and dearest. And if you’re craving a ‘70s California aesthetic for your event space, this classy restaurant with a panoramic view will have you licking your lips.

  • Beach Houses
    If you want your event to have a relaxed, casual vibe, such as a baby shower or a chilled birthday celebration, a Carlsbad beach house is perfect. We’re talking ocean views, rustic decor, and outdoor living areas where you can make the most of the beautiful local climate.