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About Big Bear Lake

Incorporated on November 20, 1980, the city of Big Bear Lake is named due to the mighty grizzly bears that populated the area until the latter half of the nineteenth century. It’s now a hot spot for adventure and a center for alpine recreation at an altitude of more than 6,700 feet.

Just two hours from Los Angeles, the world's entertainment capital, this resort city is no stranger to the spotlight. Many of its attractions, enchanting streetscapes, buildings, and charming neighborhoods have been used in many movies, commercials, and TV. With its natural beauty, it’s not hard to find a place in Big Bear Lake to shoot any creative project, from short clips and documentaries to big-budget films and television series.

Maybe, you’re looking for a scenic destination for your big day or scouting for a meeting space in Big Bear Lake. This city offers a gorgeous mountain backdrop and picturesque winter scenery. No matter the season, its extraordinary setting will enhance your and your guests’ overall experience.

Attractions in Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is every adventurer’s favorite destination. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, you’ll find a perfect spot to quench your thirst for adventure.

  • Big Bear Mountain Resort
    If you’re looking for fun winter activities, like snowboarding and skiing, Big Bear Mountain Resort is the best place to go. It includes Snow Summit and Bear Mountain, located two miles from one another, offering diverse activities and family-friendly fun. For those who hate the cold and prefer to go out during summer, you can also enjoy hiking and mountain biking at the bike park.

  • Big Bear Alpine Zoo
    Located in Moonridge, Big Bear Alpine Zoo is one of the country’s two alpine zoos, providing a safe haven for orphaned, injured, and imprinted animals. This rehab facility opened in 1959 and has since been saving animals, including foxes, bears, wolves, cougars, coyotes, etc. If you want to see what happens behind the scenes at the zoo, watch the recent moving documentary, Alpine Zoos and You.

  • Magic Mountain
    You’ll enjoy great entertainment at Magic Mountain no matter what day of the year you visit. It converts into a mini water park with its double water slide during the summer. Then it provides a thrilling experience in the winter with its Alpine Slide. You can also play miniature golf or go-kart racing.
  • Boulder Bay Park
    This is a newer park in Big Bear Lake that opened in 2012. It serves as a peaceful retreat with a spectacular view and lots of unique attractions and amenities. These include picnic tables, restrooms, a large bandstand, and several islands for kayaking or canoeing.

Production Locations in Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is no stranger to the entertainment world. It’s not only due to its leisure opportunities but also its unparalleled spots that serve as backgrounds for various iconic productions over the years.

  • Campsites
    The city of Big Bear Lake is home to arguably Southern California’s most beautiful group camp and retreat facility. Nestled at seven thousand feet in the San Bernardino Mountains, Cedar Lake Camp draws in filmmakers and creative producers with its breathtaking mountain setting. It has been contributing to the production world since the mid-1930s and used in several classic movies, including High Sierra (1941), The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1936), and Final Justice (1998), as well as TV shows, like Lassie and FBI Story.

  • Cabins
    Besides serving as Big Bear Lake photoshoot location and filming site, cabins are also a prime choice among location scouts to house the crew and their equipment. When you book a Big Bear cabin rental, you’ll have an area with the necessary features and facilities to conveniently shoot a dance video, short movie, commercial, or film.

  • Parks
    Parks are a prominent location for films, shoots, photography, and public events. In Big Bear Lake, they remain a practical site for ‘on-location’ shoots with their film-friendly environment. One particular movie that features one of the parks in the city is The Girl in the Empty Grave. This 1977 mystery film starring Jonathan Banks, Andy Griffth, and James Cromwell also used different areas in Big Bear Lake.

  • Lakes
    Sure, this city has plenty of famous production sites, but its highlight remains its lake and the surrounding lakes. If you watch an episode of the hit series, Grey’s Anatomy, where Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Cristina (Sandra Oh) went on a fishing trip, you’ll get a glimpse of the Big Bear Lake.

Event and Meeting Venues in Big Bear Lake

A special event calls for an extraordinary location. You’re lucky to be in Big Bear Lake because this resort city has so much to offer for any occasion, from family reunions, weddings, and birthdays to product launches and corporate meetings.

  • Private Resorts
    Big Bear Lake is a stunning mountain lake retreat away from the major cities’ hustle and bustle. It has some of the best resorts that will look after your group or organization throughout your stay. They also provide impressive entertainment options, accommodation, catering, conference and event venues, and other services that will help you prepare for any surprises during the event.

  • Log Homes
    Are you looking for a place for much-needed relaxation and comfort? Perhaps, you prefer a new environment to hold your company dinner, focus group, or corporate celebration. Log homes make an incomparable event and meeting venue in Big Bear Lake that offers an inviting yet upscale environment. By renting a historic log mansion, you create a memorable experience for you and your attendees.

  • Sports Facilities
    If you’re familiar with the sports facilities in Big Bear Lake, you know you’ll experience nothing but a real rush. But besides keeping you active and outdoors, they also offer exceptional party venues and meeting spaces. And during breaks, participants and guests can enjoy heart-pumping adventures or take in the lovely scenery.

  • Restaurants
    Combine clear blue skies and magnificent views of mountains and lakes with mouthwatering food in a single location, and you’ll find the best restaurants in Big Bear Lake. They are ideal for an after-work celebration, reunion, birthday party, reception, or even baby shower. They have friendly and reliable staff to take care of your needs, from preparation and set-up to clean-up. That way, you can have more time to network and mingle with others.