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Need help finding the perfect venue in Honolulu, HI?
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About Honolulu

Hawaii’s capital and one of the most visited cities in America, Honolulu is full of cultural and historical significance. The city is considered a tourist city and attractions and activities are all over the place, waiting to be explored. Honolulu boasts some of the most picturesque beaches found throughout the world. The city enjoys over 270 days of sunshine on average annually, which means that events and activities are able to take place throughout the year.

With many photographers using Honolulu’s Waikiki Beach as a backdrop for their photo shoots, you can expect that the city is no stranger to all sorts of productions and events occurring. With so many possible locations to use, hosting an event in Honolulu or producing a production is going to be a breeze.

Attractions in Honolulu

Honolulu is considered a tourist city and as a result, offers all types of activities for anyone visiting the area. Whether you prefer indoor activities or outdoor ones, you can be sure that Honolulu will have something for you.

  • Diamond Head State Monument
    Perhaps one of the most recognizable natural wonders, the Diamond Head State Monument is a scenic hiking trail in Hawaii that centers on a dormant volcano crater. The hike to rise to the summit of the volcano is not for amateurs so be prepared for incline changes and steeper slopes.

  • Pearl Harbor National Memorial
    Created to commemorate the events that occurred on the 7th of December 1941, this iconic memorial was dedicated to remembering and honoring the thousands of Americans who gave their lives for our freedom in the Pacific War. The 184-foot memorial honors the 2,388 Americans who died in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

  • Iolani Palace
    The official residence for the monarchy in Hawaii, the Iolani Palace is one of Hawaii’s top destinations. Some of the artifacts found within this specialty museum have been recovered from across the world, with pieces of glassware being recovered from Australia and tables being retrieved from a Governor’s mansion in Iowa. This facility has been carefully restored and tells visitors the story of King Kalakaua who built the palace in 1882 and his successors thereafter.

Production Locations in Honolulu

Filming in Honolulu is possible with the right venue in mind. There are many options for potential production locations from man-made structures, like houses and studios, to natural and outdoor backdrops. With so much variety within the city, it's wise to consider all the options before settling on your production location.

  • Gyms and Studios
    Often used to produce lifestyle-oriented productions, gyms and studios are a great venue to work in. These facilities are well equipped with the necessary equipment and often have large windows and light sources which allow you to experiment with different lighting schemes and angles to find the perfect shot for your upcoming production. No matter what type of production you have in mind, you can be sure that Honolulu has a studio that’s ready for you.

  • Luxury Yachts and Watercrafts
    Make a statement by utilizing a yacht in your upcoming production. These unique watercraft are often used in tandem with productions revolving around tourism as well as photoshoots that involve advertising. Yachts are versatile and can be used as a backdrop close to the shoreline, and once you sail out into the ocean, you’re presented with an entirely new backdrop to work with. With Honolulu being so close to the ocean, you’ll be able to find a sizable 52-ft yacht for your upcoming production.

  • Bars and Clubs
    Depending on your upcoming production, you may need to make use of a bar or a club. These places often have a dedicated theme and an atmosphere that can be utilized to make your shoot reach a whole new level. Many movies have made use of bars, including the movie “The Drop” where the iconic James Gandolfini acts in his final film alongside Tom Hardy. With many bars located throughout Honolulu, you’re bound to find an unassuming tavern that fits your theme.

Event and Meeting Venues in Honolulu

Before considering what services and equipment you need for your upcoming event, ensuring that you have a suitable venue to host your activity is a must. With each venue catering to a specific number of guests, ensuring that you have a venue that allows for additional guests may be just what you need to start off with the planning.

  • Board Rooms
    Devoid of any distractions and ideal for productivity and professionalism, a proper boardroom can help you seal those vital deals as well as ensure that any team-building activities and meetings will be a sure success. These meeting venues in Honolulu often have all the necessary furnishings and equipment on-site which includes tables, chairs, projectors, and screens which can all be used to ensure your upcoming meeting will be more productive. Find the right board room in Honolulu for your next meeting.

  • Houses and Estates
    Houses are a perfect option when considering events that you want to be more private, like baby showers and anniversary celebrations. Houses in Honolulu often come with extra features which range from the proximity to the beach to extra entertainment furniture such as pool tables. Certainly, with all the houses in the area, looking for a baby shower venue in Honolulu will be a breeze. Why not rent out a quiet beach cottage for your next event in Honolulu?

  • Event Spaces
    These large open areas are capable of hosting large events where there may be a larger attendance count. Usually, these event spaces have equipment at the ready to assist you with your upcoming event and offer additional amenities such as speakers and screens. This can ease the stress off the planner as they must look for fewer items. With many options available throughout Honolulu, look around to find the perfect space for large events.