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Need help finding the perfect venue in Santa Cruz, CA?
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About Santa Cruz

Well known for the laid-back attitude of its residents and easy-going lifestyle, Santa Cruz is the perfect vacation city. The area is chock full of attractions that range from redwood forests to sandy beaches and trails that can only be truly appreciated by visiting them yourself.

Located relatively close to San Jose and San Francisco, Santa Cruz is in an ideal location and offers visitors many options to travel and explore all that the region has to offer. With over 260 days of sunshine per year and activities and events that take place throughout the entire year, it’s no surprise that many choose to have their vacations in Santa Cruz.

Being so close to some of the bigger cities makes Santa Cruz the perfect area to indulge in some work as well as some play. Exploring Santa Cruz allows you to find suitable event venues for any of your upcoming productions or events.

Attractions in Santa Cruz

With its proximity to the beach and other natural wonders, it's no surprise that Santa Cruz has its fair share of attractions. While there are many popular attractions spread throughout the city, exploring the area for a while can reveal hidden gems.

  • The Mystery Spot
    One of the most popular gravity hills in the US, The Mystery Spot is a fun attraction that has been available to the public since 1941. Those who visit the site will be presented with illusions that seem to defy gravity. The Mystery Spot is officially classified as one of California’s Historical Landmarks and continues to draw in thousands of visitors annually.

  • Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History
    Also known as MAH in its shortened form, the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History was founded almost 60 years ago and features over 7,000 items within its collection. Within the facility, visitors are greeted with a permanent local Monterey Bay Area history gallery as well as various documents pertaining to the history of the area.

  • West Cliff Drive
    Perhaps what everyone comes to Santa Cruz for, the iconic West Cliff Drive features some of the best scenery you can get in the US. The best conditions for visiting this trail are between March and November and offer activity options such as hiking and biking to those who are interested. The trail in itself is relatively easy and is suitable for all skill levels. Expect to see all sorts of sights in the not-so-far-off water including surfers and sea lions.

Production Locations in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is well known for the spectacular sights and various attractions that are present in and around the city. As there are quite a few production locations within Santa Cruz, finding one that fits your theme and suits your taste may be easier than expected.

  • Video and Photo Studios
    Photography studios are usually more expensive compared to options such as houses and normal studios. However, video and photography studios often come with more equipment and amenities which may include green screens, lighting rooms, soundproof rooms, blackout curtains as well as scissor lifts. This allows you to experiment with many aspects of the shoot including angles and lighting. Luckily Santa Cruz has different studio types that can cater to differing budgets.

  • Office Spaces
    Many movies, television series as well as photoshoots in the past have made use of office spaces in their production. Depending on the office space used, it can create a different atmosphere and aesthetic. While older offices with their closed-off cubicles can give off an isolated theme, modern offices usually work with an open floor plan and can give off a more carefree and relaxed atmosphere. Depending on your upcoming production, finding the right workspace to fit your needs in Santa Cruz is of vital importance.

  • Bars and Clubs
    A unique option when thinking about production locations, bars, and clubs can make the photoshoot or filming in Santa Cruz more interesting. Many movies in the past have incorporated bars into the film with great success, including the iconic bar scene in “Groundhog Day”. With the possibilities out there, it's not a surprise that many photoshoots have also made use of bars to make a statement and to add a unique twist to their production. With how big Santa Cruz is, you’re sure to find a bar that can fit your needs.

Event and Meeting Venues in Santa Cruz

When planning an event space in Santa Cruz, considering the type of event as well as how many potential attendees may attend can help reduce the search time. This allows you to pinpoint a specific location that caters to your preferences whilst adhering to your requirements.

  • Studios
    Often used because of its flexibility as a venue, studios are multipurpose and can turn from a professional conference room to a full-blown anniversary celebration in the blink of an eye. The environment within studios is usually more controlled and allows for the event planners and designers to get creative with the space provided for them. With many options spread throughout the city, it's wise to look around before settling on a studio to use as a party venue in Santa Cruz.

  • Theaters and Auditoriums
    Although very niche, theaters can be used for a wide array of events. Often used for plays and performances, theaters are versatile venues and can also function as exhibition spaces for art as well as makeshift party venues. Auditoriums can function as a great venue for corporate activities such as meetings, workshops, and conferences as there are usually many seats and everyone can focus on the person on the stage.

  • Conference Rooms
    Ideal for when you want to get professional, conference rooms can help make meetings and team-building activities more productive. These areas are often devoid of any distractions and can help everyone focus more and pay attention to the work that is being discussed. Many conference rooms already have the required amenities and equipment, so you don’t need to worry about additional equipment when looking for a suitable meeting venue in Santa Cruz. Explore Santa Cruz and find a conference room that is right for you.