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About Berkeley

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area in northern California, Berkeley is an ideal location for pursuing higher education. It is home to the University of California at Berkeley, the first campus of the University of California system, and the state’s very first land-grant university.

Aside from being an intellectual hub, Berkeley is known as a food haven and a center for entertainment. Its residents enjoy a refreshingly mild climate year-round, varied landscapes, and fascinating cultural attractions. It is filled with recreational opportunities, incredible museums, historical landmarks, and gorgeous sights that create a perfect setting that supports any narrative.

If you don’t fall in love with its innate beauty, you’ll undoubtedly be impressed with the meeting locations in Berkeley. People from all over the world come here to travel, meet, and discuss business in many of its convention facilities and services for companies, tour groups, and leisure travelers.

Attractions in Berkeley

Berkeley offers overflowing activities and authentic experiences you can enjoy. No matter the purpose of your visit, this dynamic city has something that will appeal to your senses and is worth revisiting.

  • Lawrence Hall of Science
    Science geek or not, you’ll definitely be delighted to explore, learn, and discover at the Lawrence Hall of Science located above the main campus of The University of California, Berkeley. This public science center offers visitors of all ages exciting activities, hands-on science exhibits, interactive programs, and more. If you love classic films, you might be surprised to know that George Lucas’ film directional debut, THX-1138, was filmed at this science center.

  • Tilden Park
    Tilden Park is one of the oldest parks in the East Bay Regional Park District, boasting 2,079 acres of forested hills. Here, you can take an afternoon stroll through the botanic garden, swim at Lake Anza, ride a horse, or enjoy hiking and sightseeing. Nature lovers out there will undoubtedly love this serene outdoor space and an ideal photoshoot location in Berkeley.

  • The Berkeley Marina
    Featured in a 2007 American drama film based on Khaled Hosseini’s famous book of the same name, The Kite Runner, Berkeley Marina is a must-visit attraction in the city. It consists of over 100 acres of park space, including the waterfront area and city marina, picnic areas, seven miles of trails and playgrounds. There are also great restaurants and dining places nearby and water sports you can try, including kayaking, kiteboarding, windsurfing, and sailing.

Production Locations in Berkeley

Berkely is no stranger to the entertainment world. It has served as a backdrop to numerous television shows, movies, documentaries, photo shoots, and commercials for decades. Its spectacular outdoor locations, unique architectural buildings, and distinctive neighborhoods create a film-friendly environment.

  • Shopping Districts
    The city has incredibly appealing shopping districts that make a perfect filming site in Berkeley. The Fourth Street, for instance, is brimming with art galleries, world-class restaurants, and retailers that will surely get your creative juices flowing.

  • Aquatic Parks
    Perhaps, you’re scouting a photo shoot location or simply looking for a place to overcome artist’s block. Berkeley’s aquatic park will undoubtedly spark your creativity, allowing you to do aerial photography and shoot a commercial, an action movie, or a documentary in a relaxing setting.

  • University Campuses
    School campuses and universities are in-demand in the entertainment industry. They’ve been featured in countless television series and Hollywood movies. A perfect example is the University of California, Berkeley, caught on films, including The Hulk (2003). The character, Bruce Barner, was a researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab when he got exposed to alpha-particle radiation that turned him into the Hulk. A few shots of the movie were also filmed at the university campus.

  • Mansions and Old Homes
    Historic homes and old mansions are incredible Berkeley filming locations for shooting glamourous weddings and special events or recreating historical scenes. They provide a scenic backdrop that will enthrall the crew and leave your audience in awe. You may also book a Bay Mansion, a stunning space featuring fresh décor and modern furnishing while retaining its remarkable character and charm.

  • Warehouses
    Who says warehouses are only limited to industrial and manufacturing uses? They’re like a blank canvas that you can style and design however you want. Sure, it takes a bit of work and creativity to improve. But with the story, characters, and script in mind, you can revamp the entire space into something that matches the narrative.

Event and Meeting Venues in Berkeley

An event and meeting venue in Berkeley is more than just a site with chairs and tables where people can gather, socialize, and discuss. It should be a flexible and diverse space that could inspire and meet various needs.

  • Theaters
    A theater isn’t just a performance space in Berkeley. With built-in audio-visual systems, a convenient layout, and a fun atmosphere, dramatic theater venues are designed to facilitate a range of events. They are ideal for private parties, conferences, meetings, and other personal and corporate functions.

  • Restaurants
    Berkeley is a culinary hub, so you’ll find plenty of restaurants that can host weddings, seminars, events, and multiple celebrations. The best thing about renting a restaurant is that you don’t have to worry about food because their skilled chef will take care of it for you.

  • Museums
    If you’re looking for a unique venue to do business or party in Berkeley, museums have facilities you can book for events or company gatherings. Plus, they provide a great talking point if you’re unfamiliar with some guests or meeting with new clients. Make sure you book in advance to ensure there are rooms available to accommodate you.

  • Patios
    Celebrating at a spacious outdoor patio means giving your guests an informal, yet chic site to mingle and chat. It offers a unique Berkeley meeting space and an effortless party venue for small to medium-sized gatherings. It’s a worthwhile option to consider if you’re not expecting a big turn up at your party or planning an intimate celebration.

  • Lofts
    Another outdoor alternative you can explore if you’re looking for a cool spot to host a small wedding, birthday party, or company dinner are lofts. Most lofts have a minimalist design and style. It means you can have fun with your décor and be creative to turn it into an exciting event venue in Berkeley that your guests will remember for years.