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Need help finding the perfect venue in Warwick, NY?
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About Warwick

A town where people of all walks of life come together, Warwick is perhaps one of the most low-key towns surrounding New York City. The town is relatively small, with a population of about 31,000 residents. While the lifestyle in Warwick is generally modest, the houses and estates located in the area are not. Many CEOs and prominent businessmen and women have made Warwick their home.

This of course doesn’t change the demeanor of the town, but rather enforces the fact that all sorts of people can visit Warwick and enjoy the sights and the local specialties. With many vacant areas throughout the town, finding a suitable location to shoot your upcoming production should be a breeze.

Attractions in Warwick

Warwick is well known for the nature in the area, and as a result, many of the attractions in the area revolve around nearby natural areas. Taking a look around the area may yield hidden gems of attractions that may appeal to your tastes.

  • Strazza Art Gallery
    Aiming to restore older artworks to their former glory, Strazza Art Gallery takes pride in restoring, repairing, and cleaning as well as reviving oil and acrylic paintings and photographs. Their work includes restoring art from the East Coast, several churches, and some historic buildings. Visitors are able to see several artworks in the process of being restored as well as several completed works.

  • Pacem in Terris Sculpture Garden
    Open to the public throughout late spring to early fall, the Pacem in Terris Sculpture Garden was the project of Frederick Franck who dedicated the sculpture garden to DT Suzuki, Albert Schweitzer, and Pope XXII. Considered a hidden gem, the garden is one of Warwick’s best-kept secrets.

  • Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery
    The oldest Cidery in New York State, the Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery is one of the most visited attractions in Warwick. The company began growing apple trees in 1990 and now has one of the most diverse options on the east coast with over 65 heirloom and modern apple varieties on-site.

Production Locations in Warwick

Warwick has many natural and manmade wonders that can be utilized to enhance your upcoming production to a whole new level. From outdoor scenes to indoor options, it's wise to consider the possible production locations that will suit the theme of your upcoming film in order to captivate your target audience.

  • Outdoor Locations
    Depending on the scene, you may require some sort of outdoor location to film a variety of shots. With many potential photography locations in Warwick, picking a suitable outdoor location that highlights the beauty of New York may be just what you need to hook your audience into your shoot. Outdoor locations allow you to take advantage of the natural lighting and also provide you with ample space to bring additional filming and lighting equipment should they be needed. Find a set of mountains and fields in Warwick for your upcoming production.

  • Exotic Buildings
    These buildings can range anywhere from unique bungalows to dated castles. With exotic buildings, you’re bound to always make a scene. Any filming in Warwick that features the building is sure to leave an impression on the audience. Many buildings often already have furnishings to match their design so all you have to do as a producer is to bring the filming equipment onto the set. Find a chateau-castle to utilize in your future productions.

  • Studios
    These venues are versatile and can be set up to mimic a photography studio, perfect for all types of shoots and productions. Generally, the studios allow for larger filming and lighting equipment which allows you to play around with additional angles and lighting techniques. With virtually no additional equipment on-site, producers are free to add in their intended props to make a statement with their production. Warwick has several options that can be considered when looking for a potential studio.

Event and Meeting Venues in Warwick

When planning an event, having a great event location can help you lay the foundation for a memorable occasion. Filtering out locations that won’t be able to cater to the number of people attending your event can make it easier for you as an event planner to finalize your decision on a possible party venue in Warwick.

  • Farms and Ranches
    Great for setting up private events which can be isolated from the public eye, farms and ranches allow you to get creative in planning an inviting and warm atmosphere. These locations can serve as a great wedding reception location in Warwick as there is a lot of open space which allows for many cars and guests to show up at the location. Look around Warwick to find a ranch that is suitable for your upcoming event.

  • Houses and Estates
    Ideal for all sorts of events ranging from private parties to company getaways, houses and estates are a great solution for those looking for an area that already has allotted décor and doesn’t want to invest much time into sprucing up a venue. With many of the needed furnishings and equipment located on-site, setting up any event is an easy task. Browse around the area to find a suitable house to serve as your upcoming party venue in Warwick.

  • Studios
    These open spaces are generally devoid of any furnishings and props which allows you as an event planner to design a wide range of events. From company meetings to parties with friends and family, studios can be designed to encompass every need you have. Once you have the studio all you need is the various services and furniture to make the event venue look complete. With many options available throughout the area, you’re sure to find a spacious studio in Warwick.