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Need help finding the perfect venue in Torrance, CA?
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About Torrance

Located in southern California on the western edge of the Los Angeles Metropolis lies the city of Torrance, California. Torrance is known for its hot heat, nice beaches, and for being one of the safest cities in Los Angeles. Nature lovers are drawn to the area due to its having around 30 outdoor parks.

Content creators will find this place to be a goldmine if quaint city life and outdoor vistas are their vibe. There are plenty of beaches, walkways, and nice city streets that are perfect for content creation and production. If meeting venues are more your style, you are sure to find a spot here or in the surrounding area. There are tons of locations varying in size, shape, and style just waiting to be booked.

Attractions in Torrance

It is always a good idea to check out the local attractions when visiting a new city or town. Although Torrance is thought of as a small suburban beach town, there are still a few fun attractions to visit.

  • Wilson Park
    Whether you are looking to purchase some fresh-from-the-garden vegetables at their famous Torrance Certified Farmers' Market, have your own picnic at the park, or play with friends at the Roller Hockey Rink, Wilson Park is the pride of Torrance and a really nice place to congregate.

  • Del Amo Fashion Center
    Sometimes it is just best to grab your wallet and your gear and head over to the nearest shopping center. Del Amo Fashion Center is well known for its top-end fashion shops, beauty stores, and great food. Find that perfect jewelry at Tiffany’s or that right shade of blush from Sephora.

  • Western Museum of Flight
    Ever seen a North American F-86 Sabre Jet up close? The Western Museum of Flight has that and so much more in terms of aircraft, replicas, and exhibits. Any speed-demon or air travel aficionado would not be able to pass up this gem.

Production Locations in Torrance

Torrance has tons of great options for production locations. Whether it is for an outdoor photo shoot, indoor video production, green screen shot, or rooftop party, you are sure to find what you are looking for in Torrance.

  • Rooftops
    These locations can be some of the most fun types of venues to book. You get the sun hanging high in the sky, the mountains and clouds and landscape all painted in the background, and the smiles on everyone's faces. With this open air you can have a barbecue without worrying about setting the room on fire, and the mood will change as the sun makes its way across the sky to set in the west.

  • Videography Studios
    You may not need to look much further than a videography studio to find the perfect production location for your shoot. These places are built specifically for that type of project and can accommodate just about any type of prop or scenery you could fit in the door. If this sounds like the type of place you could use, consider booking a fully equipped production studio with lighting for your next shoot.

  • Parks
    If your Torrance video shoot needs an outdoor setting, look into booking a park for your production location. With proper clearance, a park can provide a variety of effects as there are a few different places in a park where you could shoot. There is the playground type of area that could be perfect for a particular vibe, or your shoot could take place in the open field. Parks have tons of character and space to play with.

  • Classic Trucks or Cars
    Sometimes it is less about the location and more about the cool things in the shot. Sometimes a classic Ford truck or a vintage Cadillac Convertible could be the centerpiece of your shoot. Booking one of these bad boys could elevate your Torrance production to the next level. They are hard to come by, particularly if you have a specific vehicle in mind, but they are out there.

Event and Meeting Venues in Torrance

Finding the perfect event space or meeting venue in Torrance can be a daunting task. However, once you decide on the style and size of your event, you can begin to narrow down the options. Here are a few ideas to choose from when making your selection.

  • Apartments and Houses
    Some event coordinators like to go for more of a “homey” feel. That is where this kind of venue fits perfectly. With an empty home or apartment, you get the chance to feel all the comforts of home mixed with the excitement of being in a new place. They tend to come fully furnished and event-ready.

  • Conference Rooms
    When it comes to finding the right venue for your Torrance meeting or event space, consider the obvious, a conference room. These places were built specifically for business meetings and structured to promote productive gatherings. They tend to come equipped with chairs, tables and electrical equipment like smart boards or white boards. Think about a spacious and open office space for your next meeting.

  • Bars
    Depending on the setting and age group of the guests you expect to attend this event, a public house might be the best idea. There are plenty of great reasons to choose a bar, some of which include that there are drinks and food available with little to no cleanup, and the fact that you will have a staff that can work to make your event the best it can be.

  • Gardens
    Find yourself a garden for your Torrance cocktail party and you could have quite the event on your hands. Gardens are a perfect outdoor event space because there tends to be tons of room, a stone communal area, and so much natural beauty to behold. Imagine walking through daffodils and tulips and tall bushes or grass, then sitting down with friends and enjoying some light cosmos, perhaps by a fire. What a treat!