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About Thousand Oaks

Situated in the lush Conejo Valley, surrounded by namesake oak trees, Thousand Oaks is less than an hour’s drive northwest of Los Angeles. The land was populated by the Chumash people, thought to have originated from the nearby Channel Islands, for hundreds of years before European arrival.

The city’s population boomed in the mid-20th century, thanks to agriculture and the movie industry, and today Thousand Oaks has been named one of the wealthiest in the country. It’s home to technology and biotech-focused industries and offers many cultural, educational, and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Visitors will find a wide variety of foods from Peruvian to Mediterranean and Asian fusion, and fresh seafood is ever far away. Activities such as speed cart racing, museums, and even bunny yoga await guests of all ages.

Finding an event space in Thousand Oaks is as easy as choosing a date and time – there are numerous studios, natural settings, historic locations, and more for parties, weddings, and all kinds of social gatherings. Filming in Thousand Oaks is also popular at many of the above destinations.

Attractions in Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks is a vibrant city in the Conejo Valley, with many outdoor activities from hiking and fishing to rock climbing and mountain biking. You’ll also find world-class shopping at the largest mall in Ventura County and many cultural attractions.

  • Chumash Indian Museum
    Originating from the nearby Channel Islands, the Chumash people have lived in the Conejo Valley for more than a thousand years. The area was preserved after remains of a Chumash community were found on the site, and the museum was constructed to house artifacts, interpretive information, and more. Visitors can see a large collection of Chumash artifacts as well as walk the grounds of an old-growth oak forest and tour the replica village and remains of a Chumash homestead.

  • The Oaks
    Visitors looking for an upscale shopping experience will find it at The Oaks, the largest shopping mall not only in Thousand Oaks but in Ventura County as well. Shoppers will find a mix of signature department stores such as Macy’s and Nordstrom along with luxury brands like Michael Kors and Ann Taylor Loft. There are many dining options including chain eateries and independent restaurants, and entertainment options include an AMC Theater.

  • Gardens of the World
    Built to commemorate a variety of different countries and cultures, Gardens of the World features a selection of curated gardens dedicated to educating visitors. Stroll through the Japanese Garden, with an authentic Koi pond and pagoda, or relax in the herb-filled breeze and cypress trees of the Italian Garden. The attraction also hosts various special events, art exhibits, and tours throughout the year.

Production Locations in Thousand Oaks

With its location in a unique environment and its proximity to Hollywood, Thousand Oaks is a popular filming destination for both television and motion pictures. From Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis days through modern creations like We Bought a Zoo and Bones, Thousand Oaks has provided the scenery for many Hollywood hits.

  • Natural Scenery
    The Conejo Valley includes a beautiful oak forest surrounded by hills, and its wild stretches of parks and wilderness make excellent filming locations for a variety of film types, including westerns (Gunsmoke was partially filmed in Thousand Oaks), modern series, and more. Natural rock cliffs and water features like Paradise Falls make stunning photo shoot locations in Thousand Oaks. The city has several rustic and contemporary ranches that make excellent filming locations, including this 215-acre ranch with multiple homes and a hilltop ranch home with a classic red barn.

  • Private Homes
    Trulia named Thousand Oaks the seventh-wealthiest city in America, and the variety of beautiful homes reflects that distinction. You’ll find traditional mansions, sleek modern homes, resort-style retreats, and even southwestern estates. Many have picturesque pools, large backyards, and luxe furnishings perfect for a high fashion photo shoot.

  • Studios
    Because of its location and historical connection to Tinsel Town, Thousand Oaks studio spaces serve a variety of needs, including small productions such as commercials or advertisements, talk shows/interviews, fitness videos or photos, or any project that requires a green screen setup. A state-of-the-art fitness and wellness center is perfect for producing tutorials and guided workout videos, while a traditional studio space with plenty of space and a great audio setup can serve several projects.

  • Classic Cars
    Models and cars have been a winning combo since the early days of the automobile, and you’ll find plenty of both in Thousand Oaks. Ferraris, Bentleys, and classic hot rods are any industry photographer’s dream while filming projects can benefit from close-ups in an exotic sports car to set the mood or fill out a character.

Event and Meeting Locations in Thousand Oaks

With hot, sunny summers and a mild climate for the rest of the year, Thousand Oaks is a perfect location for indoor or outdoor special events. It’s also convenient to several west coast population centers. Whether you’re looking for a Thousand Oaks wedding venue or a place to host your organization’s annual meeting, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

  • Churches and Religious Centers
    Traditional weddings, baptisms, and other special events with religious practices are often held in churches or other places of worship, and Thousand Oaks has many to choose from. You’ll find churches dedicated to most Christian denominations, Jewish temples, and Islamic and Buddhist Centers.

  • Parks and Recreational Facilities
    Family gatherings, such as a baby shower or birthday party in Thousand Oaks, can take advantage of the open space, entertainment options, and low cost of the city’s many parks and natural areas. Many facilities offer amenities like ramadas, restrooms, water, and electricity, while natural areas make great picnic spaces, with family-friendly trails and plenty of space for games.

  • Private Homes
    Thousand Oaks is home to many grand mansions and estates, offering a beautiful backdrop for a small to medium wedding ceremony, family reunion, graduation celebration, or another social occasion. The bride can make a stunning entrance on the elegant staircase in this French chateau-style mansion, while family members can spread out and enjoy the beautiful scenery and open spaces of a world-class vineyard estate.

  • Conference Rooms
    If your company is planning a leadership retreat or annual meeting, consider leaving the buzz of Los Angeles behind for a relaxing getaway in Thousand Oaks. Whether you need a few days of office space to concentrate on an important project or a fully-equipped, comfortable conference room to meet with a big client, you’ll find plenty of options to suit your needs.