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Need help finding the perfect venue in Agua Dulce, CA?
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About Agua Dulce

SoCal small-town living at its finest – that’s exactly what you can expect to find in Agua Dulce. This laid-back and sleepy community, located about 20 miles northeast of Santa Clarita, is known for its laid-back vibes, its local wineries, and its beautiful natural scenery.

The area is also home to a truly world-famous filming site. The stunning rock formations of the Vasquez Rocks Natural Area, which is where some iconic Star Trek scenes have been captured. So with pretty vineyards, rolling hills, and rustic farms and ranches all around, Agua Dulce offers an abundance of creative opportunities.

No matter whether you’re hosting a charity event or a business meeting, a film shoot or a private party, you’ll find a host of unique and interesting venues to choose from.

Attractions in Agua Dulce

It may not be Southern California’s biggest or best-known location by any stretch of the imagination, but Agua Dulce does offer a number of unique attractions worth exploring. Here are a few of the highlights.

  • Vasquez Rocks Natural Area
    As seen in Star Trek, this amazing park is home to over 930 acres of eye-catching rock formations. The jagged rocks here were once the hideout for a notorious bandit, but today they’re a popular site for hiking, picnicking, filming, and photography.

  • Agua Dulce Winery
    Treat your taste buds with a visit to this 90-acre winery. Daily tastings and tours are available if you want to sample some of Southern California’s finest drops, while the scenic surroundings of the Sierra Pelona Valley make it the perfect spot to just sit back, relax, and take in the view.

  • Animal Tracks
    Want to get up close and personal with a host of exotic and unique animals? This hands-on animal sanctuary is home to monkeys, kangaroos, sugar gliders, and many more weird and wonderful creatures.

Production Locations in Agua Dulce

With its vineyards, hilly surroundings, and unique rock formations, Agua Dulce offers filming opportunities galore. Throw in a mix of family homes and ranches and it’s easy to see why the area could be the perfect filming or photoshoot location for your next project.

  • Farms and Ranches
    It may be within easy reach of downtown LA, but Agua Dulce offers an authentic taste of rural living. This is reflected in the number of farms and ranches available for hire as Agua Dulce production venues, like this 160-acre rustic ranch that was used in the film 6 Guns. You could even opt for an authentic taste of the Wild West at this unique old western town complete with saloon and stagecoach depot.

  • Unique Outdoor Scenery
    The natural scenery in and around the Agua Dulce area has the good looks to match any movie star. Vasquez Rocks is the most famous example, but the hilly surrounds and endless acres of grapevines also provide their own unique backdrop.

  • Family Homes
    Want to capture a taste of family life in small-town California? You’ll find a variety of homes in different architectural styles in Agua Dulce, with everything from humble abodes to sprawling ranch homes available.

  • Patios, Courtyards and Pools
    Sometimes you need to capture the best of authentic SoCal outdoor living on film. If that’s the case, check out Agua Dulce photoshoot venues and filming locations that let you make the most of the great outdoors and the undeniably beautiful surroundings. We’re talking private patios, intimate courtyards, and sparkling pools – usually surrounded by rolling hills and plenty of open space – with many options to choose from in the local area.

Event and Meeting Venues in Agua Dulce

Looking for an event venue in Agua Dulce? You’re spoiled for choice, with a wide range of unique spaces to suit celebrations of all shapes and sizes and to help you create a memorable atmosphere. Meeting venues in the area are similarly diverse, so it’s worth comparing a variety of options before deciding on the best space for your needs.

  • Outdoor Patios
    Want to make the most of the gorgeous SoCal climate and take in some of Agua Dulce’s gorgeous natural scenery? Look for an outdoor patio in the area that offers a relaxed vibe, an intimate atmosphere, casual seating, and maybe even a pool to add an extra level of fun. After all, who wouldn’t want to party around this sexy hilltop pool with its gorgeous mountain views?

  • Conference Rooms
    Ready to get down to business for your next meeting? Check out what conference room facilities are available for meeting spaces in Agua Dulce. From small spaces for informal chats between a few people, to large boardrooms for important discussions and brainstorming sessions, there’s a diverse range of options on offer. Best of all, all the tech equipment, AV supplies, and furniture you need are typically included.

  • Restaurants
    No matter whether you’re searching for an Agua Dulce event venue or meeting space, a restaurant can fit the bill perfectly. A private dining room can be the ideal space for everything from an important business discussion to a milestone birthday party, providing a private and intimate space for conversation, celebration, or just building better relationships. Even better, you can sit down to a delicious meal at the same time.
  • Ranches
    Want to give your party guests a taste of fresh air, open spaces, and life on the farm? Check out what some of the best local ranch properties have to offer. With spacious surrounds, authentic history, and sometimes even lovely views of the surrounding hills, these unique properties can help you create a truly unique event ambiance.