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Need help finding the perfect venue in Simi Valley, CA?
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About Simi Valley

Located between the Santa Susana Mountains and the Simi Hills, Simi Valley is one of the more history-oriented cities within California. The city in itself is surrounded by the iconic bright red rocks and is known for having a conservative stance in a relatively liberal state.

The city has over 130,000 residents making it one of the larger cities within California. Life in Simi Valley is known to be relatively laid back with most of the city adopting a pastoral vibe, which makes many guests and tourists feel like they’re further away from Los Angeles than they really are.

The location of Simi Valley is ideal, with the gorgeous pacific coastline lying to the west of the city whilst many national and state parks are located just east of the city. With so many different types of neighborhoods and districts within the city, you’ll find that Simi Valley can cater to all types of events.

Attractions in Simi Valley

Simi Valley is full of attractions that cater to all types of tourists. With specialty museums spread throughout the area as well as famous libraries of former presidents, there’s bound to be an attraction that will suit your tastes in Simi Valley.

  • Strathearn Historical Park & Museum
    The well-known Strathearn Historical Park & Museum is available to the public and offers both self-guided tours as well as docent-led ones. Visitors are able to catch a glimpse into what life was like in Simi Valley before all the development within this park as well as take a glimpse into some of the first buildings that were built within this city.

  • Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum
    With over 60,000 artifacts on the premises as well as over 55 million pages documenting his presidency, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum is one of the most complete collections of America’s 40th president. With the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum being open to the public for almost the entire year, visitors are able to extensively tour around the grounds which also serve as the final resting place for Ronald Reagan and his first lady.

  • Corriganville Movie Ranch
    The Corriganville Movie Ranch was once the site of over 3,500 movies, programs, and commercials. Today it serves as one of Simi Valley’s top attractions and is a fun trail that allows visitors to see the sets that were once used in productions. There are multiple trails that are found on-site and cater to different experience levels, from amateur to intermediate levels. Each of these trails focuses on different aspects of the 246-acre property and offers its own unique views of the large property.

Production Locations in Simi Valley

Although Simi Valley is considered a city with over 130,000 residents, the city still somehow manages to exude its unique pastoral atmosphere to visitors and tourists. This makes the city a unique setting for many types of productions and allows you to experiment with different types of filming in Simi Valley.

  • Ranches and Farms
    If your production calls for it, ranches and farms are the perfect way to incorporate a pastoral theme. Many movies, as well as television series, have used ranches as a setting and with all the available ranches within Simi Valley, you can do it too. With the option of having a larger space available, producers are able to bring larger filming equipment and props onto the site, which normally would not be possible in a smaller setting. Find the right farm for your upcoming production in Simi Valley.

  • Gyms
    Offering open spaces that are often bare, gyms are a great setting that allows you to get creative with your production. With many gyms having the required amenities and features on-site already, many of them have been used as settings for lifestyle-oriented productions. The active atmosphere created by this type of venue can help enhance your upcoming production. Luckily, there are many gyms located throughout Simi Valley, all you have to do is choose the one you like.

  • Houses and Estates
    Often used in filming and photographs, houses can change the way a production looks. Depending on the theme as well as the type of production, differently styled houses may be required. Luckily Simi Valley is a diverse city that offers a large variety of houses to choose from, all of them capable of enhancing your production. With all the possible photoshoot locations within Simi Valley, finding a house that can cater to your needs will be no problem.

Event and Meeting Venues in Simi Valley

Knowing what event you're planning for can help in the decision-making process and can narrow down the options for possible event spaces in Simi Valley. Each venue within Simi Valley has its own unique vibe and offers differing amenities on-site.

  • Studios
    Studios, much like gyms, are very spacious and offer you flexibility in terms of what you can do to spruce up the place depending on your event. With much of the studio being bare space, it can make for a surprisingly good meeting venue, allowing you to plan for events ranging from team-building events to corporate meetings. Moreover, unlike outdoor venues and locations, studios are closed off and you can be sure that you won’t be disturbed by external factors such as weather.

  • Estates and Houses
    Perfect for intimate gatherings, houses and estates can make guests feel more at home compared to malls and restaurants. Many estates within the area offer their own unique features, some even including pianos, pools, and BBQ grills. With so many estates to pick from within Simi Valley, the only difficulty you might face is deciding on which estate to host your next event at.

  • Clubs and Lounges
    Clubs and Lounges make for unique event experiences and often have an upbeat and exciting atmosphere. Many clubs and lounges often come with various amenities such as makeup rooms, DJ Booths as well as VIP areas which can potentially assist you in your upcoming event. The ambiance of lounges can be controlled with the help of the on-site lighting and sound systems which can enhance your event to a new level. With the right lounge as your setting for your upcoming event in Simi Valley, everyone attending will be sure to talk about it for months to come.