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Finding perfect Filming locations can be a hassle. Easily search through Giggster’s collection of affordable and unique Filming locations to find your perfect location.

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Full Service Media Production Studio with Built in Infinity Cove
  • £45/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (18)
  • 18
  • Instant book
  • London, UK
Beautiful photography studio of 820 sqft with a built in infinity cove, high ceilings and exposed brick. It has its own storage and a lovely private kitchen area built into the space.
Studio Bohemian
  • £85/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (10)
  • 10
  • Instant book
  • London, UK
Studio Bohemian is a unique and versatile space made for film and photography. The highly adaptable studio includes a variety of specially designed walls and surfaces for different rustic looks while still being versatile enough to make the space your own with set building encouraged. Filled with an eclectic range of props and furniture, the space compliments the neighbouring Dockyard Kitchen with a backless fridge, dining table and upstairs mezzanine chillout area. Hosted in our character studios in Woolwich Dockyard, with free parking, Wifi and fast transport links into London Bridge and central London. Superfast internet Various props & furniture Spiral Staircase Large victorian window with blackout blind installed Option to hire a separate changing room, (subject to availability) Double width load in access Free off-street parking Makeup area
Dream House London
  • £140/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (4)
  • 4
  • Instant book
  • London, UK
This luxurious and newly renovated Victorian house in the centre of Ealing Broadway is available for private hire for production, events, and meetings. The stunning property has a mix of both classic Victorian period features and modern interior design, with a wide range of luxury amenities. The large state-of-the-art kitchen, spiral staircase, cinema room, and hot tub are just some of the fantastic features to avail of in this house. With big bay windows and fully retractable kitchen patio doors, this house can easily be filled with beautiful natural light, making it perfect for production backdrops. There are 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a total of 450 sq ft of room in the property so you have plenty of room to work with, regardless of what your purpose of booking is. The property sits in a great central location, very close to Ealing Broadway subway station and lots of local parks, cafes, shops and restaurants. You are very well connected to the surrounding area in this house and it is very accessible in terms of transport and commute. Ealing Broadway is a desirable neighbourhood that is both safe and attractive, making it a perfect location for your next booking. Whether it is a film production, a luxury photoshoot, or a high-end business meeting, this gorgeous property has lots to offer every kind of guest. Prices and availability depend on your type of booking, so make sure to make a specific booking request and get a personalised quote. *The prices are for weekdays only. For weekends we make individual quotes. This location is open now to bookings for filming/photography, meetings and events. If you’re interested in it, place a booking request for your preferred dates or message the host directly with any questions, right here directly through Giggster’s platform.
Modern open plan family home with outdoor pool
  • £200/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (7)
  • 7
  • Instant book
For something really impressive for your next shoot, check out this gorgeous 5-bedroom home in Essex. This stunning site includes a very large, open plan living, dining and kitchen area, overlooked by a beautiful mezzanine area on the first floor, 3 top of the range bathrooms, 3 living rooms, gorgeously spacious hallways, wide patio doors, big windows, and an all-round beautiful interior design. Outside, there is a full-sized pool, outdoor seating, impressive garden spaces, and plenty of room for parking. There are almost too many amenities and facilities to list when it comes to this property. It is a property with high levels of luxury and it has everything you could possibly need on-site. Including make-up and changing areas, free wifi, a home gym, a fire pit, and even more. The space is available through Giggster to hire for photography and filming purposes, with availability for a cast and crew of 60+ people. There is plenty of room in this property to shoot any kind of project that you are working on, and the surroundings make an incredibly beautiful and high-end backdrop. If you are interested in this slice of luxury, you can book the house for private hire by placing a booking request for your preferred dates and party size, or you can message the venue host directly with any questions about the property that you might have before booking. This is one not to be missed.
Small supermarket in Shoreditch / Hoxton
  • £575/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (3)
  • 3
  • Instant book
  • London, UK
Neighbourhood grocery store / small supermarket in Shoreditch. We've got a refrigerated section, multiple aisles, alcohol section, all the usual grocery items such as cereal, fresh fruit and vegetables. Prices listed are for exclusive use of the store, but we can also accommodate requests for filming without the store being closed as long as you are respectful to our customers and work with our staff to ensure business is not interrupted. Please provide us with details about your shoot in your booking request, including crew size / duration / purpose / etc.
Fully Equipped Photography & Production Studio
  • £55/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (9)
  • 9
  • Instant book
  • Barnet, London, UK
Once a dance studio, now a perfect and unique photography studio. This first floor space with high ceiling with expose beams hosts a fully kitted-out photography studio that is available for private hire through Giggster for film and photoshoots. The space has 700 sq ft of room, with its own cinema room with a projector and sound system and lots of photography and filmography equipment available to use, including a wind machine, lighting, blackout curtains, backdrops, and rigging. There are production amenities available too including viewing facilities and production offices on-site. There is also a shower, a kitchen, and two free parking spaces for the cast and crew to avail of during production. If you need both a visually striking and efficient space for your next project, this space could be the right fit for you and your team. The exposed brick design and big windows make it a beautiful and bright spot to be in, the full list of equipment and facilities make it a workable and effective spot to shoot in. This studio is located in Barnet, London, in a very accessible and reachable location with lots of local facilities nearby. This location is available now to book for filming/photography. If you’re interested in it, place a booking request for your preferred dates or message the host directly with any questions.
Exquisite Event Space in London
  • £350/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • London, UK
This Exquisite Event Space in London is non-traditional event space and home to one of the largest LCD screens in a hotel in London. Complete with delicately chosen lounge furniture our space is perfect for social events, screenings and inspirational sessions. Reserve a meeting space with a design driven interior for more inspiring event. Equipped with the latest technology, including a ‘cinema size’ LED screen, the venue will make any presentation more engaging and your team more productive. Rate is from £500 for 3 hours (£170 per hour) Rates are flexible depending on the scale of your productions, the days of the week and the hours needed for this venue/event space. Please inquire for custom rate.
The Lounge
  • £188/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • London, UK
The Lounge in Brixton is an adaptable and multipurpose space that can accommodate lots of different private hire bookings. The space includes a comfortable lounge area, with plenty of cosy couches to choose from, alongside a mini kitchen with plenty of appliances and amenities, and a desk area for those who can’t be away from their Mac for the afternoon. The space can be arranged to suit you and your party’s needs. The decor of the space is light and airy, with exposed brick, houseplants, and an overall minimalist design. It is both relaxing and functional, bringing the best of both worlds. This venue can accommodate any size of party or event, from 10 people to 100 people. Any style of event is welcome too, whether it is a sit-down dining event or a theatre-style conference. Any type of bespoke package can be created by the venue hosts. If you are interested in booking the lounge, you can place a booking request through this page for your preferred date and specific occasion, or you can message the venue host directly to get started on that bespoke package, whatever works for you.
The Rec Room
  • £175/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • London, UK
The Rec is a light-filled, open-plan space overlooking Market Row, perfect for larger scale events such as pop-up markets, networking sessions or panel discussions. The space is flexible with organic OpenDesk tables, ergonomic chairs, and an elegant style, meaning you can adapt it to suit your bespoke event needs. £10 per person for lounge access £10 per person for lounge access
A Cozy Restaurant and Bar
  • £150/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Bournemouth, UK
This venue is perfect for production, events and meetings. Minimum of 4 hours at night.
Need help finding perfect Filming locations?
Need help finding perfect Filming locations?
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an average Filming location cost to rent?
Filming location rates typically average $190 per hour.
What is the attendee limitation of average Filming locations?
Attendee limits often vary with the size and features of a Filming location, but average 65 people per booking.
What is the average hourly minimum of Filming locations?
The average minimum booking time for Filming locations is 3 hours.
What is the average square feet of a Filming location?
There's a great range of Filming locations available, with an average size of 1379 square feet.
What are the most popular Filming locations on Giggster?

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About Filming

As a filmmaker, you probably don’t need to be told just how important the location is to the quality of your scenes. The best filming locations contribute so much to any project, setting the mood, enhancing the story, and often becoming stars in their own right.

But experienced filmmakers will also be well aware that finding your ideal filming location is often easier said than done. From lighting to ease of access, there are myriad factors you need to consider besides the way a filming venue looks and feels.

The good news is that there’s a wonderfully diverse range of indoor and outdoor spaces out there available for rent as production venues. Here’s how you can find the space that’s right for you.

The Best Filming Venues

Filming locations come in just about every shape and size you can imagine. They can be indoors or outdoors, subdued or spectacular, on the rooftop or tucked away in a basement — whatever your creative vision, there’s a filming venue out there that can bring it to life. Here are just a handful of the options available to you.

  • Homes and Apartments
    No matter whether you want a simple suburban home or a luxurious mansion, a cramped apartment or a big family home, something old or something modern — there are private home filming locations out there to suit every need. Stepping into this abandoned ‘70s-era apartment, for example, is like stepping back in time.

  • Studio Spaces
    Some scenes and projects are best filmed in the confines of a studio. Whether you’re shooting a quick corporate video, filming in front of a green screen, or making use of a host of different sets, you’ll find a variety of studio spaces to suit projects of varying sizes and budgets.

  • Gardens
    From simple suburban backyards to extravagant landscaped private gardens, outdoor filming locations are quite a diverse bunch. Even better, the green space, colorful blooms, and connection with nature they offer ensure a memorable backdrop for any scene.

  • Private Vehicles
    No one said the best filming locations had to be fixed in place. From luxury sports cars to sedans, soccer mom SUVs, and even buses, you’ll find a huge range of unique private vehicles for hire as filming venues.

  • Industrial Workshops and Warehouses
    Some industrial sites have been abandoned or repurposed, while others are still used for their original purpose. Whichever option you choose, the history and authenticity of the space will shine through on screen.

What to Look for in Filming Spaces

Regardless of whether you’re filming a big-budget movie or a short marketing video for your company website, finding the best filming space is crucial. The right location can take any scene to the next level, so be sure to consider the following key factors when comparing your options.

  • The Look
    First, think about the look you want to capture onscreen and how a space will enable you to tell a story without using any dialogue. Remember too just how critical lighting is to the aesthetics of any space, and that any venue is capable of looking quite different when viewed at different times of the day.

  • The Feel
    Choosing a venue is not just about the way a space looks, but also about how it feels. The atmosphere of any filming location is something that’s quite hard to define, but you can’t deny it’s something that comes through on the screen. From brooding and moody to bright and welcoming, airily casual to dark and sinister, remember to consider the atmosphere of any space before deciding whether it’s right for your project.

  • Ease of Access
    The best filming locations are ones that are as convenient as possible, so consider each space from a practical point of view. Think about how the venue will be for all your crew and onscreen talent to access. For example, are private parking and public transport links available? Will you easily be able to transport all your gear to the location of the film shoot? Answering these questions now will save you a lot of hassle in the future.

  • Essential Facilities and Amenities
    Next, take some time to think about all the key equipment and amenities you want in a filming venue. You may need to know if it is easily accessible and if it has a green room, dressing rooms, Wi-Fi, and AV equipment as well as restrooms. Once you know exactly what you need, you’ll be well placed to compare filming locations.

  • The Right Price
    Your budget will always be a key consideration in any creative project. So work out how much you can afford to spend ahead of time, then shop around to find the best spaces in your price range.

Filming Inspiration

Need some fresh, new ideas to take your next project to the next level? These filming location ideas should help.

  • Lush and Lavish Gardens
    Picture a backdrop of manicured lawns, colorful springtime blooms, peaceful water features, and a soft breeze blowing through the trees. In the landscaped gardens of glamorous private estates, you’ll find outdoor filming locations you have to see to believe.

  • Old Industrial Spaces
    Want to add a gritty industrial vibe to a scene, a real-world work environment, or maybe add a touch of creepiness you only get from an abandoned building? Check out what the best old and repurposed industrial spaces near you have to offer.

  • New York-style Lofts
    NYC lofts offer visually stunning features like exposed beams and bricks, polished concrete floors, and big windows. It may be in Toronto, Canada, but you’d swear this beautiful studio loft was in the heart of the Big Apple.

  • Farms and Ranches
    Looking for somewhere to capture the authenticity of life in a rural area, or maybe just the space and secluded vibe you only get on a big property? Head away from the city to find working farms and spacious ranches, where the animals are real, the air is fresh, and the nearest neighbor is often miles away.
A movie theater with people wearing masks during COVID-19.
Getty Images // Getty Images

Written by: Leesa Davis

How COVID-19 changed the way movies are budgeted and made

The COVID-19 pandemic caused massive disruptions to numerous industries, among them the movie business. In the pandemic's early days, studios and movie theaters were hit with temporary closures, filming delays, and plummeting ticket sales. The pandemic also changed how movies are distributed, as studios looked to diversify their distribution strategies and streamers pushed to expand their content libraries.

Using research from news and industry sites as well as data reports, Giggster broke down some of the crucial ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way movies are budgeted and made.

The chaos brought by COVID-19 served as something of a reset button for Hollywood. Studio executives faced unprecedented circumstances in which popular streaming services such as Netflix became the primary means for consuming content while film production of every scale was interrupted by COVID-19-related shutdowns or faced release schedules that could not be accommodated due to theater closures.

2021 box office earnings in the U.S. totaled $4.49 billion, representing a more than $2 billion recovery from the previous year that was still leagues away from 2019's $11.3 billion haul. Many of 2021's top films, including "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" and "Black Widow," faced limited earnings potential by being simultaneously released on streaming and in theaters.

A drive-in movie theater filled with cars.
David McNew // Getty Images

Success looks different for theatrical vs. streaming releases

For many Hollywood studios, 2021 provided the rare opportunity to figure out movie distribution patterns that had piqued the curiosity of film industry folks long before the pandemic. For years, the only way to watch a new film was at a movie theater. After COVID, there are no set rules on how a new movie can be released.

In the last year and a half, some movies were released exclusively in theaters before crossing over to digital platforms; other films were made available on streaming platforms the same day as their theatrical releases. Throughout 2021, nearly every new Warner Bros. movie release appeared on HBO Max—a measure being discontinued now as theaters have reopened and Warner and Discovery are expected to merge by the summer of 2023.

Several new streaming services owned by media heavyweights with their own movie studios drew tremendous viewership during the pandemic, among them Peacock, Paramount+, and Disney+—which took many of its live-action and animated features streaming-first, including "Turning Red," "Black Widow," and "Raya and the Last Dragon." Such initiatives have changed how success is measured. For example, "The Many Saints of Newark," released in fall 2021 by Warner Bros., was a flop at the box office but a major hit for HBO Max.

The TCL Chinese Theatre promoting 'Top Gun: Maverick' in Hollywood, California.
AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images // Getty Images

After a slump in revenue, box offices are ready for a comeback

Throughout the pandemic, movie theaters across the country suffered the blow of plummeting ticket sales. Cineworld Group PLC, the second-largest cinema chain in the world, which owns Regal Cinemas, confirmed in August 2022 that it is preparing to file for bankruptcy protection as a result of poor box office sales in large part due to the pandemic. Cineworld still expects to continue its operations even after filing, but investors in the company could face significant losses.

Nonetheless, there have been sure signs that going to the movies remains a staple activity for Americans. The top movie of 2021, "Spider-Man: No Way Home," took in more than $572 million in the U.S. that year alone and has grossed more than $800 million overall, making it the third most financially successful movie in history. And thus far 2022 has outearned 2021 by nearly $700 million, with four months yet to go before the year's end.

Perhaps the biggest reason? Paramount Pictures and Skydance Media's "Top Gun: Maverick" has been call sign "smash," surpassing $1.4 billion worldwide in its 13th weekend of release.

The Game of Thrones Prequel film set under construction.
GC Images // Getty Images

Studio execs cut back on production costs amid supply chain issues

As with all other corners of American commerce, the entertainment industry is feeling the weight of inflation compounded by ongoing supply chain issues. Particularly hampering film productions has been a strain on the availability of steel and lumber, which, according to one studio executive, has driven the costs of these materials up by as much as 30%; in one instance, the spike caused a film set to double in price compared to what it would have cost to construct four years ago.

Since early 2021, film studios have faced widespread delays in acquiring nearly all materials necessary for set construction. Compounding this ongoing supply chain problem are rising fuel costs. Many U.S. film studios are located in California, a state where gas currently averages more than $6 a gallon, making fuel expenditures another line item producers are grappling to control.

Perhaps no recent story coming out of Hollywood exemplifies studios' about-face in terms of controlling costs than the announcement by Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav. In August 2022, Zaslav announced several of its in-production film properties, including the highly anticipated DC Comics' film "Batgirl," were being shut down and pulled from release altogether for the studio to mitigate what it feared were potential losses at the box office; in the case of "Batgirl," specifically, the studio is expected to declare the already-finished film as a $90 million tax write-down.

People stand in line to buy movie tickets at the box office.
Eduardo Parra/Europa Press // Getty Images

Film shortages

With theaters being nearly empty for a couple of years as a result of the pandemic, film industry staffers may be excited that more people are getting up from their sofas these days to go to the movies—but there's now another looming issue, unfortunately. Something that may be missing from the cinemas this fall is the actual movies.

In 2021, 403 films were released in the U.S. and Canada, a 20% increase over 2020 but nowhere near the 792 films released in pre-pandemic 2019. The shortage of new films being made and released is likely to have an adverse effect on ticket sales for movie theaters that were already struggling to stay afloat during the heaviest days of the pandemic. Supply chain and production setbacks continue to plague film productions, large and small. Moreover, the major studios' codification of resources toward large-scale and big-budget productions means they can afford to produce fewer projects but also that the onus on those projects they do release is significantly greater than in years past.

A person does a temperature check on an indie film set.
Rodin Eckenroth // Getty Images

Lack of COVID-19 insurance funding

While larger film studios have more wiggle room with their budgets, indie filmmakers are still grappling with financing independent productions—an increasingly complicated feat since the pandemic.

When the pandemic first arose, insurance companies excluded COVID-19 from their policies. This resulted in a domino effect with banks not wanting to accept completion bonds that independent filmmakers count on to get funding. Completion bonds guarantee that productions will be within budget and will wrap on time. The lack of insurance coverage coupled with surging production costs has made it challenging for indie filmmakers who are struggling to get their projects underway.