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Need help finding the perfect venue in Clearwater, FL?
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About Clearwater

Located ideally along the Gulf Coast, Clearwater is one of the more popular tourist cities in America. The city boasts a beautiful natural scene, with miles of white sandy beaches, allowing Clearwater to constantly ranks as one of the cities with the best beaches in the USA. The city is known to have a diverse set of dining options with the iconic Gulf Coast seafood making up most of Clearwater’s specialties.

Clearwater is full of history and culture, with some of the most historically significant avenues, Cleveland Street, being located within the city. Visitors are not only able to appreciate the views but can also indulge in the rich history of the city. With so many things to do within Clearwater and so many places to see, Clearwater becomes the perfect venue for your upcoming productions as well as events.

Attractions in Clearwater

Clearwater has many attractions that bring all sorts of people from around the country to its doors. From the natural features present within the city to the man-made ones that highlight the beauty, there’s sure to be something for everyone that visits Clearwater.

  • Aspirations Winery
    Winning multiple awards over the course of 12 years, Aspirations Winery is one of the best wineries within Florida. Visitors can see the process of handcrafting a wine and experience the history of the micro-winery within Aspirations Winery. Wine tasting as well as other alcohols are available at this winery and is a fun detour to visit when dropping by Clearwater.

  • Clearwater Beach
    Voted as the best beach town in Florida in 2013, Clearwater Beach is what Clearwater is known for. The shallow water on this beach makes it an ideal location for all sorts of water-based activities for families. The beach is well known for having a clean and white sandy look which makes it a great place to have an outing or take photographs too.

  • Clearwater Marine Aquarium
    With a mission of preserving and restoring the marine environment, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium is one of Clearwater’s biggest attractions. This non-profit organization focuses on the local marine life that can be found around the area. They have multiple permanent exhibits showcasing different areas in our seas and are constantly adding new ones to teach the public about marine life.

Production Locations in Clearwater

When planning productions, taking into account the theme and backdrop of your potential rental locations are important, after all, they are the basis of your production. With how vibrant and diverse Clearwater is, finding a photoshoot location within Clearwater should be a breeze.

  • Film Studios
    These professional studios are often more expensive compared to other studios and potential filming spots in Clearwater. The payoff comes in the amenities and features that are included when renting out film studios. The features include green screens, lighting grids, hair and makeup rooms, recording booths, and production offices, all of which can help you enhance your upcoming production to a new level. Find a film studio within Clearwater to complete your production.

  • Restaurants
    In recent years, restaurants have begun to pick up popularity with the production industry. Films such as When Harry met Sally had the iconic Katz’s Deli, which was in New York. Whilst not used as much in the photography scene, restaurants can still be a viable location and can add a surprising twist to your finished production. Whatever your production is, finding a restaurant in clearwater that can cater to your needs is possible.

  • Warehouses
    These large, open spaces allow producers to get creative with the props they use on-site. These locations often allow access to larger vehicles and filming equipment which means that you can begin experimenting with various panning shots and lighting setups. Not all warehouses are made the same which allows you to look around until you find one that suits your theme.

  • Houses and Estates
    Houses and estates are used so often in films to the point where they have become a staple in the production industry. Depending on your needs, you may need to look for a specifically styled house that aligns with your theme. Luckily with how big Clearwater is, finding an estate that you like isn’t a challenge.

Event and Meeting Venues in Clearwater

Every event and meeting needs meticulous planning and execution to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Depending on the size of the event, you may be able to filter out unnecessary locations that are too small.

  • Meeting Rooms
    Perfect for those who need a professional atmosphere, meeting rooms are devoid of distractions and allow you to focus on the task at hand. These rooms are often equipped with amenities that are vital for meetings including projectors, tables, and chairs for your guests. Clearwater is sure to have the right meeting room for your needs, all you need to do is look around.

  • Banquet Halls and Ceremony Rooms
    These grand halls can accommodate a large audience and can serve many different roles in an event. Ceremony Rooms are readily available in the city and can serve as a great wedding venue in Clearwater. Some venues have the amenities ready on-site and can include additional features including professional sound systems and ambient lighting which can enhance your upcoming event to a new level. Rent a polished ceremony room for your next big event in Clearwater.

  • Bars and Clubs
    Ideal for smaller gatherings and occasions that don’t require large props, bars and clubs are a good solution. These smaller venues allow for mingling and make guests feel more comfortable compared to large halls. Moreover, bars and clubs are great for a wide range of events from personal celebrations to a corporate get-together as they can usually be decorated with minimal changes to the atmosphere of the bar.