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Need help finding the perfect venue in Memphis, TN?
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About Memphis

There is a nice corner of the world where Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee meet, and right there is where the great city of Memphis resides. If you are looking for music, Memphis is the place to get it. Famous Beale Street is the home of so much rich musical history as well as present-day powerhouses. There are tons of bars, jazz/rock/blues clubs, and other activities to check out when visiting the area. It is also home to the state’s only top-tier professional sports team, the Memphis Grizzlies (NBA).

Video producers and content creators find this city to be favorable due to its influential and thriving performance art culture. A community that celebrates and promotes music in this way has a lot of fun, and that makes for great content.

This is also the perfect city in the area for birthday parties and other big events. With over 600,000 residents and thousands more visitors throughout the year, the infrastructure of shops, venues, caterers, and the like is well-stocked. You are sure to find a production location, party venue, or meeting space in Memphis.

Attractions in Memphis

This city is known far and wide as one of the coolest locations in the country. From its blue-collar music to its thriving arts scene, Memphis is a popular city. Here are just a few of their major attractions so you can make the most out of your time there.

  • National Civil Rights Museum
    This nation has a long complicated and powerful history filled with diverse voices, injustices, and victories. The National Civil Rights Museum helps raise those voices and educates visitors on the history and ever-present struggle and fight for equal rights for every underrepresented American of color.

  • Graceland
    This is the home of the King himself! Elvis Presley's home has been converted into a museum for the whole world to see. Walk the halls he walked. Visit the kitchen where he made his peanut butter and banana sandwiches and check out the infamous Jungle Room.

  • Beale Street
    The Home of the Blues, as it is called, is one of the most famous streets in America to grab a drink, listen to some sensational tunes, and be a part of some bigtime Americana. There is always some big party, big act, or big event coming through. Check the calendar for up-to-date events.

Production Locations in Memphis

Memphis is the kind of city that draws an eye. Content creators and video producers love a midwestern city like this because of the grit, the class, and the overall charm. You will not be disappointed with the choices of production locations in Memphis.

  • Dive Bar
    Whether it is a bar fight scene, a pool tournament, a dance-off, or an intimate moment between a mentor and our hero when he’s down and out, dive bars have been the cornerstone of these moments. There is a familiar setting here that sets a particular tone. If this venue sounds fitting for your next big Memphis video production location, consider booking this funky dive bar in historic downtown Memphis.

  • Banquet Hall
    For those Memphis video shoots where you need a big collective dining experience, such as the dining hall scenes in the Harry Potter movies, a banquet hall is a fitting venue. They tend to be big enough to accommodate all the guests, plus enough room to have a nice spread of food, not to mention the film crew, lighting, and sound. Banquet halls promote community, conversation, and comradery.

  • Film Studio
    When a venue just doesn’t seem to match your vision, make one! A film studio is a blank space that can be manipulated with the help of green screens, props, and backdrops to make it look like any place you could imagine.

  • Open Air Pavilion
    Sometimes you just need a wide-open outdoor space with a little bit of protection from the elements. That is what an open-air pavilion offers. Perfect for shoots that involve reunions, parties, or barbecues, and it provides shade for those in need so you can get the lighting just right. And if it rains, you and your equipment are also protected.

Event and Meeting Venues in Memphis

Whether you are planning a conference or a Memphis birthday bash, this city will have everything you could need. Big venues, small ones, indoors, outdoors, and everything in between. With all these options, sometimes it is hard to narrow them all down. Here are a few to help get you started.

  • Rooftop
    Rooftop venues are perfect for parties because they promote a hip, exciting experience. Imagine seeing the city turn from busy to calm, concrete to sunset, all while enjoying a few drinks and some food with friends. These types of locations are perfect for cocktail parties, birthdays, or a good old-fashioned Memphis barbecue.

  • Restaurant or Bar
    Everyone has done this at least once in their lives. When planning a birthday party, you call up your favorite restaurant and ask for a reservation for (X) number of people at a certain time, possibly requesting an embarrassing song to be sung to the birthday superstar. A restaurant or bar is used to accommodate large groups for fun celebrations.

  • Conference Room
    Show off to your clients and present in style by booking a conference room. A conference room is designed specifically to give privacy for the meeting and to inspire brainstorming. If this type of location sounds fitting for your next important meeting in Memphis, consider booking The Plaza - conference and events space in Memphis.

  • Event Hall
    Sometimes you just need a big open space for your next major event in Memphis. An event hall is a giant room filled with opportunity. It often comes equipped with tables and chairs as well as a big open floor plan so you can reshape the room to fit your event’s needs. Perfect for celebrations and conferences of all sizes, but best suited for larger productions.