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About New Orleans

Baton Rouge may be the capital of Louisiana, but New Orleans is easily the entertainment hub of the state and perhaps in all of the Southeast United States. New Orleans is known for its lavish French architecture and its amazing nightlife. From the celebrations surrounding Carnivale or Mardi Gras to the clubs and music venues, New Orleans draws in people from all over.

Even if you’re not there during one of the celebrations there’s still plenty to do when you have a day off from filming or planning that corporate seminar or wedding shower. For those that like history and culture, you’ll find authentic French culture from the older homes to museums and historic sites. If history and culture don’t excite you, then you might enjoy the cuisine that is served at restaurants in New Orleans. From Creole to Cajun there’s a taste waiting to be found around every corner.

The weather in New Orleans can be described as wet and warm. The humidity can make a normal day feel muggy and oppressive so if you aren’t used to it you may want to stay indoors. Otherwise, there’s plenty of sunshine and lots to see and do so it’s definitely worth venturing out when you have the time, and the weather is cooperating.

Attractions in New Orleans

You can’t come to a party city like New Orleans without expecting there to be plenty to do. There is a ton of nightlife to explore on a regular basis that gets even more exciting during certain times of the year. When people aren’t enjoying the nightlife though there’s still a ton of other things to do. Swamp tours, brilliant green parks, concert venues, sports events, and even more. You won’t find a shortage of things to do as long as you stick around in New Orleans.

  • The National WWII Museum
    If you’re curious to learn about the war that changed the world, then you have to stop by The National WWII Museum while you’re in New Orleans. The museum highlights the war from an American perspective showcasing heroes from the war, the ingenuity that came about, and how the war was ultimately won thanks to the sacrifice of many brave men and women. There are numerous exhibits to explore, all of which show different parts of the struggle to end the war.

  • Preservation Hall
    Preservation Hall might sound like it was part of the American Revolution, but what it is, is the home of Jazz. This no-frills building was the home of jazz music in 1961 and since then it has been blasting out the iconic music for all to hear. The building features no amenities with wood floors and no air conditioning. If you fancy yourself a fan of jazz, then Preservation Hall should make it on your list of places to check out.

  • Audubon Zoo
    As one of the largest zoos in the Southern United States The Audubon Zoo is a must-see attraction for anyone that comes to New Orleans. They have dozens of animals in award-winning natural habitats such as a Louisiana swamp habitat where you can find local animals and exotic habitats for things like tigers and elephants. If you’ve ever wanted to see some wild animals up close, then this is the place to do it.

  • St. Louis Cathedral
    If you’re down for a bit of history that also has to do with the establishment of Catholicism in America, then you should visit St. Louis Cathedral. Officially the oldest church in North America, it was built in 1720. Not only is it a unique site thanks to the architecture, but the church still regularly holds mass and special events for people to attend. Definitely worth a stop by if you happen to be in the area.

Production Locations in New Orleans

Whether you’re filming a scene, recording a song, or hosting an interview you need the right setting to make things work. You can find a lot of the typical options in New Orleans, but if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary or maybe out of the way, New Orleans has plenty of that as well. The history and culture that frames New Orleans offers plenty of unique locations for any type of production.

  • NOLA Historic Estate
    When you’re putting together a production, the location you choose probably needs to have a little bit of character to add something of value to whatever it is you’re producing. What better way to get that character than with a historic building with period charm like NOLA Historic Estate. Not only is this a great space, it still has plenty of period details that are great for accentuating any scene or situation.

  • Lots of Studio Space
    Sometimes when filming you just want to get back to basics to get things done. In those cases, you might want to choose one of the many blank studio spaces that are available. Having this type of location will leave you with a lot of room and a blank canvas in which to work on your production. New Orleans is popular for making movies with hits like Five Feet Apart, Jurassic World, and Captain Marvel.

  • The French Quarter
    Not a single location, the French Quarter is a district in New Orleans. Not only is the French Quarter world-famous, but it also houses some of the best shops, hotels, and restaurants that New Orleans has to offer. If you want to experience the quintessential New Orleans experience then you have to stay in The French Quarter for at least a little while.

Meeting and Event Venues in New Orleans

When you’re put in charge of planning a board meeting or a family reunion that can be a lot of pressure to get all the details just right. One of the most important details for any event is the venue you choose to host the event. After all, the wrong choice can see you short on space or amenities.

  • Homes and Apartments
    One thing about New Orleans is that you won’t have to worry about being short on choices when it comes to where to hold an event. The city boasts some of the most iconic and historic homes and gardens to choose from as well as mansions and quaint, cozy villas. From upscale to down-home, there are options to cover all your needs and then some.

  • Whiskey Bar and Cigar Lounge
    If you’re planning a party with friends or dinner then you probably want a nice quiet venue where everyone can relax. One great option is this Whiskey Bar and Cigar Lounge. What’s better than a nice quiet adult spot to relax and catch up with friends or even host a cocktail party and have some fun?

  • Historic Places
    If you are into historic places, one of the best cities to plan a party venue is New Orleans. With all of its French and Spanish houses dating back to the 1700s as well as iconic restaurants and other eateries. Since food is almost always needed at a party or meeting, a Cajun or Creole restaurant would be perfect.