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About Kingston

Kingston is a city that has so much history for how small it seems, with a population of just over 24,000 residents. Kingston was originally New York’s first capital, established in 1777, and then became a major transport hub in the 19th century after the discovery of natural cement within the area.

Many of those who visit Kingston are visitors who want to learn more about American history. However, Kingston is known to be a transportation hub which means that there is an abundance of venues throughout the city which are available to be used for whatever event you plan on hosting. You can be sure that with all that Kingston has to offer, your upcoming plans will be a success.

Attractions in Kingston

Kingston has a rich history filled with transportation and battles. With a lot of time spent on conservation and preservation, visitors are now able to enjoy many dated buildings and feel what it was like to live in the past.

  • Hudson River Maritime Museum
    The Hudson River Maritime Museum is dedicated to the history of boating and industry within the Hudson and its many tributaries. Founded in 1980 by enthusiasts, the museum has come a long way and now includes exhibits showing off various small crafts and river steamship artifacts as well as paintings and maps from previous generations. Boat trips are available during select months and visitors can experience a ride down a river that was once the busiest waterways between New York and Albany.

  • Old Dutch Church
    One of the oldest continually existing congregations in the United States as well as one of Kingston’s most popular attractions, the Old Dutch Church is a structure that was built in 1852 and was recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 2008. The Old Dutch Church is officially the tallest building in Kingston and is recognized as a symbol of the city. Contrary to many churches that are built symmetrically these days, the Old Dutch Church was built with a more picturesque view in mind and as a result, the tower lies on the side of the church.

  • Senate House Museum
    Built in 1927 as a museum, the Senate House Museum was built next to the Senate House to store the collections that were in the Senate House. The museum contains three galleries with the most famous one being the Vanderlyn Gallery. This one contains America’s most extensive collection of John Vanderlyn artworks. Works currently on display include Niagara Falls, studies on The Landing of Columbus, and various other artworks and sketches of that era.

Production Locations in Kingston

Before finalizing your decision on a possible production location within Kingston, it’s wise to consider all the options. From ranches to grand estates, find the right location that’s sure to bring the best out of your upcoming production.

  • Ranches and Farms
    These locations serve as a great setting for rural and pastoral shoots due to the abundance of plant life and the scarcity of man-made buildings. With a wide and open space to work with when renting out a ranch, filming in Kingston is surely possible. These outdoor venues are capable of hosting larger sets of equipment such as portable lighting rigs as well as allowing for more actors or models to be on set. With many options available in Kingston, finding the right ranch for your upcoming production should be an easy matter.

  • Houses and Estates
    You can never go wrong when choosing a house as your photography location in Kingston. These reliable sets often give off a sense of familiarity when used and can help audience members relate more to the target audience. These photography locations in Kingston may sometimes come with extra features and amenities, like pool tables and makeup rooms, which can be utilized to enhance your upcoming production. Kingston offers you a wide range of houses with different architectural designs to choose from, ranging anywhere from colonial to modern contemporary.

  • Studios
    Usually used in tandem with lifestyle-oriented shoots and cooking productions, studios usually are open spaces that can be freely decorated to fit the needs of the producer. There are many studios that come with differing features, and some may have a dedicated studio kitchen that can be used for a wide variety of productions. These venues often make use of the available natural lighting ensuring that you have choices when experimenting with lighting options. Browse through the many listings to find a studio that fits your needs.

Event and Meeting Venues in Kingston

Considering the number of guests that might be attending your upcoming event can help you narrow down the broad list of options presented before you. Looking at the design of your event venue may assist you in picking out a location that matches the atmosphere and theme that you might be trying to achieve.

  • Industrial Spaces
    These venue locations are generally suited towards larger events and gatherings as there is often much space associated with industrial spaces. The large open halls serve as great acoustic chambers and as a result, these industrial spaces may serve as the perfect concert venue in Kingston. With a lot of space to work with, corporate events such as team building, and massive training camps can take place within industrial spaces. Look around Kingston to find an industrial space that’s perfect for your event.

  • Offices
    The definition of an office is no longer set in stone. Many modern offices have open floor layouts which can help boost productivity and performance due to the less constricting atmosphere. While there are still classically styled office venues located within Kingston, there are many that now incorporate modern designs and architectural décor. Browse through Kingston to find a work and event space that can make your next meeting a memorable one.

  • Ranches and Farms
    These isolated locations are a great place to host private events like baby showers and anniversary parties. The atmosphere that ranches and farms give off is closer to home than other venues like restaurants and industrial spaces. This allows your guests to become more comfortable and enjoy the event more. Search through the possible listings located in and around Kingston to find a spot that you can use for your upcoming event.