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Need help finding the perfect venue in Staten Island, NY?
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About Staten Island

With a population of almost 480,000 residents, Staten Island is the least populated borough of New York City. This city is known throughout the area as the “Greenest Borough” due to the large number of parks located within the area, 170 to be exact.

In recent years, Staten Island has been a city that has seen many productions and films take place like the famous “The Avengers” which when shot in 2012, had several shots take place on the island. No doubt with the growing interest in productions within the city, you are bound to find a venue that suits your upcoming event.

Attractions in Staten Island

Staten Island is a relatively low-key city with many hidden attractions. With much history and culture within the city as well as the areas around it, visitors are often surprised by the large number of historically preserved areas.

  • Staten Island Zoo
    Founded on June 10, 1936, the Staten Island Zoo is an eight-acre urban zoo that allows visitors to see one of the largest and most complete rattlesnake collections in America. With over 350 different species and over 1,500 animals located within the zoo, visitors are sure to never have a boring visit.

  • Fort Wadsworth
    Once claiming the title as the longest continually garrisoned military installation in the US, Fort Wadsworth is now one of Staten Island’s biggest attractions. Now maintained by the National Park Service, Fort Wadsworth offers visitors a beautiful view of the New York Harbor and offers a variety of bike and walking paths through the fort for those who seek a little bit of change in scenery.

  • New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden
    After the materials were shipped to Staten Island in 1998, the New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden began with its construction. Opened officially to the public in 1999, this garden is one of the two authentic classical Chinese gardens built in the USA. These gardens are a compilation of the various gardens found throughout different time periods as well as different locations in China. Visitors are able to examine these gardens for a small fee at the entrance.

Production Locations in Staten Island

With many movies being filmed in Staten Island, The Godfather, for instance, the city has truly mastered the art of filming and photography. With many beautiful sites to choose from, filmmakers and producers can shoot a wide variety of productions whilst on the island. All they must do is look around for a venue that fits their theme.

  • Gyms
    These venues are great for productions that revolve around lifestyle scenes and other health-related productions. A variety of lighting solutions are available at these venues, ranging from lighting from the built-in lights to natural lighting that comes in from the large windows. With gyms usually being large spaces, bigger pieces of filming and photography equipment can be brought onto the set. This means that you can capture higher-quality photographs. Many options are available throughout Staten Island, waiting for you to book them.

  • Industrial Warehouses
    From filming in Staten Island to planning a photoshoot within the city, warehouses are always viable options when looking for a customizable set. These venues allow producers to bring larger props and photography equipment onto the set. This means that a variety of shots can be taken from multiple angles and with differing lighting. With many warehouses used as film sets on Staten Island, finding a warehouse that captures the Staten island beauty won’t be an issue.

  • Photo Studios
    These costly venues often make up for the price with the features and amenities that are located on-site. Ranging from blackout curtains to green rooms and lighting and grip equipment, there are many amenities that come with booking a photo studio. These closed-off areas allow producers to fully control the set which allows for almost “perfect” shots to occur. Since Staten Island is a regular for all sorts of productions, finding an artsy film studio that fits your style will surely be possible.

Event and Meeting Venues in Staten Island

When thinking about a potential event venue or performance space, one of the most important aspects to consider is how many people might attend. This can allow you to filter out unnecessary venues with smaller capacitates and can help you look towards solutions that offer more space. Find a suitable option with all the available event spaces in Staten Island.

  • Houses and Estates
    You can never go wrong when choosing a house as your next event venue. These closed-off venues offer more privacy which allows for smaller and more intimate events to occur. This allows houses to act as a potential location for anniversary celebrations or as a baby shower venue in Staten Island. With each house having a different design, finding one that suits your preferences is not such a difficult task. With many choices in Staten Island, you’re bound to find one that you like.

  • Halls and Warehouse
    These open spaces are often bare which allows designers to get creative with the allotted space provided. The open areas allow for quick and efficient cleanup as there are no nooks and crannies to consider when trying to tidy up the venue. This can make for a great event as a lot of time is spent on enjoying rather than cleaning. Halls and warehouses are often suited for larger events like wedding receptions and performance spaces in Staten Island. Find a warm and open banquet hall for your needs by looking through the listings in Staten Island.

  • Event Spaces
    These areas often have themes set into their design and depending on the venue booked, event planners and designers can work with the pre-set theme to create an enhanced event. Great for all sorts of corporate dinners and other types of large events, event spaces are versatile and can cater to a wide variety of events. Staten Island has many options of event spaces that cater to all sorts of budgets and preferences when it comes to themes. Browse around the area to find a classy venue for your events in Staten Island.