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Need help finding the perfect venue in Santa Barbara, CA?
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About Santa Barbara

With mountains on one side and a beautiful stretch of California coastline on the other, Santa Barbara is one truly spectacular part of the Golden State. Nicknamed the American Riviera, this city on the iconic Highway 101 boasts natural beauty aplenty, a thriving arts and culture scene, outdoor adventures, and gourmet food (and wine) opportunities that will have you licking your lips.

As a result, it won’t surprise you to learn that Santa Barbara is a city overflowing with creative possibilities. So regardless of whether you’re searching for a filming or photoshoot location, an event or party venue, or even your ideal meeting space, you’ll find an abundance of options in the area. Here’s how to find the best Santa Barbara venues for your needs.

Attractions in Santa Barbara

This central California gem offers the best of coastal living in this part of the world. Outdoor opportunities abound at the beach and in the mountains, while there are lots of great historic and family-friendly attractions to explore too. Here are our picks if you’re exploring the Santa Barbara area.

  • Stearns Wharf
    This iconic timber wharf is one of Santa Barbara’s most recognizable sights. You can hit the boardwalk to enjoy a stroll and an ice cream, great shopping, or maybe enjoy some fishing. Alternatively, you can always just relax and soak up the beautiful water views.

  • Santa Barbara Zoo
    Animal lovers will find plenty to enjoy at the family-friendly Santa Barbara Zoo. Here you can enjoy up close and personal encounters with astonishing giraffes, majestic African Spurred Tortoises, graceful Amur Leopards, and many other cute, cuddly, and exotic creatures.

  • Old Mission Santa Barbara
    Founded in 1786, this Spanish mission is another iconic Santa Barbara sight. It’s still an active church to this day but is also a popular attraction for its beautiful architecture, vibrant gardens, and excellent views of the ocean, the city, and the Santa Ynez mountains.

Production Locations in Santa Barbara

Many famous celebrities have tied the knot in Santa Barbara, and a host of well-known productions have been filmed in the area too. These include cult classic film Sideways, which showcased the area’s vineyards perfectly, and a long list of TV shows with household names. So if you’re searching for production venues in Santa Barbara, expect to have a long list of options to choose from.

  • Warehouses
    If you’re looking for a raw and edgy industrial space, you’ll find a selection of old warehouses around Santa Barbara available for rent as production venues. These spaces are roomy, atmospheric, and full of character, lending themselves to everything from music videos to feature films.

  • Mansions and Estates
    For something completely different from the gritty industrial vibe, Santa Barbara’s exclusive properties offer a taste of luxury. Whether you want ocean views or the tranquility of an isolated property surrounded by mountains, the options here are as diverse as they are beautiful. If you’re searching for a property that offers privacy, seclusion, and plenty of character, an ocean view ranch estate is just what the doctor ordered.

  • Restaurants
    If an authentic dining scene is what your creative project craves, check out the range of Santa Barbara restaurants that can be booked out as production spaces. From family-friendly eateries to those venues that offer more of an elegant and sophisticated vibe, there are options to suit a variety of needs.

  • Bars
    Bar scenes can be intimate and romantic, raucous and loud, or just about anything in between. From beer gardens and rooftop bars to basements, back rooms, wine bars, and pubs, there’s a diverse array of bar spaces on offer in and around Santa Barbara.

Event and Meeting Venues in Santa Barbara

Regardless of whether you’re planning a serious business meeting, an important charity dinner, or a relaxed birthday celebration, choosing the right venue is crucial. The best event venues and meeting spaces in Santa Barbara set the tone from the moment your guests enter the room, providing practicality and convenience while creating the right atmosphere at the same time. Here are a few venue options worth considering in the Santa Barbara area.

  • Business Time in Conference Rooms
    It’s hard to beat the simple but functional conference room as a Santa Barbara meeting space. Available in sizes to suit gatherings of a few to a few-dozen people, they offer convenient layouts, essential furniture, and all the equipment you need to get down to business.

  • Partying in Style on Outdoor Patios
    There’s a lot to love about the climate in California, so why not look for an outdoor event venue in Santa Barbara? Maybe you’d like a cocktail party under the stars, a summertime pool party, or a corporate gala in an elegant outdoor space. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the area.

  • Extravagant Celebrations at Mansions and Estates
    There are some pretty prestigious and sought-after properties in the Santa Barbara area that can offer an air of exclusivity to any event. Whether you want a seaside soiree or a private party on a secluded hinterland property, these Santa Barbara event spaces will leave your guests with no doubt that they’re at a very important social event.

  • Saying ‘Cheers!’ in Bars and Beer Gardens
    Looking for a Santa Barbara event space that offers more of a casual, laid-back vibe? Raise a glass to the city’s best bars and beer gardens. From relaxed beer gardens to chic wine bars, these watering holes will get your guests licking their lips and create the perfect chilled atmosphere for your next celebration. As just one example, with its eye-catching murals and mood lighting, an outdoor beer garden is perfect for partying under the stars.