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Need help finding the perfect venue in Providence, RI?
Need help finding the perfect venue in Providence, RI?
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range for locations in Providence?
Booking prices vary with the property type, features, and rental length, but rates generally range from $50 to $1800 per hour for spaces in Providence.
What is the most popular attendee range in Providence?
Group size varies with the type of event or activity, but 1-5 people is a popular range in Providence.
What is the average hourly minimum for locations in Providence?
The average minimum booking time is 4 hours for locations in Providence.
What is the average square feet of locations in Providence?
There's a great range of spaces in Providence, with an average size of 5571 square feet.
What are the most popular locations in Providence?
How many locations are available for rent in Providence?
There are currently 15 locations available in Providence.
Which location types are most popular in Providence?
Providence is a popular spot for Dance/Fitness/Gym, Event Space and Bar/Club locations.
How many location types are available in Providence?
Right now, there are at least 8 of different types of locations in Providence.
How do I book a Providence location on Giggster?
When you find the right venue, you can connect with the host to get additional info and work out the details. Once everything is all set, you can book and pay for the location in a couple of clicks. Learn more about booking locations.
How do I cancel a Providence reservation request?
You can contact our team to request a cancellation. Learn more about our cancellation policy.

Find unique spaces to rent in Providence, RI

About Providence

Providence happens to be the capital of Rhode Island and one of the largest cities in the tiny state. Despite having such a small footprint, the city has plenty to offer for visitors and residents who want to find opportunities for education or enjoyment. Providence offers a unique mix of a small town filled with big-city amenities.

The city also has several historic homes and businesses from the 18th and 19th centuries that are a wonder to behold. There is also lots of green space everywhere you look. In fact, thousands of tourists come to visit Providence every year to see the leaves change thanks to the dynamic range of colors that are on display. You will find several art museums and other venues to explore while you are there as well as authentic New England food including clam chowder and other local delicacies.

Providence is a city that experiences all four seasons. If you are not used to changes in the weather then this will be something new for you to experience. Spring and fall are incredibly nice with mild temperatures and moderate rainfall. This means there are plenty of days to go out and explore all there is to see. The summer is warm without being overbearing but the winters can be a bit much for anyone not used to snow. Pay attention to the forecast and take the advice of the locals if you are not sure how to manage heavy snow.

Attractions in Providence

Once you are done filming that next blockbuster or putting together all the details for that sales conference, you are going to want something to do. Thankfully, Providence has several things to do from enjoying the beach or the great outdoors to dining at fine restaurants or exploring local history. There is tons of quaint charm and plenty for the whole family to do or you can spend the night out on the town if you prefer.

  • Roger Williams Park Zoo
    The Roger Williams Park Zoo is a wonderful place to visit for the entire family. Not only do they have tons of different animals including endangered animals like the red panda and Komodo dragon, but they also have regular exhibits that are entertaining and educational fun for everyone. Depending on what time of the year you come, you will find something different every time.

  • Providence Performing Arts Center
    The Providence Performing Arts Center is a wonderful place if you are into the theater. They have loads of contemporary and classical shows, so no matter what style of stage play you are into, you are sure to find something to suit your taste. They typically have shows running bi-weekly, so even if you are not in the mood for what is going on right now, just wait a minute and they will be something else showing. This is the perfect place to spend an evening out, then you can even grab dinner or go dancing afterward.

  • Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art
    The Rhode Island School of Design is a world-famous learning institution in the Museum of Art that highlights a wide variety of art styles and forms. From exhibits on Contemporary Art and Design to pieces about local culture and historic events, there is something to see every time you visit. You should stop in when you have the time away from your busy planning schedule or your latest production.

Production Locations in Providence

No matter if you are a student with a small budget or a big Hollywood producer, whatever it is you are trying to put together is important. Having your cast, crew, and equipment is great but you also need the right location for your production. Bands need recording studios, actors need a stage, and producers need the right backdrop for their production. With all the history that Providence has to offer, you are sure to find the right location for your production.

  • Historic Homes and Hotels
    What better location for a production than an antique home or large and spacious hotel. With as much history as there is in Providence, you will have many options to choose from, so there is sure to be something unique and special that will set your production apart.

  • Studio Spaces
    If you are looking for something a little bit quieter and more intimate to film your production, one of the many studio spaces that are available in Providence might be an excellent choice. You have options ranging from fitness studios and gyms to actual production studio spaces. If you need something a little more professional, you have all the tools ready at your disposal to put out the best production possible.

  • Bar and Bookstore
    What better location than one that is two things in one? This combination bar and bookstore is the perfect location for filming a movie or television scene because it is actually two separate entities put together. This gives you double the options when it comes to what you are trying to produce and is an excellent choice for a backdrop.

Meeting and Event Venues in Providence

When you are put in charge of planning that meeting, birthday, or bar mitzvah, you want to make sure that your venue has everything that it needs but also stands out from the crowd. You do not want people to be bored. That is why picking the right meeting or event venue is so important.

  • Bars and Lounges
    If you are planning a girl’s night or an after-work cocktail hour, then bars and lounges are excellent venues for that purpose. Not only do you have a place for everyone to gather, but you have all the amenities that you need right in one place. There are drinks, food, and entertainment right at your fingertips and you will find plenty of locations to choose from in Providence.

  • Private Dining
    If you are looking for something a bit more formal for a rehearsal dinner, anniversary, or team meeting, you might enjoy one of the private dining spaces that are available for rent in and around Providence. Many of them offer a touch of class to your evening so everyone will be impressed by the location you choose.

  • Live Music Venue
    If you are really looking to party, then a venue for live music is the perfect choice for your event. There will be space to gather drinks and all the entertainment you need to have the best night ever all in one place. Providence has a variety of live music venues to choose from.