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About Stevenson Ranch

Located in the picturesque Santa Clarita Valley, Stevenson Ranch is an unincorporated community just a few miles west of Santa Clarita. It’s one of the younger communities in the area – it was constructed according to a master plan in 1987. With fewer than 18,000 residents, Stevenson Ranch is known as a quiet bedroom community for nearby Santa Clarita and is just a few miles from California’s very first oil well.

Many popular television series have been filmed at Stevenson Ranch, drawn to the community because of its carefully manicured suburban appearance. There are plenty of local outdoor recreation opportunities in the hills surrounding the community, as well as the Santa Clara River. World-class fun at Six Flags Magic Mountain is just a few miles away, and there are many local and chain eateries and shops to keep visitors and residents happy.

Stevenson Ranch is close to both Los Angeles and Santa Clarita but has a distinctly slower, calmer atmosphere. It’s a frequent location for filming and its year-round pleasant climate and unique venues make it a great location for elegant events.

Attractions in Stevenson Ranch

While Stevenson Ranch is a fairly quiet suburban community with less industry and tourism, nearby cities provide plenty of cultural institutions, adventure, activities, and dining options. The natural beauty of the area makes the community a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Six Flags Magic Mountain
    Six Flags Magic Mountain, just three miles north of Stevenson Ranch, carries on the tradition of all-out family fun. The park is home to Full Throttle, the fastest and tallest loop coaster in the world at 160 feet, along with hypercoaster Goliath, and The New Revolution, the world’s first 360-degree loop coaster. There are many rides for all ages, as well as fun dining experiences and unique souvenirs.

  • Wildlife Learning Center
    The Wildlife Learning Center was established to bring knowledge about animals of the world to local children and residents. There is a wide variety of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods from more than 50 species currently at the centermost are rescued, acquired from other zoos, or displaced from their wild environments. The center also offers up-close experiences with some of its animal ambassadors.

  • Tesoro Adobe Historic Park
    In the early days of the film industry, Santa Clarita Valley was a popular place for filming westerns. Western film actor Harry Carey constructed Tesoro Adobe in the early 1920s as his personal home. Now part of a historic park, visitors can walk among the grounds, buildings, and artifacts that played to some of the most prolific film stars of the day, including John Wayne and Will Rogers.

Production Locations in Stevenson Ranch

Like many locations in and around Santa Clarita Valley, Stevenson Ranch has long been used as a filming location for everything from gritty westerns to suburbanite sitcoms like Weeds. The film Pleasantville was filmed in Stevenson Ranch specifically because the producer loved the meticulously planned feel of the community.

  • Private Homes
    As a master-planned community, Stevenson Ranch is full of elegant residences typical of the Spanish-style feel of the area. This spacious, contemporary home is perfect for filming as it could be situated anywhere in the country, while this tiled-roof home has an open floor plan and a backyard pool area reminiscent of paradise. Many of the homes have other assets alongside their curb appeal and beautiful interiors, including swimming pools and sprawling mountain views.

  • Natural Scenery
    Stevenson Ranch is located in the Santa Clarita Valley just a few miles from the Santa Clara River. Because of its rural location, the community is surrounded by forested hills, some with stunning views of Los Angeles, especially at sunset. The serene Santa Clara River is one of the best photo shoot locations in Stevenson Ranch.

  • Shopping Centers
    As an affluent community, Stevenson Ranch has many shopping centers nearby, which make great filming locations for large group scenes, commercials, and advertisements. There are a variety of different department and chain stores and restaurants along Old Road and many locations available for both indoor and outdoor photo shoots.

Event and Meeting Venues in Stevenson Ranch

The natural beauty surrounding Stevenson Ranch makes it an ideal location for a variety of events. If you’re looking for a Stevenson Ranch birthday party or wedding venue, there are many stately homes with scenic backdrops, large yards, and pools for those who want some carefree fun at their event.

  • Private Residences
    The traditional, elegant suburban homes of Stevenson Ranch have been used in films and photo shoots for decades, and there’s a reason for that. They’re spacious, have beautiful curb appeal, and provide a relaxing, comfortable environment for everything from weddings to baby showers to graduation celebrations. This large house with its very own movie theater is great for a family reunion or girl's weekend, while a Mediterranean luxury house makes a lush, exotic wedding venue.

  • Golf Courses
    Lush greens stretching for hundreds of yards and beautiful clubhouses make excellent locations for upscale events such as anniversary celebrations, weddings, or family reunions. There is ample space for large groups, plenty of parking, and opportunities for golf lessons, tee times, nearby lodging, and more.

  • Office Space
    If you’re looking for a place to get some work done while enjoying the calm atmosphere of Stevenson Ranch, consider booking some local vacant office space. You’ll find everything you need to work, meet with clients, manage projects, and more. No need to find a hotspot or sit in a cafe for hours – simply bring your laptop, plug into your workstation, and go.