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Need help finding the perfect venue in Sonoma, CA?
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range for locations in Sonoma?
Booking prices vary with the property type, features, and rental length, but rates generally range from $100 to $834 per hour for spaces in Sonoma.
What is the most popular attendee range in Sonoma?
Group size varies with the type of event or activity, but 1-5 people is a popular range in Sonoma.
What is the average hourly minimum for locations in Sonoma?
The average minimum booking time is 5 hours for locations in Sonoma.
What is the average square feet of locations in Sonoma?
There's a great range of spaces in Sonoma, with an average size of 1242 square feet.
What are the most popular locations in Sonoma?
How many locations are available for rent in Sonoma?
There are currently 20 locations available in Sonoma.
Which location types are most popular in Sonoma?
Sonoma is a popular spot for Event Space, Dance/Fitness/Gym and Winery locations.
How many location types are available in Sonoma?
Right now, there are at least 8 of different types of locations in Sonoma.
How do I book a Sonoma location on Giggster?
When you find the right venue, you can connect with the host to get additional info and work out the details. Once everything is all set, you can book and pay for the location in a couple of clicks. Learn more about booking locations.
How do I cancel a Sonoma reservation request?
You can contact our team to request a cancellation. Learn more about our cancellation policy.

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About Sonoma

One of the most famous wine counties in the entire world lies in the upper region of California. Sonoma is well known for the quality wine that they export as a result of their ideal location and superb craftsmanship. This relatively quiet town doesn’t see as many visitors as the more popular wine country, Napa, but nevertheless, it boasts some of the best scenery as well as diversity amongst all the smaller towns within the US.

Sonoma’s history can be seen within the city and acts as a popular destination for those who want to learn more about California’s history. For instance, the popular plaza that was built in 1835 by the Mexican governor and general, Mariano Vallejo can still be visited today. With a relatively warm climate throughout the entire year as well as over 260 sunny days annually, Sonoma is the perfect place to plan your next event, whatever it may be.

Attractions in Sonoma

Sonoma is a small town packed with action. With many years of history as well as cultural significance, the town has aged like fine wine, much like their main export. Visitors have a large range of attractions to explore, from outdoor activities like hiking to fine dining options indoors.

  • Sonoma Valley
    Perfect for those who want to explore the full extent of quality wineries in Sonoma, the Sonoma Valley contains some of the best wineries in California and perhaps the US. The valley is full of smaller attractions spread within which include lodging, dining experiences as well as tours. With many wineries found within the area, visitors are able to try out many types of wines, including Sonoma’s specialties and even some they might not have heard about before.

  • Sonoma Plaza
    A massive plaza of about eight acres in size, the Sonoma Plaza is the largest town plaza that tourists can visit in California. The history of Sonoma Plaza dates back to 1835 when General Mariano Vallejo himself laid it out. Today, the plaza is home to many quaint boutiques and restaurants which draw thousands of visitors annually to the hidden gem of Sonoma.

  • Sonoma Coast State Beach
    An ideal location for those who want to take a break from wine country, the Sonoma Coast State Beach is the perfect place for those who love to explore the outdoors and observe beauty. The municipality allows for many activities to take place on the premises which include fishing, hiking, and picnicking. Moreover, the beach has upgraded in recent months and now allows camping to take place on-site, with group camping being a viable option too.

Production Locations in Sonoma

The rolling hills and unforgettable sunsets make Sonoma a gorgeous place where all sorts of productions can take place. Luckily with the town becoming more popular in recent years, many more options for production locations are available in Sonoma.

  • Event Spaces
    Dedicated event spaces are created with the ability to become versatile depending on the type of production you’re planning on shooting. With many event spaces often including extra features and amenities including gardens and cove ceilings, you’ll find that filming in Sonoma can become a very enjoyable experience with many opportunities to experiment with angles and different lighting. With so many event spaces to choose from, finding one you might like in Sonoma will be easy.

  • Wineries
    Often a backdrop for different types of photoshoots and films, wineries make for a great production set. Wineries are wide open spaces that allow for more people to be present on-set and can often facilitate larger equipment which can give producers more options in terms of the type of production they plan on shooting. With all the winery photoshoot locations in Sonoma, the most difficult thing for you would be deciding on which of these places you would like to book.

  • Bars and Clubs
    Depending on the photoshoot you might be planning, a bar or club may be just what you need. Bars and clubs often already have the props you need for your intended shoot and offer unique lighting that can help amplify the message that you’re trying to spread. Often used as a set to promote new liquors, bars and clubs help keep the upbeat atmosphere and ambiance which can be vital to your upcoming photoshoot in Sonoma.

Event and Meeting Venues in Sonoma

Sonoma is the perfect place for all types of events and meetings. The ambiance of the area as well as the amenities that are available throughout Sonoma allow for you to diversify the types of events you decide to plan within this quaint town.

  • Bars and Clubs
    Perfect for small gatherings and get-togethers, bars, and clubs help everyone to feel more relaxed. Bars give off the ambiance of a comfortable, after-work setting and help cater to a wide range of events. Many amenities are located on-site including stages, lighting systems as well as hair and makeup areas which can help assist with specialized events such as conventions as well as anniversary parties.

  • Event Spaces
    Open spaces offer event planners the opportunity to get creative with their decisions in planning your next event. Within Sonoma, there are many open spaces that allow you to get up close and personal with the environment which allows you to experiment with the natural scene that the town is well known for. No matter the event, from anniversaries and weddings to galas and barbeques, you can be sure that Sonoma has the right event space for you.

  • Offices
    Offering a more professional atmosphere, offices help attendees get into the professional mood and allow for productive meetings to take place. Meeting venues in Sonoma are many and can facilitate different kinds of preferences with each meeting venue having a distinct style. Many meeting spaces already have the required amenities on-site which means that you don’t need to worry about renting other equipment for your meeting. With Sonoma being the perfect place to both work and play, finding the right meeting space in Sonoma is going to be a breeze.