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Need help finding the perfect venue in Nashville, TN?
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About Nashville

Located on the Cumberland River in the northern part of the center of the state of Tennessee, you will find the capital city of Nashville. Nashville is known far and wide as the city for music. Home to such gems as the Country Music Hall of Fame and the famous Grand Ole Opry, it is hard to stay away from that country music inspiration in a city built by it.

Due to its thriving performance arts culture and music scene, content creators come from all over to get a piece of the action. The scenery, the vibe, it all pulses with inspiration, ready for content creation.

Those planning an event in the area are in luck. The population is so big, and the activities are so vast, that you are sure to find exactly the kind of venue, equipment, and services your event needs to run smoothly and at its highest quality.

Attractions in Nashville

Nashville is home to some of the best music culture, bar life, and city entertainment in the country. Find out what makes Nashville by checking out some of its major attractions. Some of these great spots may be the perfect Nashville party or meeting venue.

  • Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
    From Hank Williams to Luke Bryant and everything in between, the Country Music Hall of Fame wouldn’t be better suited anywhere else in the world. Learn all about the history of the great genre in the museum and discover everything you need to know about the legends who built country music.

  • Grand Ole Opry
    Dubbed “The Show That Made Country Music Famous”, the Grand Ole Opry is THE venue for seeing the best traveling country music acts in the world. It has been around since 1925 and has attracted thousands and thousands of visitors over the years. This beautiful amphitheater is a great place to bring families, dates, or a group of friends for an unforgettable night of live music.

  • Radnor Lake State Natural Area
    With almost eight miles of walking trails, Radnor Lake State Natural Area is one of the best parks in Tennessee for wildlife viewing. Get outside and take it all in and you just might see hundreds of different types of animals like birds, reptiles, and mammals simply living their wonderful lives.

Production Locations in Nashville

Finding the right production location is an important task. Luckily, Nashville has a ton of great options, both indoors and outdoors. Whether it is big or small, out in the elements or inside, you are sure to find what you’re looking for here.

  • Warehouse
    There is nothing like taking a giant empty indoor space and turning it into your dream location. A warehouse is big enough to fit a whole cast and crew along with the lighting and equipment. Perfect for dance scenes, fight scenes, and bulk shipping shots. If this seems like a good fit for your next production venue in Nashville, consider booking The Wedge Building.

  • Lakehouse
    There are a few lakes in Nashville with some empty houses available for shooting. Lake houses are different from normal houses because their whole aesthetic revolves around lake life, often decorated in nautical or location-specific decor. The views at a lake house are unbeatable and can be seen from outside every window.

  • Horse Farm
    It may seem obvious, but these types of locations are great for farmhouse stories or animal tales. The grounds tend to be in use and therefore have all the appropriate amenities and props to make your scene look authentic. They are popular in films like Babe and Field of Dreams. Plus, wide-open spaces can be very adaptable locations.

  • Yoga Studio
    While it may seem niche, a yoga studio actually is a pretty versatile room. It is perfect for its intended purpose, but it can also be used as a wrestling or training space or even a dance studio. If your next video shoot in Nashville requires an intimate open space, this might be your best option.

Event and Meeting Venues in Nashville

When it comes time to book your next event, there are a lot of things to consider. Consider what your event or meeting requires from a venue and then consider your options. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling so you can begin to narrow down your choices.

  • Backyard
    There is so much you can do with an open backyard. Some have pools while others are just big open, well-manicured spaces that are perfect for sports, games, lounging, and general barbecuing. If this seems fitting for your next birthday venue in Nashville, consider booking this 88-acre farm home on a tree-lined road with a view.

  • Mansion
    Mixing the best of creature comforts with the elegance and style of wealth make mansions quite a unique Nashville event venue. There are tons of rooms for exploring, of which they can accommodate a good number of guests. There also tends to be a large lawn area (front and back) and it isn’t uncommon to find an in-ground pool on the premises.

  • Yacht or Boat
    If you are going to throw a Nashville birthday bash, why not go all out? You don’t even need to be near an ocean to rent a yacht or boat to party on; landlocked Nashville has plenty of nice lakes that are perfect for this type of thing. Throwing a party on a yacht is classy, powerful, and very unique. Just make sure none of your friends have a tendency to get seasick!

  • Office Space
    There is no place more fitting than office space for your next corporate meeting. These locations are intimate, private, and just the right amount of comfortable. The roundtable seating arrangements tend to promote conversation and brainstorming so you can get the most out of your Nashville meeting space. They are easy to come by and make a very fitting rental space.