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Need help finding the perfect venue in Pico Rivera, CA?
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About Pico Rivera

More of a suburban city, well known for its proximity to other areas of interest, Pico Rivera is one of the more laid-back locations around the Los Angeles area. This city has access to various beaches, natural areas, and other cities, which make it the perfect location for those who want to explore more of what the Los Angeles area has to offer.

Pico Rivera hailed parts of its name from the last Mexican Governor, Pio Pico of Mexican California before it became part of the Union in 1850. With a city known for the various parks, restaurants, and houses located in and around the area, you’re sure to find that there are no shortages of venues to book for your upcoming production or event.

Attractions in Pico Rivera

Considered more of a suburb than a city, Pico Rivera mostly contains homes and other residential buildings. There are however many attractions to be found around the city that are only a short distance away.

  • Pio Pico Historic Park
    Home to the house of the last governor of Mexican California, the Pio Pico Historic Park is a worthwhile visit for both those looking for outdoor space and a slice of history. Tours of the site are available for those wanting to learn more about Pio Pico and tell a more in-depth story on the history surrounding this area as well as Los Angeles and its origins. These tours are free and feature a friendly staff who are able to work with all ages.

  • Whittier Museum
    Only 11 minutes away from the center of Pico Rivera, the Whittier Museum was opened to the public in 1983. Dedicated to the history of the town and the surrounding area, the Whittier Museum aims to preserve the first 100 years of history for everyone to see. Free of charge to the public, explore the history surrounding the roots of cities in California.

  • King Richard’s Antique Center
    This famous facility is regarded as the largest Antique and Vintage Center in all of Los Angeles and California with over an acre of space taken up by antiques. Moreover, King Richard’s Antique Center is considered one of the oldest antique centers and features some of the vaguest histories, as many local historians still have no clue as to the origin of the building. For a fun time of dining and shopping, King Richard’s Antique Center is the place to be at.

Production Locations in Pico Rivera

What to look for in the ideal location? Consider your needs as far as size of the production space, decor for the video shoot, and backdrop opportunities for your Pico Rivera photo shoot.

  • Warehouses
    From a dramatic hostage scenario in an unknown, dingy warehouse to a photo shoot with a dilapidated warehouse as a background, warehouses can serve as the perfect production location. Not only does it add a unique scene to productions, but warehouses can also change the pace of a film and direct audiences to other aspects. Parts of the film Raiders of the Lost Ark showed audiences the versatility and excitement of a warehouse scene back in 1981.

  • Office Spaces
    Often used as a set for workplace-themed productions, Office spaces are the perfect choice if you plan on doing corporate-based productions. Offices often come with equipment that can really up the production value including various conference rooms, board rooms as well as equipment often found in offices such as printers, computers and for an older feel, fax machines. Luckily, office photography locations in Pico Rivera are many and you’ll be able to find the right office set for your needs.

  • Film Studios
    Although more expensive than alternatives, film studios offer producers more control over the production details. With many extras coming with a film studio including hair and makeup areas, lighting grids, props, green screens and standing sets, it's clear why film studios are a popular choice for those looking for a filming location in Pico Rivera. With so many locations at your disposal, finding the right film studio with a large green screen in Pico Rivera won’t be a problem.

Event and Meeting Venues in Pico Rivera

Knowing what sort of event or meeting you may be planning for can help a great deal in filtering out locations that don’t fit the criteria. Pico Rivera’s ideal location of being in between cities allows for a wide range of events and meetings to occur as there are so many locations to explore and all the amenities you need are close by.

  • Event Halls
    Wedding receptions, parties and other celebrations look great when taking place in an event hall. The large room really sets the mood for everyone, and the design of event halls often allows for various planned seating setups to occur, which creates a familiar and warm atmosphere, especially when a lot of guests are attending. In and around the city of Pico Rivera are numerous event halls that can be utilized for various events. All you have to do is decide which hall you want to use.

  • Warehouses
    Great for a wide variety of events, warehouses are versatile venues that can be customized by the planner to the fullest extent. Although some warehouses are as bare as they come, there are several warehouses that may have designs and art on the walls which, depending on the event, can add more to the theme you’re trying to go for. No doubt, you’ll be able to find a wonderful industrial warehouse that is big enough to serve as your event venue in Pico Rivera.

  • Offices
    Ideal for meetings of all sorts and corporate-themed events, offices are a great setting for a more professional atmosphere. Offices usually come with all the amenities and equipment you need, including podiums, chairs, tables, and more ensuring a productive meeting. With many options available for meeting venues in Pico Rivera, planning your upcoming work session will be a breeze.