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Need help finding the perfect venue in Overland Park, KS?
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About Overland Park

Boasting a sizable population of almost 200,000 residents, Overland Park is the second-most-populous city in Kansas. Overland Park is surrounded by opportunities to explore nature, with Turkey Creek, one of the tributaries of the Kansas River, running through the extreme northern part of the city as well as the city itself lying in the watershed of the Blue River.

Overland Park lies in one of the most ideal locations. With its proximity to the capital of Kansas, as well as its vicinity to other towns and cities, Overland Park becomes an ideal location to host all sorts of events. From productions taking place on the outskirts of the city to events and meetings within Overland Park, you can be sure that there will be a venue perfect for you.

Attractions in Overland Park

With such a large population, Overland Park is known to have some of the best attractions within Kansas. With many unique attractions found throughout the city, ranging from natural to man-made, visitors are sure to find an activity that appeals to their interests.

  • Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead
    From its humble origins as a petting zoo in 1978, the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead has come a long way and now hosts a wide variety of activities for those who visit the attraction. With more than 250 different animals and birds, visitors can learn more about the natural world around us, as well as enjoy all that Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead has to offer which includes horse-drawn wagon rides, fishing ponds as well as nature trails.

  • Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens
    Founded in 1991, the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens have continually evolved to become one of Kansas’ best gardens. Eight Different ecosystems lie within the arboretum including Wooded Draws, Dry Oak-Savanna, and many more. Visitors are also welcomed to explore the gardens within the premises and to date, there are 10 gardens that guests can enjoy.

  • Museum at Prairiefire
    Providing learning opportunities for everyone, the Museum at Prairiefire is one of the top attractions in Overland Park. Opened to the public in May 2014, the Museum at Prairiefire is a massive 42,000 square-foot facility that invites thousands of visitors to its front doors every year. Exhibits within the facility range from Natural History to Science and Art and visitors are invited to participate in the various programs and activities within the museum.

Production Locations in Overland Park

Productions range from photoshoot locations within Overland Park to various filming sites that can be used as sets for your upcoming shoot. With so many different types of sets to explore and utilize within Overland Park, finding the right one to complete your upcoming production will be no problem.

  • Bars and Clubs
    Bars and clubs come in all forms, and each has its own distinct theme. Finding a bar within Overland Park that matches your theme should be an easy task, as there are several of them around. Some famous movie scenes occurred within saloons, bars, and breweries including the iconic scene where Doctor Schultz shares a beer with Django in Django Unchained. With the right lighting and angles within one of the city’s many local breweries and taprooms, you can make filming in Overland Park a success.

  • Houses and Estates
    Houses are a staple within the film industry, as virtually every film or photo shoot has uses for houses. Houses offer the versatility of each having unique designs, which allow producers to look around for a house that can suit their upcoming production. With so many options within Overland Park, you’re sure to find a house that might just be what you need to complete your upcoming production. Rent out a stunning dome house for your next production in Overland Park.

  • Film Studios
    Whilst being more expensive compared to other options, film studios often make up for it with the amenities and features that are present on the grounds. Producers can accurately control almost all the variables in a film studio, allowing them to set up the perfect shot without any unexpected problems occurring. With the bonus of blackout curtains, green screen rooms as well as production offices, film studios are always a safe bet when you’re looking for a production venue.

Event and Meeting Venues in Overland Park

Overland Park’s ideal location in between other towns and cities means that this city regularly sees events and activities occurring. No doubt, you’ll be able to find an appropriate location for your upcoming event, whether it’s a corporate meeting or a baby shower venue in Overland Park.

  • Conference Rooms
    Ideal for all sorts of corporate activities, conference rooms help produce a productive and professional atmosphere. Many conference rooms already have the amenities and features needed, including podiums, tables, and chairs, to ensure that your next meeting takes place without any hassles. With how big Overland Park is, you’re bound to find a conference venue that’s to your liking.

  • Bars and Clubs
    A perfect venue for small get-togethers and reunions, bars, and clubs allow you to relax and feel more comfortable. Each bar and club has a different ambiance which can be used to enhance your upcoming event. Some bars are large enough and have different sections that can be utilized for your upcoming event, like separate taproom spaces for a more intimate event. Find a modern industrial brewery within Overland Park to help you with your upcoming event.

  • Great Halls
    Perfect for larger events, great halls have the capacity to host large events like wedding receptions and small concerts. The acoustics within these halls are often very good and allow sound to travel very clearly to every corner of the facility. With the right décor and planners assisting you, you can be sure that everyone attending your upcoming event won’t even realize that they’re in a great hall.