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Need help finding the perfect venue in Anaheim, CA?
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About Anaheim

Anaheim may be best known as the home of Disneyland, but this city is so much more than just the site of the happiest place on earth. Theme parks aside, Anaheim offers Orange County living at its finest. It’s the sort of place where you can find delicious and diverse food, a thriving beer scene, and neighborhoods with their own unique character.

Anaheim also has plenty to offer for anyone embarking on a creative project. From its tree-lined streets to its fascinating history, and from the nearby hills to the 40-plus miles of Orange County coastline just a short drive away, this region of California is awash with opportunities.

So regardless of whether you’re searching for a filming location in Anaheim or a photo shoot venue, meeting space, or event venue, this is a city with something for everyone.

Attractions in Anaheim

Spend some time exploring Anaheim and you’ll find some truly world-class attractions. Some of them you’ll have heard of before, but others are hidden gems. If you want to treat your taste buds, explore the great outdoors, indulge in some retail therapy, or just enjoy some family-friendly fun, there’s much to enjoy here.

  • Disneyland Resort
    Add some magic to your Anaheim adventure with a trip to Disneyland. Whether you’re craving thrilling rides, experiences from some of your favorite movies, exciting shows, or just some of the city’s best dining, you’ll find everything you need at this world-famous attraction.

  • Anaheim Packing District
    If you love good food and drinks, Anaheim Packing District is a must-visit. This old citrus packing warehouse has been transformed into a popular gourmet food hall, and you’ll find mouthwatering flavors from all around the world here. You’ll also find a host of hip bars alongside the many awesome eateries, making it one of Anaheim’s hottest attractions.

  • Angel Stadium of Anaheim
    Love watching live sport or just soaking up the unique experience you only get at a ballgame? Head to Angel Stadium of Anaheim to watch the LA Angels in action and treat yourself to nachos, a hot dog, and a cold beer. Batter up!

Production Locations in Anaheim

With LA and the glamor of Hollywood just over 30 miles away, Anaheim has plenty to offer to any creative professional. Happily, you’ll also find a diverse range of Anaheim production venues to choose from, including everything from offices and warehouses to bars, ballrooms, and shopping malls. Start comparing your options to find the ideal filming location or photo shoot venue for your next project.

  • Bars
    Did you know that some of the iconic bar scenes from the Patrick Swayze film Road House were filmed in Anaheim? While the bar from the movie is no longer standing, some of Anaheim’s finest establishments can bring color and character to your project. This saloon room with two full bars is perfect for capturing memorable nightlife scenes.

  • Modern Homes
    Looking to capture the authenticity of a modern home on camera? You’re spoiled for choice in Anaheim, where you’ll find a plethora of homes and varying architectural styles available for use as filming locations. Some also include pools, gardens, and beautiful alfresco spaces, so they’re ideal for capturing outdoor scenes too.

  • Churches
    Weddings, baptisms, confirmations, funerals, and memorials — there are lots of important events that take place in churches. Find current and former churches for hire in Anaheim to capture the unique look and feel of a place of worship.

  • Vintage and Luxury Vehicles
    Cars tell a story all by themselves, and they can add a whole extra layer of visual appeal to any production. From the DeLorean in Back to the Future to James Bond’s many Aston Martins, a vehicle can even become the star of a production. Check out what classic American vehicles are available to hire in Anaheim for your next project.

Event and Meeting Venues in Anaheim

Regardless of whether you’re focused on business or leisure, finding the right venue is a must. Your choice of venue influences everything from the ambiance of an event through to the productivity of an important business meeting. The good news is that with such a diverse range of event locations and meeting spaces in Anaheim to choose from, you can find venues to suit any need.

  • Restaurants and Bars
    Good food and delicious refreshments lie at the heart of every good event. And in a city like Anaheim, you’ll find a diverse and delightful range of restaurants and bars to choose from. Shop around to find one with the perfect atmosphere for your celebration.

  • Banquet Halls
    Planning an extravagant celebration? A banquet hall is the ideal venue, combining all the space you need with an undeniable sense of grandeur. And whether you want rustic charm or modern convenience, you’ll find spaces to suit the theme of any event. This remodeled banquet hall with timber floors that are more than a century old will imbue your event with a healthy dose of vintage charm.

  • Conference Rooms
    If you’re hosting a meeting, your choice of conference room space can have a big impact on the overall success of your get-together. Some situations call for a traditional boardroom setting, but others require something a little less formal or even an Anaheim meeting space that promotes creativity and brainstorming. Check out what the best conference rooms near you have to offer in terms of facilities, accessibility, atmosphere, and included equipment.

  • Historic Homes
    Take a step back in time and treat your guests to a taste of a bygone era. Anaheim’s best historic homes are all about old-world charm and sophistication, with everything from cute cottages to much more extravagant settings available. Consider the occasion and your theme carefully before deciding on the right style of venue for your needs.