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About Gardena

Anyone unfamiliar with this city in Los Angeles County would probably think of it as a place of lush greenery. Sure, it had an early reputation as a garden spot due to the fertile, green valley fed by the waters of the nearby Laguna Dominguez slough. But Gardena is now a highly urbanized community with an ethnically diverse population of about 62,000.

Despite being small, Gardena isn’t short of activities to enjoy and places to go. It is home to an array of parks, shopping areas, restaurants, and cafes. It’s also only about fifteen miles from the city of LA and provides easy access to Hawthorne, Torrance, and Athens. It means those who come here to visit or work can reach a lot more impressive attractions and meeting locations in Gardena and beyond.

This South Bay city also boasts a film-friendly policy and diverse filming locations. Its versatile spaces make it an attractive site to shoot commercials, TV shows, music videos, and movies.

Attractions in Gardena

Known as a Freeway City, Gardena will conveniently connect you to various tourist destinations in the state. Its residents enjoy pleasant weather, allowing more days of sunshine to take advantage of its abundance of beautiful attractions.

  • Mas Fukai Park
    Enjoy a breath of fresh air at one of the primary parks in Gardena. Mas Fukai Park offers nature preservation, outdoor recreation, and open space for events and parties. It features basketball courts, picnic tables, play areas, baseball fields, community centers, and restrooms. It’s also a common destination for community events, like Movies in the Park hosted by the city and the annual Cinco de Mayo parade and celebration.

  • Gardena Bowling Center
    Located on the street of Vermont Avenue is California’s favorite entertainment center and bowling alley, perfect for your friends and family. Gardena Bowl offers more than just bowling fun. It also offers an arcade game room, billiard room, a coffee shop, and a bar & lounge to mingle and chill. So whether it’s a birthday party, date night, or a friendly bowling competition, Garden Bowl is the place to be.

  • Arthur Lee Johnson Memorial Park
    If you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping activity, head to Arthur Lee Johnson Memorial Park and practice skateboarding or warm-up before heading to the street. This park features 7,000 square feet of skateable terrain with banks, gaps, Hubba ledges, jump ramps, and skate benches for various trick combinations. It also comes with basketball courts, shaded areas on the side, and sufficient parking.

Production Locations in Gardena

Just like discovering the right actors to play the characters, finding the perfect production location in Gardena can make or break your movie, short video, or TV show. Fortunately, this city has many flexible and unique spaces that make the ideal setting for your story.

  • Hotels
    Hotels are typically centrally located, making them convenient filming and photo shoot locations in Gardena. They have experienced staff who can assist you from set-up to pack-up. Also, shooting videos or photo shoots can be a lengthy process. Having a hotel as your production location provides crew members a comfortable place to sleep overnight or stay for the duration of the filming.

  • Old Theaters
    Old theaters are more than just classic performance spaces or concert venues in Gardena. They also make production locations that provide a vintage vibe that will reflect on the big screen or TV shows you’re creating. Their old-fashioned style will also add unique character and charm to your creative project.

  • Sports Facilities
    Sports scenes in movies aren’t always filmed in studios as they often need spacious areas and big crowds. Plus, it would take a lot of time and resources to set up a sports complex or performance space in Gardena. That’s why they usually rent sports facilities like gymnasiums, stadiums, bowling alleys, or book a private gym with a boxing ring to cater to their photo, video, and filming requirements.

  • Parking Structures
    Parking garages always make it in movies and TV series regardless of the genre, and their scenes are rarely mundane. Sometimes, the most intense scenes, including car races and fights, happen here. They provide incredible narrative possibilities for photographers and filmmakers in the entertainment industry.

  • Private Residence
    A few movies have used several private houses as filming locations in Gardena. If you’re familiar with the film Friday, the actual house is located in the city. Another movie during the 1990s, Ed Wood, starring Johhny Depp, also features a house you can find in Gardena.

Events and Meeting Venues in Gardena

Its centralized location makes Gardena a perfect city to party, meet with loved ones, and conduct business. You’ll love some of the most desirable Gardenia event spaces and meeting venues to provide you and your guests with an extraordinary experience.

  • Banquet Halls
    Suppose you need a spacious setting to host a corporate affair or reception. In that case, banquet halls provide complete facilities for small and large-scale events. They offer a one-stop solution for all your needs, including entertainment, interior decoration, catering, and qualified staff to help you manage your event professionally.

  • Restaurants
    Gardena offers a range of culinary delights and dining opportunities, whether you’re craving Japanese, Mexican, Korean, El Salvadorian, or American. Besides offering different delicious cuisines, restaurants here also make excellent venues for company meetings, parties, brunch, anniversaries, and dinner.

  • Bars
    There’s no doubt that bars are a fantastic happy hour location with luscious cocktails and a great line of beers. But they can also provide personalized service for company dinners, reunions, holiday parties, and other celebrations. Some bars in Gardena even have a pool table to play with your friends and space for dancing. If you’re not up for drinking but still want a fun place to rent, perhaps a happy place for parties & dance activities will work best.

  • Private Clubs
    Sports clubs can be as beautiful as any traditional event and meeting venue but with more flexibility and a unique flair. Let your creative juices flow and decorate it the way you want, giving your guests fun photo opportunities. A professional staff on-site is also ready to help you manage your event, whether an auction, charity event, wedding reception, corporate party, or fashion show.