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About Rancho Cucamonga

Once one of southern California’s prime agricultural centers and a regional leader in wine-making, Rancho Cucamonga was considered one of the Top 50 Best Places to Live by Money Magazine. Taking its peculiar-sounding name from the Kukamongan Native Americans that once populated the area, the city It’s close enough to Los Angeles to provide both residents and visitors with all the amenities while being far enough away to have a more natural atmosphere.

Rancho Cucamonga sits at the edge of the Angeles National Forest, offering many outdoor recreation opportunities such as hiking, biking, rock climbing and more. Even though it lies well inland from the cool currents of the Pacific Ocean, Rancho Cucamonga sees mild temperatures for much of the year, with the summer months topping out around the mid-90s. It also sees about 80 more days of sunshine than the average American city annually.

Rancho Cucamonga is considered one of the wealthier satellites of Los Angeles, and its tasteful homes, manicured parks and cultural opportunities are welcoming for both out-of-state visitors and Los Angelenos looking for a weekend out of the city. You’ll find a variety of spaces host everything from a baby shower in Rancho Cucamonga to the perfect photo shoot location.

Attractions in Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga is located in one of the most coveted spots in southern California – set against the backdrop of the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains and still less than an hour’s drive from downtown Los Angeles. There are many things to do in the local area without having to travel into hectic LA.

  • Pacific Electric Inland Empire Trail
    With such scenic surroundings, it’s no secret that there are many exciting and relaxing outdoor recreation activities practically at your doorstep, including the Pacific Electric Inland Empire Trail. The 21-mile trail stretches all the way from Claremont to Rialto, passing through Rancho Cucamonga on a ridgeline above the city. There are no motorized vehicles allowed to interrupt the quiet sounds of nature, so you can enjoy hiking, biking or horseback riding.

  • John Rains House
    Built in 1860, the John Rains House was built on the site of the original Rancho Cucamonga that was used to graze cattle for a Spanish Mission. Rains, a former cattle driver, planted a small vineyard, and wine produced from the property became popular throughout the region. Tragically, Rains was murdered by unknown assailants at age 33, and the home fell into disrepair until it was purchased by the Casa de Rancho Cucamonga Historical Society and turned into a museum featuring artifacts and information about life on the Rancho.

  • Victoria Gardens
    It may sound like a prim lawn full of rose bushes and bird baths, but Victoria Gardens is one of Rancho Cucamonga’s oldest but most loved shopping centers. The mall features 175 stores, boutiques, dining options, guest services and entertainment venues. There are well-known anchor stores including JC Penney and Macy’s, along with luxury brands, affordable fashion and more.

Production Locations in Rancho Cucamonga

Because of its proximity to Los Angeles and beautiful scenery, filming in Rancho Cucamonga is a popular choice. The TV series Workaholics is primarily set in the city, as well as the movie Next Friday. If you’re looking for a great spot for a photo shoot in Rancho Cucamonga, you have a variety of indoor and outdoor options.

  • Historic Locations
    Rancho Cucamonga has a fairly long history despite only being incorporated in the 20th century. If you need filming sets reminiscent of days gone by, you’ll find a variety of historic homes, including those by the city’s earliest residents, as well as spots like a historic service station. Since Rancho Cucamonga sits on Route 66, you’ll find a few remaining gems from the golden age of automobile travel sprinkled throughout the city.

  • Private Homes
    Rancho Cucamonga is one of the Los Angeles area’s most prosperous communities – it’s rated 13th among the wealthiest neighborhoods just behind Bel Air. If your filming needs include a spacious mansion or retreat-style getaway, you’ll find many options, including a beautiful Mediterranean mansion or a corner home with a retreat-style backyard perfect for filming lush outdoor scenes.

  • San Gabriel Mountains
    As part of the Inland Empire east of Los Angeles, Rancho Cucamonga is situated in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. The landscape showcases some of the most beautiful and interesting flora and fauna southern California has to offer, and there are hills, mountains and ridgelines from which you can look out across the entire valley on a clear day. The area also works well for a beautiful outside photo shoot, and there are even places where you can film or shoot on horseback.

Event and Meeting Spaces in Rancho Cucamonga

Event spaces in Rancho Cucamonga are so varied that they can be anything you want them to be. A wedding venue in Rancho Cucamonga can be the backyard of one of the area’s many mansions, while corporations or organizations looking for a quiet workspace for office functions or a leadership retreat will find dozens of options throughout the city.

  • Churches
    Traditional weddings and other religious services are typically held in churches, and there are many to choose from in Rancho Cucamonga, including historic buildings and modern worship centers. Most Christian denominations are represented, along with Jewish and Islamic faiths, among others.

  • Private Homes
    Hosting your event in a private home lends an intimacy to any event. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary or a special occasion such as a wedding or graduation, private homes make a perfect party venue in Rancho Cucamonga. Stately mansions with lush, expertly-manicured backyards fit any occasion, while a stunning backyard pool makes for a lot of fun in the sun. Benefits include being able to prepare your own food, having quiet rooms or entertainment for children and, perhaps most importantly, private restrooms.

  • Parks and Municipal Facilities
    Rancho Cucamonga has more than 20 parks within its city limits, and that doesn’t include any locations in the Angeles National Forest just to the north. Parks are perfect for children’s parties, weddings, birthdays and other special events. You’ll be able to bring your own food or have it catered, there are options for games and ample space to play, and clean-up is easy.

  • Office Spaces
    If your organization is working on a project in the area or you need workspace for a team building exercise or leadership retreat, consider renting out some office space in Rancho Cucamonga. A professional open concept office space provides plenty of room for work while offering comfortable space for networking and relaxing after a long day of agendas and strategizing.