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About Frazier Park

Found within the Los Padres National Forest, Frazier Park is a flourishing mountain community. The town's 2,500 residents were taken by the picturesque mountain views, small-town feel, and starry night skies.

Outdoor enthusiasts, in particular, enjoy exploring the 28-acre community alongside the sprawling 1.7 million acres that make up the National Forest. The town is considered a getaway location with several quaint cabin rentals as well as AirBnbs. The downtown area is where you'll find a concentration of markets, restaurants, and a selection of other retail stores. Frazier Park also made its big-screen debut as the setting for the 1974 outlaw biker movie The Black Six and the 2011 comedy film The FP.

Besides being a great place to retire to, own a home, and raise children, there are equally selections of event, production, and meeting spaces in Frazier Park.

Attractions in Frazier Park

Frazier Park is the perfect retreat for anyone looking for a modern getaway. The location within a National Forest serves as an attraction in itself, and the mountain town also has selections of interesting areas to explore.

  • Ridge Route Communities Museum and Historical Society
    The Ridge Route Communities Museum collects and preserves artifacts and extensive history of mountains north of Castaic and South of Bakersfield. You will love the exhibit room that displays items and photos from the mountain regions. It also has files covering all details about mountain communities available for viewing and research.

  • Frazier Mountain Lookout
    The historic Frazier Mountain Lookout is found at the top of Frazier Mountain, offering scenic views of Lake of the Woods and the entire Frazier mountainous region. Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy the trail towards the top of the mountain. Next to the tower is an antenna tower manned 24/7 during WWII.

  • Castaic Lake
    Also known as Tejon Lake, Castaic Lake is a natural saline endorheic lake located 29.3 miles from Frazier Park. The lake formed 10,000 years ago by the natural damming of water is a sight to behold. Activities to enjoy at the Castaic recreation area include fishing, walking, hiking, and picnicking while enjoying the great outdoors.

  • Mount Pinos Trail
    Located a few minutes from Frazier Park, Mount Pinos Trail is a back trail featuring gorgeous wildflowers, impeccable views, wide roads, gradual inclines, and an easy walk. The trail offers multiple activity options for the family for a great day out. Remember to bring snowshoes during winter to avoid being knee-deep.

  • Hungry Valley
    Offering 19,000 acres and about 130 miles of beautiful trails, Hungry Valley is an excellent spot for dune buggies, All-Terrain Vehicles, motorcycles, and 4X4 recreation. The valley crosses Los Padres National Forest, where Frazier Park is located, and Angeles National Forest. Camping in Hungry Valley is an option when you want to enjoy spending time here for several days.

Production Locations in Frazier Park

Frazier Park has hosted a number of film crews working on productions like the 2017 comedy/horror movie Frazier Park Recut. It goes to show that mountain town has a lot to offer, and you might just stumble onto your next production location in Frazier Park.

  • Mountainous Forests
    It's expected that a mountain town will have plenty of picturesque forested areas. Such filming locations in Frazier Park translate beautifully on the screen. Besides recording feature films, music videos, and commercials, the spaces are equally ideal for photoshoots. Perhaps the only challenge would be hauling various equipment needed for the shoot to these locations.

  • Storefronts
    Anyone who has ever stopped by a small town storefront knows that they are the most charming establishments. Most are conveniently located near the highway, and you'll typically find a cluster of these storefronts in the same vicinity. A small mountain town storefront next to a scenic road can equally create a stunning backdrop or ominous setting for a horror film shoot in Frazier Park.

  • Modern Ranch Locations
    A ranch is a good enough film shoot location but a modern one offering unobstructed views of the mountains is the perfect production space. Frazier Park has selections of these locations that provide prime grounds for recording anything from a Western feature film to a product photoshoot.

  • Desert Roads
    Desert roads have been immortalized in many songs, and it's simply because they are amongst the most scenic routes. That alone makes them worth exploring as film shoot spaces in Frazier Park. The town has scenic roads running for miles with views of the mountains visible on the horizon.
  • Log Cabins
    You are bound to come across log cabins in mountain towns and Frazier Park isn't any different. However, several establishments now combine the best of both worlds by offering modern structures with cabin-esque exteriors/interiors. They equally serve as stunning filming spaces in Frazier Park.

Event and Meeting Venues in Frazier Park

There's no debating that you'll find some of the most beautiful meeting and event locations in Frazier Park. Whether you are planning a company retreat or a stag party getaway; you'll immediately be taken by the selections of Frazier Park event venues.

  • Pristine Mountainous Forests
    The sprawling acres of pristine mountainous forests found within the Los Padres National Forest offer spaces to host diverse functions. From team-building events to camping functions; the versatile indoor/outdoor event spaces in Frazier Park are worth exploring for your next occasion. Pristine mountainous forest grounds with furnished rustic cabins are a fun idea for a reunion or retreat space in Frazier Park.

  • Storefronts
    Launch your latest products or brand in style at a storefront event space in Frazier Park. If you want to offer your investors or clients a true brand experience, treat them to the 40-minute trip away from Hollywood. The scenic road leading to such locations is motivation enough to host your event at any of the mountain town's storefronts.

  • Ranch Spaces
    Just like the Old West ranches, Frazier Park has plenty of similar grounds to choose from for your next occasion. The sprawling grounds offering unobstructed views of the surrounding mountains double up as perfect wedding locations in Frazier Park. Such locations are also ideal for diverse business functions including team building events.

  • Mountain Camps
    Campgrounds are ideal locations to host kid-centric events and a myriad of other occasions. They typically include amphitheaters, outdoor pavilions, cabins, dining halls, swimming pools, and basecamps/staging areas. These amenities equally double up as event venues in Frazier Park.

  • Private Residences
    The Frazier Park residences are a sight to behold and they also vary in terms of style and square footage. You'll come across 1970s-style abodes alongside modern log cabin-inspired homes. They are ideal locations for bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and other similar gatherings.