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About Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach is one of three adjacent coastal cities flanking Santa Monica Bay at the southern tip of Los Angeles County. The city was once a major salt trading center, as the local Native Americans often bartered salt from the spring-fed Redondo Salt Lake.

Today the city thrives on the tourism and outdoor recreation industries. Surfing and other waters sports are available year-round, as the area’s Mediterranean climate offers hot, dry summers and mild, damp winters. Redondo Breakwall is one of the coast’s popular surfing spots.

While not directly situated along the beach, North Redondo Beach is a center for industry and the commercial district, including housing several aerospace and engineering firms. Along with outdoor recreation, you’ll also find great shopping and a variety of local restaurants serving up fresh seafood caught daily.

For both large and small gatherings, there are tons of options for event space in Redondo Beach. While it’s the perfect location for sunny, oceanfront weddings and all-night beach parties, there are also many great locations for filming in Redondo Beach. Photo shoots in Redondo Beach can turn out amazing photos of the SoCal lifestyle, including action surfing shots and artsy fashion shoots.

Attractions in Redondo Beach

Due to its location on sunny Santa Monica Bay, the lifestyle in Redondo Beach is mostly about outdoor activities, including surfing, biking and fishing, among others. But that’s not all the city has to offer – you’ll also find cultural attractions, festivals and events and other great attractions out of the water.

  • Redondo Beach Pier
    Constructed in 1888 as a trading port for the lumber industry, the Redondo Beach Pier is one place that’s all about the ocean. Known as the “Endless Pier of California,” you’ll find a variety of water-based activities including fishing, paddleboarding, swimming, kayaking and more. The Pier also serves as a port for the many sailing and boating tours available in Santa Monica Bay. There are a number of eateries from hot dogs to ice cream to enjoy, as well as quirky boutiques and souvenir shopping opportunities.

  • Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center
    Called the Crown Jewel of the South Bay art scene, the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center hosts a variety of events annually. Programming includes the educational Distinguished Speakers Series, which has featured former UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Tonight Show host Jay Leno, and international education activist Malala Yousafzai. The center also hosts performances by the Los Angeles Ballet, including the annual holiday staple The Nutcracker.

  • Wonder of Dinosaurs/South Bay Galleria
    The South Bay Galleria is an upscale shopping mall in Redondo Beach featuring more than a hundred well-known and luxury brand shops, several dining establishments and a movie theater. It’s also home to Wonder of Dinosaurs, a Jurassic-themed play center for children of all ages. The attraction boasts the largest collection of dinosaur exhibits on the west coast and has numerous ways for kids to eat, explore and play the day away.

Production Locations in Redondo Beach

From teen films to surfer flicks to Sports Illustrated-esque swimsuit shots, Redondo Beach can play host to many different types of film and photo projects. The classic film Fast Times at Ridgemont High was based on the Redondo Beach public schools, and the city has served as the filming location for popular TV series The OC, 90210 as well as the hit film Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

  • Studio Space
    If onsite filming isn’t ideal for certain situations, consider renting a studio space in Redondo Beach. Because the film industry frequents to area, you’ll find several options, including spaces that come with green screen setups already in place. A large photography and video studio is ideal for all different types of projects, as well as a fully-equipped production studio. You can also find empty studio spaces for filming or photographing performance-based activities such as dance, yoga or music.

  • Historic Locations
    Period architecture not only lends an aesthetic to a film or photography project, but also gives the project authenticity. There are a number of historical locations perfect for whatever type of look you’re going for, including a beachfront Art Deco home, an eclectic Mid-Century modern space and even a 70s themed man cave. There are also several historic public locations including churches, office buildings and other structures.

  • Retail Locations
    Shopping is part of life and therefore part of many movies and television series. Whether you’re following the careers of grocery store clerks or following a harried mom of five on a back-to-school shopping trip, there are several opportunities for filming on location at Redondo Beach shopping malls, fitness centers and even service-based shops such as hair salons.

  • Private Homes
    There are several different neighborhoods in Redondo Beach featuring a variety of home styles. South Redondo Beach offers beautiful oceanfront properties and luxury condos while the North Redondo Beach neighborhoods offer a glimpse of everyday SoCal living with both modest homes and sprawling mansions. The homes are fully-furnished and some feature equally-stunning backyards with pools and lush lawns.

Event and Meeting Spaces in Redondo Beach

Special events are often made even more memorable by the location and ambiance, and Redondo Beach is soaked in sunshine and the vibes of a relaxing beach lifestyle. The city can accommodate any type of event, from mitzvahs and quinceaneras to corporate meetings and industry conferences.

  • The Beach
    One of the best assets of Redondo Beach is, unsurprisingly, the beach. The strip of white sand stretching alongside the Pacific Ocean makes for one of the best wedding venues in Redondo Beach, and it’s also perfect for simple gatherings of friends – invite 5 or 50 of your pals for an all-day bash. The beach is also great for activity-based parties such as surf lessons, art classes, beach volleyball or fishing.

  • Private Homes
    A well-appointed, beautifully-decorated home can serve as the backdrop for almost any celebration, from intimate weddings to baby or bridal showers to golden anniversaries. Benefits include a private space to prepare, get dressed and relax, being able to prepare your own refreshments, having access to both indoor and outdoor spaces for entertaining, and providing a comfortable space for guests to sit back and connect. A bright South Bay home is perfect for smaller gatherings, and a large tropical-themed home could be worthy of the most exclusive events.

  • Office Spaces
    Not only does the beachfront city of Redondo Beach offer plenty of locations for social events – but you’ll also find many options for corporate retreats, team-building exercises and committee meetings among the palm-lined avenues. Unoccupied office spaces are perfect for extended project management needs. A classy modern lounge and office can serve as a base of operations for office staff supporting political candidates, constructions projects and more.