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About Palm Desert

Incorporated on November 26, 1973, Palm Desert is among the most well-known desert towns within California. Palm Desert is considered the cultural and retail center in the desert community and offers visitors a laid-back lifestyle, much like the city further west of it, Palm Springs. With 14 public parks and numerous attractions throughout the city, Palm Desert is one of those locations where you don’t need to worry about anything else other than having fun.

With over 300 days of sunshine on a yearly basis, Palm Desert sees many festivals and events taking place throughout the year. No doubt, Palm Desert offers everything for everyone who comes to visit this city. Whether you’re planning a production or opting for an event in or around this California locale, you’re sure to find an event space in Palm Desert that is to your liking.

Attractions in Palm Desert

Palm Desert is considered, to some degree, a tourist city. The unique disposition of this city means that there are more than enough attractions located in and around the city to keep anyone busy. From the natural wonders to man-made ones, there are many attractions within Palm Desert worth visiting.

  • The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens
    With a mission to spread awareness for desert conservation through preservation, education and appreciation, The Living Desert Zoo Gardens is perhaps the most famous attraction in Palm Desert. Founded in the 1970s, The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is now home to many species of wildlife that invite visitors to learn more about their local ecosystem.

  • Bump and Grind Trail
    With various trails that lead off into more challenging hikes, the Bump and Grind Trail offers a trail for all sorts of hikers, both amateurs and pros. The Bump and Grind Trail is also known by several other names including the Desert Drive Trail, Patton Trail as well as Desert Mirage Trail. The trail features a vantage point that gives hikers a pleasant view of Palm Desert. However, visitors should be wary of several closed-off trails that are prohibited to walk on as it infringes on the territory of the endangered Peninsular Bighorn Sheep.

  • El Paseo Shopping District
    With over 200 shops and stores located within the premises, the El Paseo Shopping District is considered to be one of the biggest attractions within Palm Desert. With opportunities to partake in annual events such as the El Paseo Cruise Night as well as the Jazz Concert Series’ occurring throughout the year, the El Paseo Shopping District sets itself apart from other conventional shopping districts with the sheer number of activities that you can do when arriving on the premises.

Production Locations in Palm Desert

As a desert city often used for scenic shots, Palm Desert is no stranger to productions of all sorts. Visitors will be delighted to know that this city is more than capable of providing suitable venues for a wide variety of productions, including filming and photo shoot locations in Palm Desert.

  • Vintage and Exotic Cars
    What better way to accentuate your upcoming production than with a car that fits the theme? Cars are a staple in the production industry and many iconic fashion shoots have featured cars that make the shoot stand out from the rest. Renting out an iconic 1971 Cadillac Eldorado may just be the missing piece that completes your upcoming movie, commercial or photography project in Palm Desert.

  • Galleries
    Perfect for adding an artistic touch to your upcoming production in Palm Desert, galleries offer you an alternative backdrop that can be more impactful, depending on what type of production you plan on hosting. Along with the natural scenery found around the city, galleries offer some of the best man-made photo shoot locations in Palm Desert. The perfect lighting and touch of class await!

  • Mansions and Luxury Estates
    Mansions have often been used in tandem with company photo shoots in the past to showcase the quality of brands they’re trying to advertise. Imagine luxurious settings that ooze opulence. A mansion will typically have sprawling grounds that can be used in multiple ways and also allow for various shoots in the same locale, both indoors and outside.

Event and Meeting Venues in Palm Desert

When preparing for any type of event, knowing how many attendees there might be can help narrow down your choices. With the city being no stranger to events occurring throughout the year, you can be sure that you’ll be able to find an appropriate event space in Palm Desert that’s to your liking.

  • Restaurants and Cafés
    What better way to celebrate milestones in life, such as anniversaries, than booking out a fancy restaurant or café? Restaurants and cafés are versatile venues that can cater to a wide array of events ranging from corporate to private. Some eateries come equipped with terrific amenities such as bars, which can be a pleasure to have. Consider a world-class restaurant and bar for your upcoming event in Palm Desert!

  • Bars and Lounges
    For a more down-to-earth feel, bars and lounges are the solution. These facilities, which often only have the capacity for a small number of people, create a familiar atmosphere and help guests feel more relaxed compared to grander venues. Perfect for a small meetup with friends, or a mini-conference, a stylish, retro cocktail bar will fit the bill.

  • Houses and Estates
    Meetings can come in various forms and these days, hosting meetings and conferences in houses is not uncommon. Having a meeting in a house allows your attendees to feel more at ease and can allow for activities such as team-building weekends as well as corporate parties to occur. A house with a billiard room or large pool adds an extra touch.