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Need help finding the perfect venue in Omaha, NE?
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About Omaha

In Douglas County, Nebraska, south of Carter Lake but just outside of the Missouri River, you’ll find the state’s largest city: Omaha. While Nebraska isn’t a highly populated state, Omaha has nearly half a million residents and a ton more visitors. It also prides itself on its wild west culture, its lovely museums, and its rich history.

Nebraska is known for its wide-open spaces, and that includes the production and event rentals as well! Content creators will love the spacious warehouses and barns that are available to fill with dancers, crews, actors, and props. People who are planning to throw events in the area also love the fact that there are barns, gardens, and parks ready for renting for their next big event.

Attractions in Omaha

When visiting Omaha for your next big event or video production, make sure to check out some of their major attractions. Whether you wish to woo your date or take the kids out for an adventure, there is something for everyone in Omaha.

  • Pioneer Courage Park
    Does your family enjoy the tales of the wild wild west? The pioneer days with horse-drawn wagons and oxen roaming the prairie lands? If so, make sure to check out the Pioneer Courage Park; a sculpture park that commemorates the struggles the early American pioneers had when they crossed this great country.

  • Joslyn Art Museum
    For the art-lovers of the group, consider exploring the Joslyn Art Museum. They offer exhibits and art pieces from all over the world including Greek pottery, American paintings, and western European sculptures.

  • Lauritzen Gardens
    This is your chance to explore the beautiful wildflowers, trees, and other plants in a breathtaking park that is well-manicured for your enjoyment. Lauritzen Gardens is perfect for romantic dates or even to bring the kids. There is a lot to learn and love here.

Production Locations in Omaha

Thinking of picking a venue location for your next photo or video production? Omaha has a lot of great choices. Whether your shoot needs a warehouse with a green screen or a big concert hall, you are sure to find the right production space in Omaha.

  • Warehouse
    Warehouses and other types of studios make great production locations because they often have tons of space to fit a crew, all the equipment, and all of the on-screen talent. These types of spaces are also very important locations for video shoots in Omaha because they give you the opportunity to transform the space into anything you want using green screens, props, and backdrops.

  • Parking Lot
    Another great place to host an Omaha photoshoot could be a parking lot. These areas provide tons of outdoor space accented by the sunshine and sky while sharing the urban backdrop of the city or town that surrounds it. A parking lot can fit tons of people and cars, as well as equipment and set props. Set designers can build full sets in a parking lot to transform them whichever way the photoshoot requires.

  • Field or Greenspace
    An open natural area could provide the natural element your shoot is looking for. Depending on the location, you could have a sandy spot like a desert or sandpit, or you could find something livelier like a flowery field in a green open park. If this sounds fitting for your next video production in Omaha, consider booking The Bark Park.

  • Condo
    Sometimes your production just needs that nice homey feel. Omaha has tons of available locations to fit this desire. Condos, apartments, mansions, ranches; these types of homes are popular with content creators because they tend to come fully furnished and fully stocked with all the standard and unique amenities and décor like bookshelves, trinkets, and dishware.

Event and Meeting Venues in Omaha

When it comes time to start looking at venue options for your next big event, it is best to start thinking about what your event needs from a location. Indoors or outdoors? Large capacity or intimate venue? Take a look at these options to see which works best for you.

  • Meeting Space
    A traditional office space might just be all you need for your next business meeting. Why be flashy and spend all that money when you can have a great space that can be utilized specifically for your meeting and not be distracting with its size or uniqueness? These locations tend to come standard with a conference table, Wi-Fi, outlets, and chairs to accommodate your team.

  • Local Pub
    Look for a brewery, pub, or restaurant downtown and you are sure to find the perfect one to fit your needs. Eateries are very popular locations for major events, small business meetings, or celebrations. If this sounds like a fitting birthday venue in Omaha, consider booking a room at the Downtown Omaha Brewery & Distillery.

  • Rose Garden
    Imagine holding a nice blush-colored martini and walking through a beautiful blooming rose garden while chatting with your friends under a bright blue sky. Rose gardens or any type of flower garden provide such a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for cocktail parties or teatime events. they can easily convert into barbecue areas as well. So throw some veggie burgers on the grill and pour those drinks!

  • Pool
    Everyone loves a pool party. A decent-sized pool with a nice deck could spell fun-in-the-sun for your next summertime birthday party. No matter the age, everyone likes to soak up some sun rays and dip their toes in the water. Poolside events are great for relaxing and enjoying the weather while you sip a beer or fruit juice and listen to some happy tunes.