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About Inglewood

Just a short drive from the Los Angeles International Airport, Inglewood is known for its interesting landmarks and world-class performance and sporting venues. The city once played a role in the end of school segregation in the area, and it remains a very diverse community.

Inglewood is home to one of the most well-known concert venues in the world – The Forum. Constructed in 1967, it hosted the Showtime Lakers and performers including Elvis, Led Zeppelin and Michael Jackson. Revamped in 2012, it is now the largest indoor venue in the country with a focus on music and entertainment. You can also take in a Los Angeles Rams or Chargers game at SoFi Stadium.

Inglewood’s location near Los Angeles International Airport makes it a convenient event and production option – it’s easily accessible not only from the US but the rest of the world. Although the modern skyscrapers might suggest it’s just another branch of Los Angeles, Inglewood has its own personality and serves as a thriving business center and commercial corridor for the state of California.

Attractions in Inglewood

Although it may seem like it’s strictly business, there’s plenty of play in Inglewood. Activities for the entire family include professional sports, theme parks, beach outings, concerts and outdoor recreation opportunities. You’ll also find great shopping and plenty of unique venues for special events.

  • The Forum
    Designed to look like an ancient Roman landmark where elites gathered for entertainment and discourse, The Forum is an Inglewood institution. Built primarily as a concert venue, The Forum has hosted too many famous musicians to count, and its seats were filled with fans cheering the Showtime Lakers. While the venue no longer hosts sporting events, it was revamped into a world-class concert venue – the largest such venue in the country.

  • Randy’s Donuts
    While sugary treats may not top your itinerary, no visit to Inglewood would be complete without a visit to one of the world’s most well-known donut shops. The funky little shop is hard to miss beneath its giant, donut-shaped sign, which has appeared in numerous movies and television shows. Not only does the giant donut make for an Instagram-worthy photo op, there are more than four dozen different types of donuts to choose from.

  • Exposition Park
    Located just a few miles from Inglewood, Exposition Park is a lush green oasis in the midst of the urban hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. Exposition Park grew up around a beautifully-manicured rose garden that was planted on the site in the 1920s – the rolling lawns and colorful roses make an excellent backdrop for photo shoots or for filming romantic moments. Also situated on the 160 acres are several museums, including the California Science Center and Natural History Museum. You’ll also find action at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Production Locations in Inglewood

Right next door to downtown Los Angeles, Inglewood is squarely in the middle of Tinseltown action. There are many different locations for shooting just about any type of film, and you’ll find both urban gems and light, airy studios for one-of-a-kind photography shoots.

  • Stores and Shopping Centers
    What are films besides a slice of life from someone else’s perspective? Shopping is part of everyone’s daily grind, from grocery stores to luxury fashion brands. Inglewood has a wide variety of shopping centers that allow filming, including a huge department store in Inglewood, a sprawling farmer’s market and modern shopping malls like the Crenshaw Imperial Plaza.

  • Studio Space
    In southern California, there’s practically a studio space on every block, and Inglewood is no exception. You’ll find film and photography studios of every shape and size, and some come with a professional green screen setup ready to go. You’ll even find some specialty options, like a local TV talk show studio or the bright, ready-to-customize Studio No. 200 C, perfect for shooting advertisements.

  • Private Homes
    Inglewood has many different neighborhoods and homes come in several sizes and styles, from luxurious four-bedroom retreats to urban lofts, craftsman bungalows, poolside palaces and towering modern condos. Many locations offer the typical “California home” feel, with palm trees and swimming pools, while some neighborhoods could easily be anywhere in the country.

  • Hotels
    Hotels often feature frequently in Hollywood productions – perhaps the most famous being Pretty Woman. But not every hotel scene takes place at the Beverly Wilshire, and Inglewood has dozens of hotels that will fit the bill, from budget options to high-dollar penthouses.

Event and Meeting Venues in Inglewood

The Greater Los Angeles area is a popular and convenient location for meetings and events of all types, with the warm weather, the Hollywood glamour, and the feeling of being at the center of it all. Inglewood has venues for every type of event, from elegant wedding receptions to spacious conference rooms to trendy up-all-night party spots.

  • Conference Rooms
    If there’s one thing the Los Angeles area has an abundance of – after film studios – it’s conference centers and board rooms. You’ll find a large selection of spaces for corporate gatherings, work retreats, committee meetings and more. Sizes range from small function rooms for a dozen people to large spaces for annual meetings, conferences or educational seminars. Bringing clients to Los Angeles for a sales pitch? Impress them with an ultramodern and elegant conference room in Inglewood.

  • Churches
    If you want the feel of a traditional wedding ceremony or other religious service, Inglewood has many churches large and small in nearly every Christian denomination, as well as a synagogue and Islamic center. There is also a Church of Scientology location.

  • Private Homes
    With homes of all sizes and styles tucked among its many neighborhoods, Inglewood is the perfect location for small to medium-sized weddings, milestone birthdays or anniversaries, mitzvahs, graduation celebrations and family reunions. A Spanish-style house with a big yard is perfect for an intimate backyard wedding or reunion barbecue, and there are smaller homes near downtown to serve as a weekend getaway for a few friends.