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Need help finding the perfect venue in East Hampton, NY?
Need help finding the perfect venue in East Hampton, NY?
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About East Hampton

Considered by most to be a popular getaway from New York City, East Hampton takes a break from the city life and invites visitors to step into a more rural setting. The town has a relatively small population of about 22,000 residents and often sees an influx of tourists during the summer months.

The town becomes a hotspot for surfers during surfing season due to the wonderful waves that are found in the area, often considered the best on the East Coast. With so much to do in a town so small, you can be sure that planning out any events, meetings, and productions will go well in East Hampton.

Attractions in East Hampton

East Hampton is considered to have some of the best natural attractions in Long Island and New York. With many ways to enjoy the town, you’re sure to find attractions that intrigue you, you might even discover a hidden gem of an attraction!

  • Main Beach
    One of the most popular beaches in East Hampton, Main Beach is a great place to spend an afternoon in the sun and the water. Some consider the area of Main Beach as having the best waves on the Eastern Coast and as a result, many surfers show up during weekends and peak surfing season. Out of all five beaches that are in East Hampton, only Main Beach offers food to those that visit the venue. With permits that can be bought, you too can organize a party at Main Beach.

  • LongHouse Reserve
    The LongHouse Reserve was founded by Jack Lenor Larsen and has a mission to foster creativity in the community around it. The ranch has almost 16 acres with a sculpture garden featuring famous artworks done by Yoko Ono. The reserve is constantly kept in pristine condition and offers visitors a break from the fast-paced life in New York.

  • Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center
    Originally bought by Pollock and Krasner in 1945, the house and study center are a testament to their work in the art field. The couple pioneered the abstract expressionist movement and Jackson Pollock is most well known for his “drip technique” and much of it can be seen in the house and the study center. Now considered as a National Historic Landmark, the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center invites all to explore the world of the couple.

Production Locations in East Hampton

With productions ranging from photoshoots to filming in East Hampton, finding a venue that fits your theme and can appeal to your target audience is vital. Browse through the various options available within the city to find a location that resonates with your vision.

  • Ranches and Farms
    These outdoor locations are great for a wide variety of lifestyle-oriented shoots. Many of the ranches located in East Hampton often have distinctive features which may help you in your upcoming production. From a garden and sculpture reserve to the more classic ranch option, the choice is yours when it comes to deciding which area you want to utilize for your upcoming production. Look through all the listings available to find a photography location in East Hampton that can enhance your production.

  • Lofts and Houses
    Ideal for smaller shoots and all sorts of productions, lofts and houses can help the target audience feel a sense of familiarity and can help them connect to the models/actors better. Depending on your production, you may be looking for a house built with a specific architectural design. With East Hampton comprising mostly houses, you can rest assured that there will be a house within the area that conforms to your specifications and preferences.

  • Mansions and Exotic Buildings
    These locations are more expensive compared to the normal house or loft. However, depending on the shot you’re trying to achieve, it may be just what you need to complete your upcoming production. Mansions often come with many features and amenities including gyms and various outdoor areas like pools. This means that you can shoot a wide variety of differently-themed productions while renting the mansion out. Luckily, with East Hampton being your destination, finding a mansion to rent for your upcoming production won’t be an issue.

Event and Meeting Venues in East Hampton

Before planning out an event and hiring the required services and equipment, thinking about who and how many will attend is vital. That helps you filter out places that don’t meet the criteria and it makes it easier for you to find an ideal event space in East Hampton. With so many choices to choose from, the only challenge for you might be to decide on which venue you would want to settle on.

  • Houses and Estates
    You can never go wrong when picking a house as a venue for any upcoming events. Houses are closed-off environments that allow your guests to feel more comfortable and can allow them to enjoy the event you’ve planned. Each house in East Hampton is built differently which allows you to browse through all the possible listings before deciding on an estate to utilize for your upcoming event.

  • Restaurants
    These venues are great for parties and a variety of other events. The ambiance that a restaurant gives off, with the background chatter and café music, allows for guests to feel comfortable and relaxed which can make for a great event. Arrangements can be made with the restaurant owners to either section off partitions of the restaurant or otherwise rent the entire venue out. With many choices to pick from, finding a restaurant that can serve as an upcoming event venue won’t be a problem.

  • Outdoor Spaces
    The sky’s the limit when thinking of ways to utilize outdoor spaces. With wide-open areas to work with, event planners can let their creative juices flow, thinking of ways in which to utilize the outdoor space to create a memorable event. These spaces allow for you to bring in bigger décor that can be used as props and allows for a bigger guest list as there is so much free space to work with. One thing is certain, however, finding an outdoor space in East Hampton is no difficult task.